Run, Squid, Run?! / Ink that an SP?! / Wanna go on an esquipade?!

Run, Squid, Run?! / Ink that an SP?! / Wanna go on an esquipade?! is an anime episode of Squid Girl 2 that was released on 10/31/2011

Plot Summary

Run, Squid, Run?!

The city
The city

Squid Girl joins Eiko, Chizuru and Takeru on a morning jog, they run into Goro. Chizuru invites Goro to jog with them. Along the way Squid Girl smells shrimp curry, so Squid Girl, Eiko and Takeru decide to stop there, while Chizuru and Goro continue jogging. Squid Girl is amazed that such a place exists so close to their house. At that point Eiko and Takeru realize that they never gave Squid Girl a proper tour of the city, so they proceed to show her around.

Out of water?!
Out of water?!

Meanwhile Goro is jogging with Chizuru, while waiting to cross the street Goro overhears a few young women commenting on how Goro and Chizuru look like a couple. Goro is embarrassed, but notices that Chizuru doesn't say anything. Goro also overhears the women saying that if you ring the bell together at the shrine at the top of the hill with your partner you will be together forever. Goro is even more dismayed when Chizuru asks if he wants to jog to the top of the hill with her.

Eiko and Takeru take Squid Girl to see the Giant Buddha statue. Squid Girl mistakes it for a real person, and Eiko feeds Squid Girl lies to make her even more afraid of the Giant Buddha. Eventually Squid Girl realizes she made a mistake. At the end of the day, Squid Girl says that she had a lot of fun trying out foods that day and is sort of amazed that humans could make something so big.

Elsewhere, Goro is reaching the end of his limit, as night begins to fall, Chizuru is still jogging with Goro lagging behind. Goro barely makes it home alive.

Ink that an SP?!

"I&squot;m finding it hard to eat." - Takeru
"I'm finding it hard to eat." - Takeru

Sanae tries to hug Squid Girl again, but fails. Takeru's classmate intervene, saying they are Squid Girl's personal guard and will protect her from bullies like Sanae. Eiko laughs when she learns this saying it's like Squid Girl has an SP. SP "Squid Protection", refers to those people in black suits that put their lives on the line to protect prominent figures. Sanae takes this idea to become Squid Girl's SP, saying her dedication to being an SP overcomes her desire to hug Squid Girl. However, Sanae's imposing presence drives away the customers at the Lemon.

Sanae has failed
Sanae has failed

When the day comes to an end and Squid Girl goes home with the Aizawa's, Sanae's presence becomes more and more noticeably irritating. After Sanae has Squid Girl's room booby trapped, Squid Girl falls asleep and Sanae stands watch outside the room. However Sanae can't help herself to take a peek at Squid Girl sleeping, however she falls into her own booby traps and out the second floor window. Sanae realizes that she has failed her duties as an SP. The next morning Eiko and Squid Girl find Sanae tied up in front of their house. Sanae says, "I've caught the bad guys."

Wanna go on an esquipade?

We join Little Squid Girl on an adventure.

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Yasutaka Yamamoto Director Animator and Storyboard Artist
Masahiro Anbe Original Concept A Japanese manga author and illustrator best known for his work Shinryaku! Ika Musume.
Masakazu Ishikawa Character Artist/Designer Animator
Mariko Kunisawa Writer Script 6A and 6B
Michiko Yokote Writer Script 6C
Tomoki Kikuya Music He is a music composer and arranger. He has worked on series such as Hidamari Sketch, Pani Poni Dash, Tona-Gura! ,and Potemayo.


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