Ruby is a anime/manga character in the Rave Master franchise
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Ruby is a rich penguin and a sponsor for Haru's gang in the Rave Master series.


He first appears during the Symphonia Arc and hires people to collect exotic items or animals (Plue).


Ruby, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no current information regarding his creation at this moment. His Japanese voice actress is Yukiji Kaoru, and his English voice actor is Bob Glouberman. He is the owner of a local Casino Haru and his friends visit, and first appears in Rave Master: Episode # 42.

Story Arcs

Symphonia arc

Ruby first appears in his casino ship in front of Franken Billy. Even though Franken Billy gives Ruby the Rainbow Bird, he tells Franken Billy to release it since it is endangered and the last of its kind. Yet, Ruby gives Franken Billy another assignment to capture Plue because Plue is a cute and mysterious creature that appeals to Ruby.

Ruby holds Plue
Ruby holds Plue

As soon as Franken Billy and Wolf are about to kill Haru and Elie, Ruby appears behind them. The two stop what they are doing, and Lilith presents Plue to Ruby who gets ecstatic. Before Ruby asks his men to eat with him in order to celebrate, he states that he will give over a million Edels to them. Lilith declines Ruby's offer for dinner, but Franken Billy accepts it to make Ruby happy. When Ruby heads to dinner, he bumps into Griffon. Griffon demands Ruby to free Plue, and the Doryu Raid Squad (Franken Billy's team) get into a fight with Musica and Let. Suddenly, the big butt bandits appear to rob everyone. After Lilith scares them away, one of them trip the gun that shoots at Ruby. Plue's cage soars into the air where Musica and Let try to get it, but Franken Billy smacks them aside. Ruby, who finally knows Plue is stolen and has an owner, demands Franken Billy to return Plue. Franken Billy does not want to lose the money since Doryu will be upset with him. He grabs Ruby and heads to a secluded section of the ship. When Franken Billy tells Ruby that Doryu tricked his father and killed him, Ruby tries to deny it since he still believes Doryu is a nice guy. Plue stabs Franken Billy's hand and protects Ruby with his life. Suddenly, the big butt bandits, who were watching, decides to use their triple gas attack to help Ruby.

At the Silver Rhythm airship, Ruby finds himself rescued by Hebi, Haru, and the others. Ruby is sadden that he had fallen for the Doryu Raid Squad's trick and ruined his father's name. Haru reassures him that he did good, and he promises Ruby that he will protect him from Doryu. Although Let and Musica want to dump Ruby, Ruby change their mind when he reveals his wealth and that he is the owner of the Empire Gate.

Ruby's troubles do not go away easy when Doryu's ship appears after taking down two rival ships tailing Haru's group. Franken Billy, Wolf, and Lilith appears on that ship, and they fire at the Empire Gate which collapses. Haru tells his friends to push on through the Death Storm. He asks Let what to do, and he tells him to watch closely. Ruby observes Haru's determination when Haru and Plue are braving the storm at the front end of the ship. Upon arriving in Symphonia after making it alive, Ruby gaze at the desolate waste land of Symphonia. Like the others, he thinks there is nothing there. Miraculously, Elie's migraines and Plue's help lead Ruby and the gang to a map projection on the ground. The map reveals the five locations of the Rave, and the remaining two are not in Symphonia. Suddenly, the black lights take the place of the Rave lights.

As a ship soars by, Lucia emerges and explains that the Dark Bring are the opposite of the Rave. After he introduces himself, he kisses Elie. Ruby and the others are shock by this event. He watches Haru, Musica, and Let attack Lucia who just stop them with a draw of his sword. When Lucia bids them farewell, the Oracion Sies makes their appearance. Once Julius and Reina annnounce that they will kill Elie, Ruby finds himself grouped with Elie, Griffon, and Plue. They face off against Julius. After some battles, Julius decides to demonstrate his Dark Bring by freezing Plue into a cube of ice which causes Griffon to attack in anger. Ruby is also useless to Elie since he has no weapons. During the battles, Let and Musica have fallen which Berial restores the land back to normal. Ruby watches Elie fight Julius, and Elie hits Julius under the belt. Ruby and Plue feel Julius's pain. When Elie damages Julius's face, Julius gets very angry and beat Elie in a barbaric manner. Griffon, who fled, sacrifices himself to save Elie since Elie protect Griffon. This causes Elie's etherion to go wild.

Elie's Etherion blasts Berial and Julius, and it sends Ruby flying into Griffon's cart which driven by Griffon's horse. With Elie's magic fading, Ruby and Plue cry over Griffon's dead body. The battle with the Oracion Seis ends when Sieg Hart joins in. Sieg Hart, Haru, Let, and Musica finally got the Oracion Seis to leave. Sieg Hart has Ruby's group search for a place that has the coordinates "ELIE 3173." Upon arriving at that coordinate, Ruby finds himself in a forest barrier, and he waits with the others for Elie's trip to learn about herself. After everyone gets ready to leave, Ruby looks optimistic with his friends as they head off to the fourth Rave.

Voiced by
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Yukiji Kaoru
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Name: Ruby
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Rave Master #42
1st anime movie:
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Insanely Rich
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