Ruby is a anime/manga character in the Pokémon franchise
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Ruby is a character in the Pokémon Manga: Pokémon Adventures. He is also known as Brendan in the Pokemon Anime: Pokémon Advanced.

Ruby's first appearance in the Pokémon manga would be in the manga called Pokémon adventures. The volume starts out with ruby traveling in the back of a moving truck destined for Littleroot town. While in the truck he is busy sowing accesories for his pokemon for the Hoenn region super contests, the Pokémon are, Ralts; Ruru, Poochyena; Nana, and Skitty; Coco. The truck then gets stuck in the mud and his mother gets out and bangs on the back of the truck asking him to get out and help. He says there is no point getting out because his pokemon will get all muddy. He then wastes no time in telling ralts to use confusion to lift the truck out of the mud. After that he jumps out of the back saying, "so this is Hoenn..." They happen to be in the right place, because the moving pokemon(Machoke) start to unload the truck. When he enters his new room, he spots a package lying on a table addresed to him from his dad. Inside are a pair of Devon Corpration running shoes, he chuck these in the garbage. He then turns around and addreses his Pokémon, stating that even though they just moved there from Goldenrod city in Joto, they are going to run away today. He then continues on to say there is no point in staying when he has battle maniac dad around. Then he says,"I mean what's the point of being a gym leader anyways, when it keeps you away from the family?" He is about to leave when he has another look at the shoes, he takes them out, puts them on and thows his old ones away. He then exits through the window,and heads twards route 101. He then sees Professor Birch stuck up in a tree, being attacked by Mightyeana. Professor Birch yells, "HELP!" and ruby walks up to him, and then Professor Birch says to help him by battling against the Mightyeana. He says that he doesn't want to because then they will get all dirty. And Professer birch asks if he's serous, that he won't battle because they will get dirty. And he says yes, that his goal is to challenge all the Pokémon super contests in Hoenn. Birch then asks if he's just going to leave him there and he says no. Birch then tells him that there is a Pokédex in the bag near his feet to take it out and check the data on the pokemon that are attacking him. He flips it open, and it gives him the info, and Ruby says to Nana, "look, this is what you'll be one day! Just look at those sleek coats, We will stomp the competition flat if you looked like that!" Birch franticly asks if he even knows how to battle, and ruby says he does. He then tells Nana to use leer, Nana does, but it has no effect. The Mightyeana then focus on Ruby alowing for Birch to climb down. But when they realize it's hopeless to battle, they both run, that's when the running shoes activate and he shoots off over a cliff. Professer Birch is standing at the top of the cliff muttering to himself about irrelevant things. Ruby wakes up later in a dark cave, when he moves, a dark shape asks in a voice with a Hick, "so yar awake?" Ruby then screams and tells Nana to use bite. Poochyena does, and the shape says ouch, and then ruby hears a ringing coming from Professer Birch's bag, he opens it and finds a Pokégear in it. He answers it and Birch is on the other line asking if he's ok. He answered yes, but there is a strange talking pokemon covered in leaves attacking him, because at that point in time, he was being attacked by fire attacks and the thing was screaming "Fight ya cow'erd!" birch asks what type of moves is it using, and ruby replies, that it is using fire attacks. Birch tells him to check in the bag there should be two Pokéballs in there, on of them is water type. Ruby finds it and sends it out, but then looks at it with distain and says how could somthing this ugly win a contest? And birch says it's a Pokémon for battling not for looks. The thing screams again with that same hick. Then professer Birch asks, "is that my daughter I hear screaming in the background?" and Ruby replies that he doesn't know who it is but a young neanderthal-looking girl covered in leaves. And professer birch says, that would be her, becaues she dresses like that all the time when she helps him with feild work. Once that was clarified, ruby was able to calm saphire down. She asks him why he didn't attack, and he says that he'd rather enter contests than fight. And she responds, that someone with white hair like him, she'd expect no less. He then says that it is a hat, not his hair. She then says that she wants to challenge all the gyms in hoenn, and that it much herder to do that than some silly contests. And they argue back and forth, until saphire says, "how bou' this? We'll each ave' eighty days ta finish ar' go'ls, sound fayr'?" and she is still speaking with that extremly pronounced hick. He agrees to the plan an they decide to meet back at the cave after eighty days even if they are not finished with thier goals. That is how the adventure of Ruby and Saphire began.
General Information Edit
Name: Ruby
Name: ルビー
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Brendan.
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