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Wow. I never got to delve as deeply into RUROUNI KENSHIN as I would’ve liked, but this trailer’s as certifiably rousing preview as I’ve ever seen one. Putting aside any concerns of how faithful the material is to the comic or the show, I’m mostly impressed by the production design on display, here. Maybe that’s an odd thing to fixate on - - usually it’s taken for granted - - but with the too-clean-to-believe sets of DEATH NOTE and GANTZ still fresh in mind, it’s honestly a relief to see a manga adaptation that doesn’t resemble an IKEA commercial.

Warner Bros’ involvement is pretty unorthodox, as well. I’m hoping it translates into this coming stateside within a much shorter window than usual (because I doubt it’ll translate into further trailers for this running front of DARK KNIGHT RISES or any other WB titles coming out this summer.) Seriously, I’m jazzed to see this. Look like just the right balance between pathos and whimsy on the ol’ katana edge.

What say you lunatics, though? Does the “X” scar match what you pictured in your minds? Is there a threat of this spinning out like PERFECT ANSWER?

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Another live action anime. Typically they flop, especially when compared with their western counterpart (live action comic), but this looks to be one of the most promising yet.
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I hope they go the more realistic route and stay away from the more mythical portions of Rurouni Kenshin. Wasn't a fan of that in the series, felt it took away from the message it tried so hard to invoke

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I just hope it doesn't suck.

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Watch Azumi instead :P

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it looks pretty cool!

Another anime getting a pretty much perfect adaptation?

@LiquidSwords said:

Watch Azumi instead :P

I loved both Azumi films^^

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Awesome, I have literally just got in to Rurouni Kenshin

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Super excited for this! Rurouni Kenshin is one of my most favourite manga.

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Never got deep into Rurouni Kenshin that said it seems like it could be an easier manga/anime to adapt than most others.

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@LiquidSwords: Azumi was awesome loved both films myself 
I am excited for the Kenshin movie, it may be just of my blind love for the series.:P
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This looks far better than I might have thought. I really enjoy Kenshin. The only thing I really didn't like was the way that the TV series ended. No epic fights, no closure, no anything.

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Looks like it's more similar to the retarded anime rather than the awesome OVA.

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heh you don't like the no fighting stuff arch4non? That was what I liked about it. A very interesting take on the samuri. I mean I loved the fact that he could kick your tail with just the flat of his blade. Still, not sure how they are going to do some of the fights from the show...I remember them getting pretty ornate...

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Just watched this movie .. /sigh. Alot of potential ruined by to many fingerprints.An worse.. bad camera an or shaky cam...

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