Ryoga Inherits the Saotome School?

Ryoga Inherits the Saotome School? is an anime episode of Ranma ½ that was released on 11/01/1991

Season 6 - Random Rhapsody

Episode #118 - Saotome Ryū no Atotsugi wa Ryōga? (早乙女流の跡継ぎは良牙?)


Genma asks Ryoga to train in the Anything-Goes style of Martial Arts after doubting Ranma's ability to succeede him. Ryoga agrees, with the possibility of becoming Akane's Fiance if he defeats Ranma in a match. How does Ranma cope?

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Rumiko Takahashi Writer Creator of some of the most popular (and longest) comedy franchises, like Ranma 1/2 and InuYasha.


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