Run is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 05/22/2011

Plot Summary

Ohana talks to Yuina about how a magazine is gathering data for its Hot Spring Inn Rankings. One of the things that the magazine is doing to evaluate the Inns, is sending anonymous customers to each Inn. Ohana thinks that if the Inn ranks well there will be more customers, and Sui will be happy for once!

Enishi on the phone booking rooms for customers
Enishi on the phone booking rooms for customers

Since it is the weekend there aren't many customers. But this quickly changes as Enishi is bombarded by telephone calls, both from regular customers and new customers, requesting a room. Ohana runs into Minko walking back to the Kissuiso carrying groceries. Minko tells her about the influx of customers. When they finally return to the Kissuiso, they witness Sui collapsing to the floor coughing.

Sui is taken to the hospital, but orders Ohana to return to the Inn and to help the other staff. In the taxi ride home, she receives a phone call from Kouichi. Kouichi tries to tell Ohana that he is on the train coming to visit her, but due to going inside a tunnel, Kouichi looses connection and Ohana doesn't get the whole message.

Takako instructs the cooking staff
Takako instructs the cooking staff

The staff quickly figure that a few of the new customers must be working for the magazine. Takako advises the staff to prioritize serving the new customers who work for the magazine, while giving the same service to regular customers, that way the rankings will be very high. Takako quickly instructs Mr. Ren and Minko to prioritize cooking better meals for customers who are suspected to be magazine reviewers. Enishi also gives them tours of the Kissuiso. However, something about this doesn't feel right to Ohana, as if this wouldn't be how Sui would handle the situation. Ohana remembers that Sui said something about an account book in her room. Ohana goes there and discovers that Sui has a book with detailed notes about each of her customers.

In the kitchen, Mr. Ren is not handling the pressure of living up to the new expectations set by Takako well. Ohana finally stands up against Takako, saying that Sui-sama would want us to treat all customers equally and with the greatest care. Ohana calls Nako to come in to help even though Nako was on her day off. Ohana then takes it upon herself to get Tooru to come to work and help in the kitchen. However Tooru is away attending a wedding. So Ohana takes Nako's bicycle and sets off to find Tooru!

Ohana takes a moment to rest on the train
Ohana takes a moment to rest on the train

Ohana after taking a train, and running a lot, arrives at the building where Tooru is supposed to be, and realizes that she doesn't know where in the building Tooru is. So Ohana begins searching everywhere. At the same time, Kou-chan gets off the train and starts walking to the Kissuiso.

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