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Saber is a anime/manga character in the Fate/Stay Night franchise
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Hello everyone, this blog has two binary purposes. One to show off our image galleries and Two, to post a checklist for wiki editors. I am currently cleaning out images for the Fate wiki project. I'm removing Official Art and replacing it with Anime Art that has clear definitions of what goes in there. For more information, please check the Fate/stay Night, Fate/kaleid, and Fate/zero Image Gallery Updates and Wiki Editing 101: Naming Image Galleries and Organizing Images threads.

Thank you.

Fate/stay Night Visual Collection

Some of these cross into Megami's Magazine.

Most of these are from Saber because I haven't started cleaning in the other galleries besides Saber's today.


Fate/stay Night Saber Portraits



I have to add these to Megami gallery.

  • 1st one (Saber without armor) is from Issue 69, Feb 2006
  • 2nd one (Rin and Saber) is from Issue 114
  • 3rd one (Shoujo bread one) is from Issue 71
  • 4th one is from 137


Same for these ones:

  • The Fate Zero one is from Issue 24.

Image Galleries I'm Currently Cleaning


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Four months into the year and i am still hung over from Fate/Zero. Beyond merely reminiscing about just how an awesome 24 episodes it was, i have been musing about how different events of the series would have turned out if certain events had occurred differently and certain factors had come into play. One such factor that has had me thinking for quite a while is the master servant relationship. How different would events have turned out, how much better would odds of victory have been if different masters and slaves had been paired together. The following are what i believe would have been the perfect pairings to occur in Fate/zero. as far as i am concerned if these masters and servants had teamed up instead of their original pairing, they would have won the war.
1. I will obviously start with my favorite character, Kiritsugu. I know that the Kiritsugu Saber pairing added a lot of drama to the show but i don’t think it made his job and
eventual victory any easier. If i had my way, i considered pairing Kiritsugu with Berserker, but the mad servant is a little too..loud for Kiritsugu’s test. So if i had my way i would have teamed Kiritsugu with Assassin. Assassin is everything Kiritsugu would want in a servant. Not only is he willing to kill and maim where necessary and cross every single line that could ever exist, honor be dammed, he is sneaky, stealthy and deadly. With assassin by his side, Kiritsugu would have won the tournament in the first two days. One might point out assassin’s physical abilities, lacking especially against the likes of rider, saber and lancer, but really, Kiritsugu never really needed Saber’s power. Anytime he sent her out against another servant, it was merely to act as a distraction while he did the actual mission. More importantly, assassin doesn’t talk back, which is unlike every other servant that will feel the need to give Kiritsugu their opinion over his decisions
2. Tokiomi Tosaka requires a spirit or servant that matches his noble and superior view of himself. So only a king among servants would do. Gilgamesh was a little too much for Tokiomo who was more servant that master; personally i don’t think Tokiomo stood a chance of winning even if Gilgamesh had stayed with him. With Gilgamesh he simply wasn’t able to operate freely, and any strategy he laid out had to be approved by his servant. Eventually he would have fallen to Kiritsugu. Rider would have suited him better. Rider is the closest comparison to Gilgamesh in Fate/Zero, not only in power but stature and presence. He is the only spirit Gilgamesh has ever shown any respect to (someone might mention Saber but i don’t think that that is respect Gilgamesh holds for her). With his power, Tokiomi would more than stand a chance of destroying the competition; certainly he would be able to steer Rider’s power. Just like with him and his servant, waver was more servant than master to Rider and pretty much let him take the lead and do as he wished. Rider, as far as i am concerned, stood less of a chance in the war because he was too careless with his power and tools and only because Waver wouldn’t control him. Just look at that Ox he lost to saber because of his stupidly. Rider was a bigger threat to everyone in the war than he was portrayed to be because waver couldn’t use him in battle. Tokiomo would take advantage of that power to the fullest extent to win the war.
3. I know what most people think and i will agree that Rider and Waver were the best team in the war and as far a i am concerned they were the
only ones that actually deserved to win the war (okay except for Kariya, he was way too pitiful that you just wanted to see his pain and misery end) But the fact is, as i have mentioned above they were not the strongest team because waver couldn't control Rider and simply let him ran loose; but that might be because waver shouldn’t have been in the war in the first place. I would partner waver with saber. saber pretty much acted on her own, with only minimal instructions from Kiritsugu, and that is what waver’s style is. Rider was kind of dense and as such allowing him to act on his own was bound to get them all killed. saber has the intelligence to not only act on her own but to teach Waver and allow him to come into his own as a powerful mage and master. Rider definitely taught waver a lot but all he did was make him a better person, and a worse mage. Saber, with Waver as master, will be able to act out her honor bound actions without interference, but she would also encourage Waver to command her when necessary. Waver would definitely have stood a high chance of winning with Saber by his side.
4. kariya would have positively benefited from Lancer. He would have acted as a grounding force for Kariya, keeping his psychotic mind tethered to reality. I don’t know if that would have indeed allowed kariya to win, he had that ‘doomed to fail tragically fail’ look about it. But the two men would have understood each other, seeing as there is a slight similarity with their relationships to the women they are infatuated by. Okay, it isn’t exactly the same but they have both suffered due to those feelings. Both would have benefited from the other’s understanding and Lancer would have gotten what he wanted, to redeem himself while giving everything to Kariya. Let’s face it, both had terrible endings, though that wasn’t so bad for kariya who’s suffering simply needed to end.
5. It was a great day for the war when Waver stole Rider from Kayneth. For one thing, he would have unleashed a serious amount of chaos and destruction with access to that kind of power.
Another thing, his relationship with Rider would have been only slightly different from Tokiomi and Gilgamesh. It wasn’t simply a matter of Waver’s inability to control Rider. Rider is a free spirit, and chances are he would have defied the fool at every turn until he was forced to use up all his commands. Kayneth should have been matched up with Berserker. Like kariya he is kind of crazy, and like Lancer, Kayneth would have have grounded berserker to reality. Plus he would have all the power he lost in losing Rider to Waver; clearly berserker was capable of going toe to toe with Gilgamesh and in having a physically and mentally competent master such as Kayneth, his chances of eliminating the god like servant would have skyrocketed. Kaythen, with Berserker would have most likely won the war.
There is no point mentioning Ryuunoske and Kirei, both of whom where matched with their perfect servants, or at least Ryuunosuke was. Kirei technically stole his.

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I think I will first elucidate on the topic at hand; while I chose to use the word ‘moment’ here, I will refer to both single moments restricted to a single time period, as well as entire events spanning multiple chapters and time periods. Point it, there will be a singular entity that will be the focus of my discussion, but I might need to add context.

Secondly, I considered listing and ranking these moments, but I thought it more logical to assign an individual post to each event, in order to explore the subject more thoroughly. Also I decided against ranking these moments, so think of the ‘1’ as a merely organizational tool, rather than a ranking number.

So, with only three months into the new year, and 2012 still a fresh memory, It is no great surprise that, in speaking of great and epic moments, I would immediately skip to my favorite anime of 2012 (as well as my own personal top 5), Fate/Zero. I once toyed with the idea of reviewing this anime, but as a relatively amateur reviewer, I doubted my ability to do it justice, in terms of thoroughly peeling apart its layers and revealing the heart of the show. So you can call that my cowardice.

Back to the topic. Fate/Zero was such a masterpiece of an anime that a large part of the anime (especially the second part) is just one epic moment after another. However besides breath taking action scenes and superb animation, one scene stood out among all these gems, a moment that allowed us deeper insight into the man we deem to be the hero of Fate/Zero and it’s primary protagonist, Emiya Kiritsugu.

Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald is a member of the magus association, Lord of the house of El-Melloi and a prodigy of the mage craft. Kayneth is you typical snob; he was born of a great name from a great house, and his sensibilities and idiosyncrasies are firmly linked to the old ways and traditions of the most noble names and families of mage craft.

AS such Kayneth is a self aggrandizing, arrogant nobleman that has little to no regard for anything outside the noble families of the magus. So basically he thinks quite highly of himself. His discriminatory mindset with regards to blood and family make him a clear and undisputed villain, especially in regards to his utter disregard for non magus human life.

Where he to acquire the holy grail, their is no doubt in mind as to the sort of chaos he would unleash upon man, in his attempts to create the kind of order in the world that he would hope to see, one in which Him and his kind reign supreme.

It is only a matter of time before Kayneth eventually comes into contention with the Eizenbern family’s Kiritsugu. Kayneth views the magus killer as an aversion to the holy grail war, because of the unconventional and none magical means with which he engages his opponents.

Kiritsugu shows no regard for just and honorable battle and every action taken by him irks Kayneth’s strict sense of tradition. AS fans it is easy to take some joy out of seeing Kiritsugu totally totally humiliate Kayneth with that stunt he pulls early on where, while Kayneth prepares all sorts of defenses and barriers of a magical nature in response to Kiritsugu’s eminent assault on his home, Kiritsugu simply blows up the entire building with explosives, foregoing any mage related tactics.

Personally I thought it was funny, that these experienced mages with so much hubris with regards to their abilities would be so inept in the ways of modern war fair. it is probably the reason I always thought that none of the other masters really stood a chance against Kiritsugu; where they would be preparing to contend with magical fireballs, Kiritsugu was busy preparing missile and bullets.

Anyway, Kayneth seems temporarily and rather satisfactorily eliminated; he is confined to his bed during his recovery,a state in which he would continue throughout the rest of the war, and he even loses his seals and control over lancer.

But he quickly reemerges episodes later, wounded, wheel chair bound but twice as ruthless in his desire to acquire the holy grail. Plotting his return, Kayneth proves his villainous side by murdering the church priest presiding over the war after the old man was kind enough to return his seals to him (probably a ploy to incapacitate the other players), and quickly makes plans to take down his enemy, Kiritsugu.

Kayneth isn’t the vilest of villains. That would be Kariya’s uncle/great grandfather. Sure I didn’t see his killing the priest coming; it wasn’t even really a necessary act on his part (other than proving to us all that Kirei is indeed a psychopath). But really, Kayneth was as bad as they could get without being downright evil.

But as easy as it is to see his vile side, it is even easier to pity this character; and I am rarely a fan of pitiable and sympathetic villains, because usually I just can’t seem to empathize with them and the entire idea will usually come off as a ploy to make the story seem deeper than it really is, usually because it seems like the writers want you to struggle to support the hero over the villain.

IN the case of Fate zero, I thought they pulled kayneth’s character off without looking like they were trying to hard to do just that.

Kayneth’s first pitfall comes in the form of his student Waver. While waver was a magus prodigy, he could never really get Kayneth to truly respect him. In attempt to prove himself, Waver steals the artifact Kayneth was intended to use to summon his servant, Rider, for the holy grail war. Instead he has to settle for Lancer, while the somewhat less deserving Waver finds himself in possession of a ridiculously powerful servant.

Granted, that in itself could have been one of the best things to happen in the series. As the absolutely best servant that I have encountered in both the stay night and fate zero series, cheerful rider tied down to a stern Kayneth would have been a disaster.

But that in itself isn’t really enough to make Kayneth such a sympathetic villain; rather what it does is introduce to us the bane of Kayneth’s existence, whether he knows it or not. I am speaking of Sola-Ui, Kayneth’s wife, who is quick to berate him over the loss of such a powerful servant.

The tragedy of Kayneth can be seen from two angles. We know that Sola-Ui and Kayneth’s marriage was one of convenience, arranged by their families for the greater good of both. Kayneth doesn’t merely say it, he shows it over and over again that he loves his wife to death.

More than not reciprocating that love however, Sola-Ui has shown herself to loath her husband. And she doesn’t seem to to really struggle with hiding it, whether Kayneth doesn’t see it or simply chooses to ignore it, I will choke it up to stupidity.

Sola-Ui plays an increasingly negative role in Kayneth’s attempts to win the war. She enervates his attempts by constantly berating him over the smallest failures, and more than that, she fawns over kayneth’s servant Lancer, even going so far as to coerce her convalescing husband out of his contract seal with Lancer, and eventually acquiring control over the servant while Kayneth is recovering from Kiritsugu’s attack, with the intention of finally taking up with Lancer while Kayneth rots away in some basement.

Basically Kayneth got the raw end of the deal. The one person he should have trusted was working again his better interests. The only other person he could have trusted, he hated and distrusted because of his wife’s infatuation over him. So Kayneth couldn’t trust his wife or his servant, and in the end he was reduced to a desperate and paranoid lunatic of a mage.

In the end, Kayneth’s fate was decided when Kiritsugu decided he was the easiest target to eliminate. I whole heartedly concur with what Maiya did to Sola-ui on the roof top, to break her link and control over Lancer. But the final plan that the magus killer eventually executed in order to destroy both Kayneth and Sola-Ui was, without a doubt, too cruel.

Sure, Kayneth was the last person you could have wanted to see gaining the holy grail, but to kill him as he did, along with his wife, like some dog that needed putting down was excessive to say the least.

I will admit that even considering what Irisviel eventually suffered at Kirei’s hands, this was the single saddest moment in Fate/Zero, in watching kayneth cradling his wife’s frail body, seconds before Maiya killed her, then him. Sure, she hated him, but whether he knew that or not, what he meant to her wasn’t in dispute.

Kiritsugu didn’t kill Kayneth; he destroyed kayneth, both physically and mentally, gave him a couple of minutes to agonize over his life, and then killed him. If Kiritsugu could have sent a message to the magus world as to who it was they were facing, this would have been it.

I wasn’t surprised at by this event, I was downright shocked, blown straight out of my mind, and not in a positive way. I was left asking my self who Kiritsugu Emiya was. Because the one thing I was certain of was, he was no hero. It would be a difficult task to argue that Kayneth deserved death, it would be impossible to argue that he actually deserved what he got (though with the hate I held for Sola-Ui, it is hard to feel sorry for her).

I have seen pitiable villains, the kind that leave you thinking after they pass. But I have yet to see a villain death that created such an aura of sadness, the kind reserved for the hero and his comrades.

And even if you could forgive what was done to Kayneth, there is Lancer; poor, poor lancer. Who in the otaku world didn’t like Lancer? That would be a crazy anime fan (then again, it is Fate/Zero’s blessing/curse that besides Gilgamesh and Caster, it was difficult to really dislike anyone.)

Lancer hadn’t had the easiest life. There is no arguing that he and saber were the most honorable servants (and characters) in the war. Lancer hadn’t had the easiest history and he had hopped to make up for his past mistakes through his service to Kayneth. Yet because he couldn’t see beyond his past, all Lancer received from Kayneth was abuse and accusations of disloyalty, all because of some crazy lady.

For such a noble servant to be reduced to the vengeful state he was seen in seconds before dying, it was sad as it was a shame. I would have loved to see he and saber finish their match, to determine who the superior servant was.

I had originally written Lancer off as fodder for Saber to prove her ability, and but he grew on me over time, while proving his worth as a true warrior. Certainly I couldn’t help but struggle to support Kiritsugu and his quest after this incident (though seeing his past helped alleviate some of my distaste for him).

We had known and felt the uneasy tension between Saber and Kiritsugu since the beginning of the series. We could even understand the comments Saber had made to Shirou in Fate Stay night regarding his adopted father, but in this episodes, we saw the relationship between Kiritsugu and Saber completely shatter.

And as much as I tried to see Kiritsugu reasoning in the matter, I couldn’t help but agree with her when Saber called Kiritsugu a monster. As his servant, you would expect her to better understand her master, but clearly even she didn’t see his move coming, certainly not when he had consented to her engaging Lancer in battle.

Poor Irisviel was stuck between these two obstinate pseudo-enemies. Logically, there is no way a saber Kiritsugu team up could work.

At the end of the day, that scene stood out as the most outstanding moment in fate Zero. More than that, it could be one of the most shocking and awe striking moments I have ever seen or read in anime.In my mind, as it watched it, all I kept thinking was ‘this shouldn’t be happening’, because it was that…crazy.

If you have watched Fatezero, then none of these words matter, because you will already know and understand just how impactful this moment was. If you haven’t seen fateZero, this one scene is more than enough for you to sit through 25 or so episodes.

I would go so far as to call Kayneth the most pitiful character in Fate/Zero…though I would be lying. That title goes to Kariya, the very personification of misery. Seriously, that fellow should have never been born.

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Welcome to the 2nd Platonic Harem blog! I dropped the weekly part since I can't do it every week due to school and wiki projects.


For those who haven't tried Fate Stay Night:

It is about a young teenage boy named Shirou whose dream is to become a hero of justice like his late father, Emiya Kiritsugu. When he stumbles upon a fight between two servants and accidentally summons Saber who protects, his life is forever changed. Shirou finds himself fighting against other mages and their servants who are heroes of the past in the Holy Grail War. Whoever wins the Holy Grail has the right to make wish on this holy chalice.

Fate Stay Night is based on the visual novel game that has three routes: Fate, Unlimited Bladeworks, and Heavens Feel. In each route, Shirou is the main character while the female lead changes.

  • Fate: Shirou and Saber
  • UBW: Shirou and Rin Tohsaka
  • Heavens Feel: Shirou and Sakura Matou

What is a Platonic Harem?

I use Platonic to refer to harems where you have a group of girls or guys that can form a relationship with the opposite sex. However, unlike traditional harems, there could only be one relationship at a time. Platonic means every day.


Beware of spoilers!

Shirou Emiya
Shirou Emiya
Shirou Emiya is our male lead with a strong sense of justice. In Fate Stay Night, he is known for his quote: People die when they're killed. He's not a gifted mage since he knows reinforce and trace on. His partner is Saber for all routes. From a weak mage, Shirou quickly becomes strong and capable of holding himself up.

In all of the routes of Fate Stay Night visual novel, he can form a relationship with one girl at a time. Since Fate Stay Night visual novel is an eroge, the relationship becomes very intimate and deep for each girl.
Saber is a beautiful knight who is the female version of King Arthur, and she is the Saber class which is known for their high offensive and balance stats. Like Shirou, she follows a code of honor. In the Fate route and Fate Stay Night anime, Shirou and Saber are partners whose relationship blossoms into love. Due to censorship, their intimacy is concealed. To see the truth, check out the Implied Sex Scene.
Rin Tohsaka
Rin Tohsaka
She's an bright, gifted mage whose partner is Archer. Rin helps Shirou learn how to use magic and the rules of the Holy Grail, and she becomes his ally. In the Unlimited Blade Works movie and route of the same name, Rin and Shirou can share a special relationship. Though, Shirou has to break through Rin's Tsundere barrier to get to know Rin up close and personal. Their romance becomes more interwined when Shirou learns who he is and Rin bonds with both Archer and Shirou.
Sakura Matou
Sakura Matou
Sakura is Shirou's shy classmate who has a crush on Shirou. Her role varies in the 3 Fate Routes. Sakura has the potential to become a great mage, but other masters try to use her for their personal gains. There is no anime or manga series that is exclusive to the Heavens Feel route, the route for Shirou and Sakura's romantic relationship.
Illyasviel von Einzbern is mage from the north who looks sweet and innocent, but she is quite sadistic. For some odd reason, she has a thing for Shirou. There is no route or anime for Illyasviel's relationship with Shirou. One can only imagine a loli-esque relationship.


Fate Stay Night Female Leads
Fate Stay Night Female Leads

Fate Stay Night is a strong example of platonic harem since Shirou can only form one relationship at a time. Each route in the visual novel is dedicated to that. Only two relationships have appeared in the anime world, Fate Stay Night and Unlimited Blade Works movie. Both of them do a great job in revealing the inner works of Shirou's relationships.

I enjoyed the Fate Stay Night series and its prequel, Fate Zero. It's a series that focuses on magic and the Holy Grail, but underneath it lies some good romance stories.

Question: Which relationship you guys and gals loved the most?

I haven't play the visual novel, so I don't know much about Sakura Matou's relationship with Shirou. If I make a mistake, please feel free to correct me.

Other Platonic Harem Blogs: Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?

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Popular Fate/stay Night [Realta Nua] Visual Novel May Be Heading to the PS Vita [Confirmed]

Fans of the vastly popular Fate/stay Night franchise should be excited to hear that there is a great chance that the PC and PS2 visual novel Fate/stay Night [Realta Nua] should be getting a release for the PS Vita entertainment handheld. Revealed in the newest issue (August 2012) of New Type magazine, this game will be re-launched for the PS Vita this fall with new animated cutscenes that are being done by Ufotable.

Originally released for the PC in 2006 and ported to the PS2 in 2007, it now appears that this visual novel will once again see the light of day on the PS Vita when it is released on November 29th, 2012. Trailer for the game can be found below the image and link below:

Fate/stay Night [Realta Nua] PS2 Edition (2007)
Fate/stay Night [Realta Nua] PS2 Edition (2007)

Full Story Link:

What are your opinions or thoughts? Be sure to chime in!

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Hello everyone. I'm proud to announced that the Fate Zero anime series project is complete. I say it's about 95% finished because the new wiki pages are not added to the episode pages due to a glitch. For today, Anime Vice has a big glitch where things and images did not appear in the search bar. Nonetheless, I finished the last three episode wiki pages today. It was an intense and time consuming project when I'm still working on other wiki projects. It would take about a range of 44 minutes to an hour and a half to finish each episode wiki page. I'm happy that I finished this wonderful anime's wiki pages. Though, the character pages are not formatted correctly. I have to devote more time to work on those pages.

I cannot remember the exact date that I started working on the episodes, but I do remember working at the same time with Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? of the Dead in May of 2012. It took about two months to finished this project.

For Episode Formatting: Every episode has a Crunchyroll Synopsis, a plot summary, and a points of interest section. Though, I don't have every associations and seiyuu added for consistency. I finished when Anime Vice stops being glitchy. Also, I have to decorate the plot summaries with images to make everything look nice and consistent as well as proofread each summary.

Episodes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25.

Don't forget to check out the list of characters. Feel free to work on the characters. I welcome all help as long you guys and gals don't plagiarize.

Fate Zero Exclusive Wiki Pages: Fuyuki City, Servant(Heroic Spirit), Avalon, Command Seal, Excalibur, Gae Buidhe, Gae Dearg, Gate of Babylon, Gordius Wheel, Noble Phantasm, and Saber's Motorcycle. There are more pages to be created. I felt this was enough because I don't want to expand too much where you can write at least one decent paragraph for each page.

Thank you everyone for your support. Even though I worked solo on this project, I still have teammates working with me on other wiki projects. I'm glad to have their support.

Also, I thank the following Wiki Editors who worked on this anime series project before me.



If I miss anyone who worked on Fate Zero related pages, please tell me. I wouldn't want to miss some wiki editors.

Future Blogs

I will post a Fate Zero Anime Wrap up blog and a Beginner Guide to help people try out this wonderful anime series as well as promoting the anime. Unfortunately, my time is running out as summer school approaches. I have other Beginner Guides to work on in addition to Fate Zero.

Thank you everyone and Go Anime Vice!

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In celebration of Fate/Zero debuting yesterday, thought I'd find this fun little scene from the visual novel which was sadly not adapted into the original anime of Fate/ Stay Night. Would have been fun seeing this get animated. Have fun hooting at the meltdown!
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Due to my current enrollment at Butte College, this will be the last Weekly Figure Preview that will feature 3 figures with a nendoroid in each new preview. Starting next week, all future previews will be only 2 figures along with a nendoroid until mid-May. This will allow me to comply with my homework, studying, and hopefully allows me to continue this weekly feature.

Welcome, my fellow AnimeVice members, to this my fifth installment of the Weekly Figure Preview feature here on the Vice. Last week, we previewed three anime figures (Hitagi, Saber Alter, Erica) along with one nendoroid (Kuroneko), and this week will feature the same preview formula. All of the figures/nendoroids that will be featured in this preview can be found on Play-Asia's site. If there are any figures that do not appear on Play-Asia's site, then I will provide a link for the product at the end of the figure's respective article. The line up for today, as follows:
  1. Fate/unlimited Codes 1/8th Scale PVC: Saber Lily (Gift Version) (Good Smile Company)
  2. Okami-san and Her Seven Companions 1/8th Scale PVC: Ryoko Okami (ALTER Corporation)
  3. Fate/stay Night 1/8th Scale PVC: Rin Tohsaka (UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS Version) (Good Smile Company)
  4. Fortune Arterial Non-Scale Nendoroid PVC: Erika Sendo (Good Smile Company)
I will give the readers a preview of each figure, complete with two images, descriptions, price, and my overall thoughts on each figure.

Fate/unlimited Codes 1/8th Scale PVC: Saber Lily (Gift Version)

Produced by the Gift Company in a distributive deal with Good Smile Company and licensed by TYPE MOON and Capcom as a official product from their hit fighting game Fate/unlimited Codes on the PS2/PSP, the 1/8th Scale Fate/unlimited Codes PVC Saber Lily figure is expected to see global market release around June 2011 in Japan and on Play-Asia's site for roughly 9,570 Yen (excluding taxes). It was sculpted by the talented figure sculptor Toda Satoshi in cooperation with figure painter Saura for the Good Smile Company.
Saber Lily (Gift Version) Fate/unlimited Codes
Saber Lily (Gift Version) Fate/unlimited Codes
Earlier this week, I decided that this week's preview would feature at least two figures from one particular anime/manga franchise, and after some thought, I decided on featuring two figures related to the Fate/stay Night franchise. This special version of Saber is her new Saber Lily form from the hit Arcade/PS2/PSP fighting game Fate/unlimited Codes (Which saw release in 2008 in Japan and made it's way to the western audience in September 2009) produced by Capcom. I was unsuccessful in locating much information regarding Saber's Lily form (spent several hours on Wikipedia, Giant Bomb, and various game sites), so I can not elaborate fully into what makes this version of her so special compared to her standard form. What I like about this figure is the attention to detail that Gift and sculptor Toda Satoshi has put into this figure, from her overall appearance to the detail on her armor plating down to the confident smile on Saber's face. As a fan of both the Fate/stay Night anime as well as the manga series, that is perhaps the single biggest reason that I chose to feature this greatly detailed Saber Lily from Gift and Good Smile. She would make a great addition to anyone's figure collection that is looking to add a good quality figure to their expanding collection that will not hurt you in the pocketbook as some figures of the same quality can.
Saber Lily (Gift Version) Fate/stay Night
Saber Lily (Gift Version) Fate/stay Night
Height: 180 Mm (18 Cm)
Availability: Limited (Limited Edition: Currently for pre-order on Play-Asia and expecting global release in June 2011)
Price: 9,570 Yen (roughly $114.90 USD)
Who It is Recommended For: Fans of the Fate/stay Night franchise, Saber, or anyone looking to add a beautiful, quality figure to their growing collections that will attract the eyes of all who lay eyes upon her. 

Okami-San and Her Seven Companions 1/8th Scale PVC: Ryoko Okami

Produced by the ALTER Corporation and licensed by the joint association of ASCII Media Works and J.C. Staff as part of their officially licensed Okami-san line of products, the 1/8th Scale Okami-san and Her Seven Companions PVC Ryoko Okami figure is expected to see global market release towards the end of this month (February 2011) in Japan and on Play-Asia's site for roughly 7,070 Yen (excluding taxes). Unfortunately, I was unable to discover exactly who sculpted this figure, but it was done for the ALTER Corporation.
Okami-san and Her Seven Companions: Ryoko Okami
Okami-san and Her Seven Companions: Ryoko Okami
Since I am new to the entire Okami-san and Her Seven Companions anime as well as the Okami-san franchise, I had to at first research more information regarding the Okami-san anime as well as it's main female protagonist, Ryoko Okami on both AnimeVice and AnimeNewsNetwork. I first came across this figure when browsing the line up of upcoming figure releases on ALTER's site (through Google Translator, since the site is in Japanese), and had originally intended to feature her two weeks ago, but I decided to wait until a later date closer to the actual release date. Scowling at those who dare to look her in the face, Ryoko Okami shoots a cold, intense glare at all who attempt to make eye contact with her. The intricate detail and care that ALTER has put into her is nothing short of amazing, from the details on her school outfit down to the stern expression she has on her face. She comes with her infamous Neko Neko Knuckles on her belt and to my knowledge, she has no swappable/removable parts on her. I am not 100% sure what about this figure captured my attention to the point that I decided to feature her, but in the end, I know a good figure when I see one, and with ALTER behind the reins, this figure is sure not to disappoint whoever decides to add her to their expanding collection. She would make a great addition for the figure collector who is looking for a high-quality figure that will not break the bank in the process. Perhaps one of these days I will look into Okami-san and Her Seven Companions, especially after reading the good things that FoxxFireArt had to say about it in his earlier blogs.
Okami-san and Her Seven Companions: Ryoko Okami
Okami-san and Her Seven Companions: Ryoko Okami
Height: 195 Mm (19.5 Cm)
Availability: Limited (Limited Edition: Currently for pre-order on Play-Asia and expected to see global release later this month [February 2011])
Price: 7,070 Yen (roughly $84.90 USD)
Who It is Recommended For: Fans of the Okami-san and Her Seven Companions franchise, Ryoko Okami, or anyone looking to make a great addition to their figure collection that will not put the hurt on their wallets. 

Fate/stay Night 1/8th Scale PVC: Rin Tohsaka (UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS Version)

Produced by the Good Smile Company and licensed by the joint association of TYPE MOON and the Fate-UBW Project as part of their official line of products related to the hit anime movie Fate/stay Night: UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS, the 1/8th Scale Fate/stay Night PVC Rin Tohsaka figure is expected to see global market release in May 2011 in Japan and on Play-Asia's site for roughly 8,730 Yen (excluding taxes). It was crafted by the talented figure sculptor Ken Yokota for the Good Smile Company.
Rin Tohsaka (Fate/stay Night: UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS)
Rin Tohsaka (Fate/stay Night: UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS)
As a fan of the Fate/stay Night franchise (having both read the entire manga series and completed 70% of the hit anime show), I was interested in the fact that there was a movie that re-told part of the Fate/stay Night story, so I decided to take a deeper look into it. After browsing around for several minutes, I came across this amazing figure of female character and powerful magus Rin Tohsaka, surrounded by various swords and holding her red pendant in her hand as her long brown hair swirls around her. She comes with a swappable sword Azoth that replaces her pendant on her left hand and to my knowledge, that is the only part of her that can be changed. Seeing the great quality that both sculptor Ken Yokota and Good Smile have put into her is amazing, from her flowing brown hair to the swords sticking out of the base down to the overall appearance of her outfit, this is one figure that is sure not to disappoint whoever adds her to their collection. She would make a great addition to the figure collector that is looking for a high quality figure that will make a eye-catching and interesting addition to their collection.
Rin Tohsaka (Fate/stay Night: UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS)
Rin Tohsaka (Fate/stay Night: UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS)
Height: 180 Mm (18 Cm)
Availability: Limited (Limited Edition: Currently for pre-order on Play-Asia and expected to see global release in May 2011)
Price: 8,730 Yen (roughly $104.90 USD)
Who It is Recommended For: Fans of the Fate/stay Night franchise, the Fate/stay Night: UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS film, Rin Tohsaka, or the figure collector looking to make a great addition to their collection that will get noticed by all who lay eyes upon her.

Nendoroid Corner: Fortune Arterial Nendoroid Non-Scale PVC: Erika Sendo

In this installment of the Nendoroid Corner, we will be looking into another of Good Smile Company's amazing nendoroids. This week, we feature Erika Sendo from the popular Fortune Arterial franchise, known for it's Japanese adult visual novels and the recently released anime show. Produced by the Good Smile Company in cooperation with Nendoron and in the joint association of ASCII Media Works, AUGUST, and Zexcs as part of their official line of Fortune Arterial products, the Non-Scale Fortune Arterial Nendoroid PVC Erika Sendo figure is expected to see global market release around June 2011 in Japan and via Good Smile's site for roughly 3,500 Yen (excluding taxes). It was crafted by the talented figure sculptor JUN (E.V.) for the Good Smile Company.
Nendoroid Corner: Erika Sendo (with Chair, Tea Cup and Saucer)
Nendoroid Corner: Erika Sendo (with Chair, Tea Cup and Saucer)
Being new to the Fortune Arterial anime as well as the Fortune Arterial franchise, I had to spend some time researching this franchise on both AnimeVice and Wikipedia at first so I could learn more information regarding 5th-year student Erika Sendo, the main female lead in both the Fortune Arterial anime and visual novels. She comes with multiple swappable arms and legs that allow for various poses, as well as a chair along with her white tea cup and saucer to pose with. Erika comes with 3 faces, her winking face (pictured above), a smiling face, and her red-eyed serious vampire face that can be changed to the collector's preferences. I am still not a big fan of these nendoroids, but with each one of these Good Smile nendoroids that I feature in every new preview, I am slowly becoming more and more interested in these mini figures and their unique appearances compared to normal scale figures. Once again, Good Smile along with Nendoron and figure sculptor JUN have done a incredible job with this nendoroid, from her overall appearance down to the colorful details on every visible part of her. She would make a colorful and cute addition to the collector's expanding nendoroid collection who is looking for a good quality figure that they can purchase for a decent price and make the centerpiece of their collection.
Nendoroid Corner: Erika Sendo (with Serious Red-Eyed Vampire face)
Nendoroid Corner: Erika Sendo (with Serious Red-Eyed Vampire face)
Height: 100 Mm (10 Cm)
Availability: Limited (Limited Edition: Currently for pre-order on Good Smile's site via the Sofmap link. Expected global release is June 2011)
Price: 3,500 Yen (roughly $42.90 USD)
Who It is Recommended For: Fans of the Fortune Arterial franchise, Erika Sendo, or anyone looking to add a bight, adorable nendoroid that is of high quality coming from Good Smile and Nendoron.
LINK: Fortune Arterial Non-Scale Erika Sendo (Good Smile)
This concludes this week's Weekly Figure Preview. Next week's line up to be announced on my AnimeVice profile by this weekend. 
* William Anderson is currently attending classes at Butte College in the process of earning a Radio/TV/Film Bachelor's Degree by 2012. He writes short stories, regularly contributes to both AnimeVice and Giant Bomb's wiki databases, and is trying to catch up on the anime shows that he has fallen more than 3 months behind on. If you have any questions or figure requests, please PM me today!
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