Ryōshi Morino

Ryōshi Morino is a anime/manga character in the Okami-san and her Seven Companions franchise
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A high school student who confesses to Ryouko Ookami, and ends up joining the Otogi Bank. He has a phobia of being seen.

 Ryoshi has a severe phobia of being stared at.
 Ryoshi has a severe phobia of being stared at.
Ryoshi is a timid person who was originally from another rural land called Yomaoka to live at Otogibana City and attend school at Otogi Academy. He suffers from an affliction called opthalmophobia, a fear of being stared at. He is one of the main character of the love-comedy series Okami-san and her Seven Companions. It began as a light novel series and later translated into an anime series called Okamisan.
Ryoshi is in love with his fellow classmate, Ryoko Okami. Using the hunting skills he learned in his home, Ryoshi would stealth-fully follow Ryoko. He had been trying to gather his courage to confess his feelings, but his phobia held him back from ever saying anything.
 Elizabeth & Francoise
 Elizabeth & Francoise
He has two hunting dogs he brought from him home. They are Fluffy Akita dogs named Elizabeth and Francoise. They normally don't like people, but seem rather fond of Ryoko.
Ryoshi may be extremely timid when stared at, but from the shadows, where no one can directly see him, he can show incredible bravery. Also, he is a remarkable aim with his wrist mounted slingshot. He uses metal pachinko balls as ammo.

Anime Story

Ryoshi debut appeared in the very first episode of Okami-san. He had been following Ryoko for the whole day and witnessed as a thug the Otogi Bank were forcing to stop stalking a young girl. He refused and pulled a knife. Unknown to all who were present, from the shadows Ryoshi used his slingshot to strike the knife out of the stalker's hand. This allowed Ryoko to pummel  the target with the Kitty Knuckles.
Later in that same day Ryoshi gathered up the courage to confess his feelings for Ryoko. Though he would shout out "Ryoko, I love you!". As soon as she would turn to see who spoke, he had hidden himself. This went on for another few attempts before her patience tired. She demanded whoever spoke. Ryoshi showed finally showed himself to her. Though they are in the same class, Ryoko had no memory of him. She demanded to know from whim why he had feelings for her. Ryoshi named off several things that Ryoko didn't find too flattering. By the time he had come to the real cause for his feelings for her, he looked up, and she had already walked away.

Name Origin

Like much of the cast of the Okami-san series, the names have a deeper meaning to the character's archetype. Ryōshi's given name comes from the Japanese word "ryoushi" (猟師), which means "hunter". His character is based on hunter from the story of "Little Red Ridinghood".
His family name of Morino also has another meaning "Mori" (森) means "forest", and "mori no oku" (森の奥) means "deep forest".
His full name in Japanese, Morino Ryōshi, is very similar to the phrase "mori no ryoushi". This is Japanese for "Hunter of the Forest".
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Miyu Irino
Joel McDonald
General Information Edit
Name: Ryōshi Morino
Name: 森野 亮士
Romanji: Morino Ryōshi
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Okamisan #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Ryoushi Morino
Ryoshi Morino
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