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Rumic World is a franchise comprised of 5 movies
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This is the franchise under which Fire Tripper, Maris the Chojo, Laughing Target, Mermaid Forest,and Mermaid's Scar was released under in 1992.


Rumic World is based off of a series of short stories created by Rumika Takahashi who wrote mostly comedy's in her early career the 5 anime OVA'a where released in 1992 under Central Park Media and Manga Entertainment in North America and the UK. Some of these short stories where also animated as part of the Takahashi Rumiko Gekijou.


Originally a series of short manga stories created by Rumiko Takahashi it was later reprinted in Japan as Takahashi Rumiko Kessaku Tanpenshū which was originally published in various Shōgakukan magazines in the tankoban format, but was re released in wide ban format, which included many of the original colored pages of the series.

First Edition

Volume one

  • Honō Torippā
  • Yami wo Kakeru Manazashi
  • Warau Hyōteki
  • Waraete Nemure

Volume Two

  • Sengoku Seitokai
  • Katte na Yatsura
  • The Supergirl/Chōjo
  • Gold Finger/Ōgon no Bimbōgami
  • Kaibyō Min
  • Hara Hara Hōru
  • Warae! Helpman
  • Warera Facial Pack/Gammen Nakama

Volume Three

  • Fūfu
  • Shōkon
  • Dust Spurt

Second Edition

Hozonban Rūmikku Wārudo Takahashi Rumiko Kessaku Tampenshū contains the same stories, but in just two volumes and in a different order.

One or Double

Titled Rumic World Rumiko Takahashi Presents "The Collection of Short Stories" contains a number of similar short stories not included in the other editions.

  • Slim Kannon
  • Inu de Warui ka!!
  • Obāsan to Issho
  • Gambari Masse
  • Grand Father
  • Takarazuka e no Shōtai ~Invitation to Takarazuka~
  • One or Double
  • Happy Talk
  • Uchi ga Megami ja!!

English Edition

While no longer in Print there where five Rumic world stories printed in English though only Fire Tripper in 1989 and Laughing Target in 1990 at first but published five more volumes in 1990 though only three where published under Rumic World while the others where published under Rumic Theater.

Volume One

  • Fire Tripper
  • Maris the Chojo
  • Those Selfish Aliens
  • Time Warp Trouble
  • The Laughing Target

Volume Two

  • Wasted Minds (Dust Spot)
  • The Golden Gods of Poverty
  • The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Volume Three

  • That Darn Cat
  • When My Eyes Got Wings
  • Wedded Bliss
  • Sleep and Forget
  • A Cry for Help
  • War Council
  • The Face Pack

Rumic Theater

  • Excuse Me for Being a Dog!
  • Winged Victory
  • The Grandfather of All Baseball Games
  • The Diet Goddess
  • Happy Talk
  • One or Double
  • To Grandmother's House We Go
  • Reserved Seat
  • Shake Your Buddha


Rumic World is also the series name under which Central Park Media and Manga Entertainment released in North America and the UK five anime OVA's in the late 1980's and early 90's based on Takahashi's stories

Maris the Chojo

Maris's is Thanatosian and Thanatosians have six times the strength of normal humans. This wouldn't be bad at all on her home planet of Thanatos but it was blown up years ago. In order to keep the Thanatosian's from destroying everything on a planet that wasn't made for such strong people they are made to wear a harness that limit thier strength.

This doesn't really help Maris as she destroys everything around her and gets more in dept with ever mission she takes for the Inter-Galactic Space Patrol. Seeing an opportunity to be out of debt Maris takes a job, along with her companion Murphy a fox like creature who can make nine copies of anything he wants and regularly teases Maris, for a kidnapped intergalactic billionaire by the name of Koganemaru. Hoping that by saving him he might be grateful enough to marry her.

She finds out the kidnapper is Sue an old opponent from her wrestling days and she's out for revenge. After Maris manages to catch up with Sue and her partner they engage in a wrestling match to the death only with the chip in her shoulder keeping Maris from taking off the harness that leashes her strength she is at a disadvantage. Murphy helps her out and she is able to get free and destroy Sue's base.

It is then revealed that Sue's partner is in fact Koganemaru himself being bored he decided to try his hand at being bad. Sadly Maris doesn't get a proposal from him as he chooses to comfort Sue. Maris is furious and starts destroying her ship as Murphy holds her back.

Laughing Target

Azusa Shiga was promised to marry her cousin Yuzuru Shiga ,at a young age by her parents, when they come of age to preserve the family legacy. Ten years after the agreement Azusa's mother dies and Azusa goes to live wit Yuzuru's family.

Through it all Azusa has kept with her promise and hasn't so much as talked to another boy. Yuzuru has grown and has an active school life including a girlfriend named Satomi.

Azusa tries to scare Satomi off and when that doesn't work decides that Satomi must disappear for good. Azusa as it turns out is a demon due to a family curse and has the ability to make this happen.

Satomi tries to let Yukuru know what Azusa is planning as he is oblivious to exactly what is going on.

Mermaid Forest & Mermaid Scar

Part of the mermaid saga there where originally 3 volumes but only two where made into anime.

This story follows Yuta an immortal who has been alive for five hundred years and is wandering across Japan searching for a cure. According to a ancient Japanese legend if you eat mermaid flesh it may grant immortality. They don't tell you that there is a much better chance of dying or turning into a creature called the Deformed Ones. Along the way she meets others who's lives have been ruined by the mermaid flesh and its legend.

Fire Tripper

Fire Tripper Is a story about a girl name Suzuko who after a gas explosion wakes up in civil war era Japan. Upon waking she some men find her and proceed to try and rape her only Shukumaru shows up and saves her, after he brings her back to his village, where he is the town protector, Suzuko finds a shirt from her time that she remembers a neighbor boy wearing and guessed he had come back in time with her when the explosion happened. She looked everywhere but couldn't find him. She falls in love with Shukumaru and he tells her they will be married.

She quickly realizes that she is in fact a young girl in the village who's name is Suzu who is also Shukumaru's sister and if she was in fact a grown up Suzu couldn't marry Shukumaru for they are siblings.

Attacked by the leader of some invaders Shukumaru is saved by Suzuko when she brought them through time again realizing that she could travel through the past using fire. Once there she sees that Shukunaru was actually Shuhei from the present time and that they must have gotten separated earlier when they went back in time. Being as Shuhei is actually from modern time which means he is in fact not her brother and she has no reason to feel guilty over her love for him. Shuhei though enjoyed living in the past an so Suzuko took them back in the same explosion that started the whole thing. The story ends with both in the past and Shukumaru announcing that they had a wedding to go to.


Main Cast Maris the Chojo


Voiced by: Mami Koyama (Japanese)

Maris is obsessed with money and tries hard to make it but life isn't so great for her since anything she breaks comes out of her pay. She wears the Japanese symbol for yin in her hair. She has an alcoholic father and a ditsy mother.


Voiced by: Jouji Yanami (Japanese)

Murphy a kitsune-like race often teasing Maris.


Voiced by: Sumi Shimamoto (Japanese)

Sue is a former wrestler who has a grudge against Maris as they used to be opponents


Voiced by: Toshio Furukawa (Japanese)

Koganemaru a bored multimillionaire who teams up with Sue to try being bad pretending to be kidnapped.

Main Cast Laughing Target

Shiga Azusa

Voiced by:Hiromi Tsuru (Japanese) Jennifer Watson(English)

Azusa is a demon because of a family curse and brought out when she killed some boys who where trying to rape her. She holds the promise that Yuzuru made himself to her, that he would never leave her, close to her heart.

Shiga Yuzuru

Voiced by: Yoku Shioya (Japanese) Richard Pierce(English)

Captain of the archery team and dating Satomi Yuzuru pays no mind to the betrothal and is mostly oblivious to the goings on between Azusa and Satomi.


Voiced by: Iyo Matsumoto (Japanese) Tadanori Matsumoto (Japanese) Theresa Gallagher (English)

Yuzuru's girlfriend she knows that Azusa is dangerous and tries telling him but has trouble due to being stalked by Azusa.

Main Cast Mermaid Forest & Mermaid Scar

Yuta (湧太)

Voiced by: Kōichi Yamadera (Japanese), Justin Gross and Liam O'Brien (English) Mermaid Forest OVA Voiced by: Michael Magee (English) Mermaid's Scar OVA Voiced by: Jason Gray-Stanford (English)

After eating the flesh of a mermaid out of curiosity after the other fishermen had caught one Yuta became an immortal while the others who attempted it where either poisoned or turned into lost souls. As nothing happened to him he simply forgot about it and went on with his life. But as the years went by and his wife aged and he continued to stay the same he realizes his curse. After hearing that a mermaid may be able to help him he sets out to find one and end his curse. 500 years have passed and Yuta has helped many who have been affected by eating mermaid flesh.

Mana (真魚)

Voiced by: Minami Takayama (Japanese), Karen Thompson (English) Mermaid Forest OVA Voiced by: Anne Marie Zola (English) Mermaid's Scar OVA Voiced by: Lalainia Lindbjerg (English)

Mana an immortal was raised as a captive to a group of mermaids who planned to eat her flesh once she reached age in order to regain their youth. Yuta rescues her and she immediately becomes loyal to him and so travels with him on his search for a cure.

Main Cast Fire Tripper


Voiced by: Sumi Shimamoto

With the ability to go through time using fire until she went back in time she didn't know she was actually from the past and had come forward in time during a house fire when she was young. She was then adopted out and raised living next door to Shuhei.


Voiced by: Yuu Mizushima (Japanese)

Originally from the future that Suzuko was later raised in he went back in time with Suzuko and when they where serrated made his own way enjoying living in the past. He loved Suzuko and she takes him back to the past where he was happiest.

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