Ryosuke Kirishima

Ryosuke Kirishima is a anime/manga character in the Sket Dance franchise
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Ryosuke is Bossun and Sasuke's biological father in the Sket Dance franchise.


Ryosuke and his wife, Haru
Ryosuke and his wife, Haru

According to Akane, Ryosuke and Haru are childhood friends in an orphanage. Ryosuke is abandoned by his parents who left him at the orphanage at the time of his birth. After high school, Ryosuke and Haru got married. On the day of Bossun's birth, Ryosuke tries to get to the hospital only to get struck by a car. He sacrifices his life to save Taisuke, and he tells him to give his present and letter to Haru. Sadly, Haru died in a separate car accident at the same time.


Ryosuke Kirishima is created by Kenta Shinohara, and he has no information regarding any inspiration used to create him. He first appears in Sket Dance chapter 81 of volume 10 and episode 46. He shares the same Seiyuu as Bossun, Hiroyuki Yoshino.


"My roots here are really weak, you know? I ain't got any relatives. I'm not gonna say this is the only reason, but I just kind of wanted to leave something about me behind. Something that shows people me, enjoying life!"

Episode 46

Become strong, somebody who can offer a helping hand to people who are in trouble.

To Taisuke (Episode 47)


His hair and facial structure is like his son, Bossun.


Like Bossun, he enjoys helping people. He has a strong sense of justice and an optimistic view of life. He wishes that he would leave behind something that shows people how much he enjoys life.


Ryosuke and Haru's marriage
Ryosuke and Haru's marriage
  • Akane Fujisaki - She and he are close friends. Akane would tease Ryosuke and tells him to be careful.
  • Haru Kirishima - They are childhood friends at Sunny Garden Orphanage. After graduation, he marries her.

Story Arcs

Happy Birthday Arc

He is seen in Bossun's origin story and Akane's flashback. (See origin).

Later, Bossun runs away from his house upon learning his parent's tragic deaths. He reaches the place where Ryosuke dies. After Bossun gets beaten by delinquents, Taisuke stops them. Once Taisuke realizes Bossun's Ryosuke, he hands him his father's present and letter. By the river banks, Bossun sees Tsubaki getting bullied. Bossun who rejects his father's philosophies finally confront the bullies. It is thanks to Ryosuke's letter and words that motivates Bossun to continue living and helping others.

Voiced by
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Hiroyuki Yoshino (voice actor)
General Information Edit
Name: Ryosuke Kirishima
Name: 桐島 亮輔
Romanji: Kirishima Ryōsuke
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Sket Dance #10
1st anime episode: Sket Dance #46
1st anime movie:
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