Rubber and Ice one-on-one fight! Luffy VS. Ao Kiji!

Rubber and Ice one-on-one fight! Luffy VS. Ao Kiji! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 03/27/2005

Water Seven Arc

Rubber and Ice one-on-one fight! Luffy VS. Ao Kiji!

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Robin has been frozen solid and Luffy barely saves her from being shattered. Usopp takes the pass and he runs off with Chopper back to the Going Merry.

Surprisingly, Nami takes a swing at Aokiji. She strikes from his right, but in the manga is was from the left. He makes no attempt to seriously harm Nami and just swings her away.

Before Sanji and Zoro can strike back, Luffy orders everyone to leave. Luffy demands a one on one fight with him. No one else is to get involved.

Back and the Going Merry, Robin is under the shower water. In one closeup, her head is partially unfrozen, but in the wide shot she's totally frozen. Sanji and Zoro jump into the ocean water to tend to their own frozen limbs.

Everything Luffy tries just makes a new part of his body frozen. Luffy fights well, but Aokiji hardly seems at all serious. He shatters Aokiji with the Gum-Gum Storm attack, but he still reforms. In mid air, he freezes Luffy over completely. Aokiji wins, but seems unhappy.

The battle over, he looks over Luffy's frozen body and realizes something. Since he agreed to a one on one battle, he can't pursue the others. He wonders if that was part of Luffy's plan or if he really thought he could beat him.

He wanders off and leaves Luffy as he is for Zoro and Sanji to find, but he neglects to say something Smoker had told him.

This is the first time the crew has ever witnessed Luffy so completely defeated. They get Luffy back to the ship and Chopper saves them both. They spend the night anchored at that island, and Robin is the only one awake.

Nami's log is superimposed over the scene. Much of the writing is in English, but she has terrible hand writing.

Luffy comes out on deck and does an impression of himself when he was frozen. Sanji makes coffee for Robin using a vacuum brewing technique.

Off the bow Zoro sees a giant frog and all the boys really want at it for some reason. They take the rows in order to chase it. There is a continuity problem with this scene. Zoro is looking off out at the starboard side of the bow when he sees Yokozuna, but when Luffy and the others see him. They are looking at hard port.

The frog is swimming toward what looks like a lighthouse out in the middle of nowhere. They follow the frog and crash into train tracks in the water. There is a sudden chiming and a train running on water approaches.

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Eiichiro Oda Concept Artist Eiichiro Oda is the creative mind behind the popular manga/anime One Piece series.


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