Ruin Explorers

Ruin Explorers is an anime series in the Ruin Explorers franchise
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In a world filled with the relics of fallen civilizations, elf-catgirl Fam and her human companion Ihrlie search for a treasure known as the Ultimate Power. They meet Galuf, a traveler who claims to have a map revealing its location. Since Fam finds it hard to stay focused for more than a few seconds and Ihrie has a "horrible curse," it seems less than likely they will succeed, even if they weren't facing some stiff competition from the greatest evil wizard who ever lived. But they have a serious motive that says more about their friendship than their constant bickering. The Ultimate Power is the only thing that can free Ihrlie from her curse and enable her to fulfill her great magical potential. When she was a young apprentice, her carelessness so annoyed her teacher that he cast a spell to prevent her from using her powers. Every time she does so, she transforms out of human shape. She's been avoiding the problem by taking magical pills that enable her to transform back again, but they're almost all used up, so she can only use her magic in dire emergencies. They usually have to rely on Fam's less powerful magic instead.

Galuf, a sleazy merchant out for the treasure himself, is terrified of the various traps and defenses around the Ultimate Power, and he wants our heroines to go in there first. He also hires a crack pair of ruin explorers, sorceress Rasha and swordsman Migel, to make sure the Ultimate Power winds up in his hands. But the Ultimate Power alone won't actually do anything; it must be combined with a magic sword and mirror. Handsome Prince Lyle also wants the Ultimate Power, but for unselfish ends-to fight Rugodorull, a wise cleric corrupted by Dark Powers. Rugodorull has killed everyone else in Lyle's homeland and now wants to destroy all life on Earth. The six finally agree to work together to defeat Rugodorull. Their quest takes them across the seas to a magic island as they try to collect the items that will enable them to summon the Ultimate Power and save the world.

This D&D-style; adventure was based on characters created by Kunihiko Tanaka for Hobby Japan magazine; compare its more successful contemporary, the lighthearted fantasy Slayers. The four episodes were released on two tapes by U.S. label ADV, which subtitled the first Tales IN the Crypt while the second is Ruin Explorers 2: Profits and Prophecies.
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Takeshi Mori

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General Information Edit
Name Ruin Explorers
Name: 秘境探検ファム&イーリー
Romaji: Hikyou Tanken Fam & Ihrlie
Publisher ?
Start Year 1995
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