Ryo Yuki

Ryo Yuki is a anime/manga character in the Higashi no Eden franchise
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Ryo Yuki is Selecao Number X and the man behind the Careless Monday attacks.


Ryo Yuki was born in Japan as he suffered in his early childhood due to class differences in Japan. When he was in his late teens, both of his parents died due to massive workloads as he was left alone and jobless. Yuki took up work as many criticized him for working so many hours for low wages. Due to his interactions with Saizo Ato, he was chosen to be selected as a Selecao and was given a Noblesse phone, earning the name of Selecao Number X. After becoming a Selecao, Daiju Mononobe finds out his identity and agrees to work with him and Jintaro Tsuji to win this game. With his new found power and wealth, he decided the best way to help Japan was to take revenge for the classicism in Japan by launching the Careless Monday missile attacks; firing ten missiles on various parts of Tokyo. In truth, it was Mononobe who influenced him to launch the attack to stir panic in Japan. However, Akira Takizawa found out about the attacks and was able to organize a mass evacuation to ensure that there would be no casualties from the attacks.


Ryo Yuki was created by Kenji Kamiyama as one of the main antagonists for the series Eden of the East. He makes his first appearance in Episode 9-The Man Who Lived To Little. Ryo makes appearances in both movies King of Eden and Paradise Lost. He is voiced by Masakazu Morita in the Japanese series and Jerry Jewell in the English version.

Character Evolution

In the beginning, Ryo has a level head on his shoulders as his goals are clear to get revenge on Japan for the classicism. As each of his attacks are thwarted, he becomes more and more irrational as his bitterness grows. By the time that Akira returns to Japan a second time, he has become somewhat deranged as his one track mind wishes to kill Akira. He feels that he has been used and abused and does not care for anything else except ensuring that people pay for what they did to him. Mononobe is able to manipulate and take advantage of him because of this, Ryo realizing after the fact that he is nothing but a pawn to Mononobe. His revenge would eventually be the cause of his death.

Major Story Arcs

Ryo and Mononobe meet in Kyoto to follow Akira along with Saki Morimi and Mikuru Katsuhara as they wonder what Akira is up to this time. Ryo is concerned that he'll crush their new attacks as Mononobe assures him all will go to plan. They find the group at Yutaka Itazu's apartment, Mononobe finding out that Itazu is a computer engineer and probably Akira has Yusei Kondo's Noblesse phone and is attempting to crack it. When Akira leaves, they wonder if they should follow when they see Itazu bolt out of his apartment. Mononobe puts the pieces together as he forces Ryo to run him over in his car, something Ryo is remorseful for. The two find the Number IV phone as Itazu condemns the both. They agree to split up as Ryo would head to Ato Institutes while Mononobe got Akira.

When Akira and Ryo meet, he is hostile towards him because of their history. Mononobe points out Ryo was behind Careless Monday as he rants about the class differences in Japan and how his parents were over worked, citing the unfairness in the situation. Akira wonders what they are up against as Ryo states he has launched a bigger missile attack for the morning as Akira leaves. Ryo questions if it was okay for them to let him go as a woman who sounds like Juiz enters the room, stating that the game will continue and the Juiz servers were moved. After Akira is able to shoot down all the missiles over Japan, Mononobe leaves Ryo and Tsuji, stating he will try again. Tsuji also leaves Ryo due to his apathy for the whole game, leaving Ryo by himself and even more bitter than before.

Other Media

King of Eden

After the missile attacks, Ryo made numerous requests to Juiz to have Akira killed in brutal manners. Some time after this, the calls stopped as everyone noticed that the Number X symbol went dark, indicating that Ryo must have been killed by the Supporter. In reality, Ryo eliminated himself from the game by destroying his Noblesse phone. He breaks into Tsuji's yacht where he shows his broken phone. Tsuji assumes that he's the Supporter but this isn't the case as he asks Tsuji for help to get his revenge on Akira.

Paradise Lost

Yuki and Mononobe kill one another
Yuki and Mononobe kill one another

As Akira returns to Japan under the name Akira Iinuma, Ryo stays with Tsuji who sets him up with some money and a contact. Ryo appreciates what Tsuji is doing for him, not knowing that he is simply another pawn for Tsuji. He is later seen in an alley getting a gun and a passport that claims him as a Korean citizen and not Japanese, something he takes pride in. Ryo then heads to the Iinuma mansion where he heard Akira was staying at for the time being. As he arrives though, he asks a passing car where Akira is to discover Mononobe behind the wheel. Ryo is surprised to see him, but Mononobe doesn't know who he is. Since the Selecao just had their memories wiped via their phones, Mononobe forgot about his interactions with Ryo but Ryo was saved. In anger, hating that Mononobe treated him poorly, he withdraws his gun. Mononobe backs up and runs him over as Ryo gets in a few shots, both men killing one another.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Masakazu Morita
Jerry Jewell
General Information Edit
Name: Ryo Yuki
Name: 結城 亮
Romanji: Yūki Ryō
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Eden of The East #9
1st anime movie: Eden of the East: King of Eden
Aliases Selecao Number X
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