Rublum is an anime episode of Tears to Tiara that was released on 05/24/2009
Sir Gaius enters a senate meeting. The senate asks him for a report on the recently awakened demon king and the Gael tribe. Gaius states the tribe has escaped to Albion and requests more troops. The senate agrees to consider his request, but Gaius demands the arrival of more soldiers immediately. He leaves the meeting angry and frustrated. The senators discuss Lord Gaius's behavior.  Deera Tooru, a ninja, appears before the senate. He is ordered to hunt down the demon king.

Lord Gaius and Dekmus walk away from the meeting room and come in contact with the leader and soldiers of Rublum. Rublum is the Public Security Force for the Divine empire responsible for surveying the colonies under the Empire's rule and putting down rebellions. The commander of Rublum, Lidia, and Lord Gaius talk about the meeting. Lord Gaius sarcastically wishes Lidia success in her campaign against the Gaels. Lidia vows to eradicate the Gaels.

The people of Gael work hard to fortify their defenses. Arawn, Arthur, and Ogam discuss battle strategies. Rublum sails towards the island of Albion. Once more Arawn and the key members of the Gaels meet to discuss their defense against the empire. Morgan informs the group that only one imperial ship has been sighted, and it bears a red flag. Drwc states the ship could be from Rublum and if so, the soldiers are not to be underestimated. Arthur decides they must make a preemptive attack from the forest.

Rublum lands on the island at sunset. The Gaelics wait anxiously in the forest. Lidia spots the trip wire set by the Gaelics. She purposely steps on it over and over causing the objects connected to it to clang together loudly. Arawn and Arthur step forward and demand to know the invaders identity. Lidia announces her name, title, and purpose. Arthur rashly initiates a battle. The soldiers of Rublum's fighting skills are far superior to those of the Gaelics.

Before anyone can be killed, Ogam throws up a defensive barrier between the two armies. Arawn orders a retreat. The Gaelics return to the castle. Arthur walks through the medical ward  and feels a heavy guilt come upon him. He loudly expresses his regrets and declares himself unworthy to be first warrior. Arawn shoves him to the ground, yelling at him to stop. Arawn tells Arthur that he must strike back at his enemy. The soldiers rally around Arthur. An elf, named Rathy, enters the room and says she has an idea.

At the Empire's camp, Octavia overhears the soldiers talking about the Rublum army's arrival. She leaves her room to walk around the camp. She sees a light left on in a storage buidling. She enters the building and smells something horrible. She finds the source of the smell--an open crate with a dead human body inside. Before she can do anything, she is knocked unconcious by a soldier.

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