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The legendary partner who has a long history. Able to connect with any user. He goes unused because no one can stand his rules or his obnoxious personality.


The King of Edolas, the parallel world of Earthland, and the main anatagonist in the Edolas Arc who tried to obtain an infinite amount of magic for his kingdom.

Feena Fam Earthlight


The intergalactic tyrant who destroyed Planet Vegeta along with almost the entire Saiyan race. Frieza is the most iconic villain of the series.

Fuka Narutaki

Fuka is one of the two Narutaki twins in Negi's class 3-A. Best identified by her pigtails and more mischievous personality.


Fukaboshi is a shark merman and the eldest of the three sons of the royal Neptune family on Fishman Island.

Fumika Narutaki

Fumika is one of the two Narutaki twins in Negi's class 3-A. Best identified by her hair buns and sweet, timid personality.

Funaho Masaki Jurai

The First Empress of Jurai and Yosho's Mother

Future Trunks

The son of Vegeta and Bulma from an alternate future.


Gancho is the Chief Tonta leader of the Kingdom of Tontta on Greenbit.

Gid Lucione Deviluke

The king of the planet Deviluke and Lala, Nana and Momo's father.


Former king of Babylon, which in Nasuverse was the world's only nation at the time with advanced magical and technological culture.

Ginrei Kuchiki

Ginrei is the Father-in-Law of the renegade Shinigami known as Kouga, the biological Grandfather of Byakuya, the Grandfather-in-Law of Rukia Kuchiki and her older sister Hisana and the former Captain of Squad Six.


Gioconda is a marquess of the Ruvinagald kingdom


Gogeta is the fused form of Goku and Vegeta when they perform the Fusion Dance properly.

Gruier Serenity

Gruier Serenity is the 7th legitimate imperial princess of the royal family of the Serenity Stellar Kingdoms Alliance.

Grunhilde Serenity

Grunhilde Serenity is the 8th legitimate imperial princess of the royal family of the Serenity Stellar Kingdoms Alliance.

Guinevere su Britannia

Guinevere su Britannia is the First Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire. She's an arrogant and extravagant member of the royal family.

Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Senju was the founder of the Hidden Leaf Village and the First Hokage.

Henrietta de Tristain

Henrietta is the princess of Tristain and a friend of Louise since their childhood.

Hildegard von Mariendorf

Reinhard von Lohengramm's personal secretary and advisor.

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi is called the "The Professor" because he knows all the techniques that originated in Konoha. He is also the father of Asuma, and the grandfather of Konohamaru.

Hisana Kuchiki

Hisana Kuchiki was the older sister of Rukia Kuchiki and the wife of 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki.

Hisui E. Fiore

Hisui E. Fiore is the princess of Fiore and the daughter of Toma E. Fiore.

Hotaru Tomoe

Hotaru Tomoe is a character in the anime/manga Sailor Moon. She is Sailor Saturn and the last to join the Sailor Senshi. Sailor Saturn is known as the Messiah of Silence, and it is feared she will destroy the world if awakened. She wields the Silence Glaive.


Iroh is the first born son of Fire Lord Azulon and uncle of Prince Zuko.

Kaguya Ohtsutsuki

Kaguya Ohtsutsuki was a princess from the era long before the formation of the ninja clans, and the villages who ate the forbidden fruit from the Divine Tree and was the first person to have chakra.

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV

The Demon King's son sent to earth in order to be raised by a human and destroy humanity. He is strongly attached to Oga, constantly clinging onto his back or sitting on his head.

King Alfor

The father of Princess Allura and creator of Voltron. Even though he is deceased his spirit continues to protect his daughter and guard the 5 lions

King Bradley

King Bradley is the fuhrer of the Amestris State Military. Unknown to many he is truly the Homunculus known as Wrath.

King Cold

King Cold is the father of the evil Frieza and Cooler. Like his sons his name makes a reference to low temperatures.

King DeVille

The father of Avok, Romelle, and Bandor. He ruled the planet Pollux until the time of his death, at which point Romelle became leader.

King Frans Ferdinand II

King of the Great Waterland, until Ollie becomes a president. He borrowed money from Alfred and did learn something about that.

King Neptune

King Neptune is the king of Fish-Man Island and father of Princess Shirahoshi.

King Piccolo

Also known as Demon King Piccolo, He is the Evil half of Kami.

King Seikima

Seikima is the king of the Shikima relam, and the father of Miko Mido.

King Vegeta

King Vegeta is the father of Vegeta and Tarble and also the King of the Saiyans.

King Zarkon

The evil king in voltron

King of Magilinarsa

The small, rodent-like King who is disgusted with his playboy son who would rather have sex with women than prepare for the day that he inherits the throne. Unleashing his rage, he banishes his son to Earth, needing to earn the love of six women in order to return.

King of Xerxes

King of Xerxes was once the king of the nation of Xerxes but attempted to use his own people to gain immortality.

Konohamaru Sarutobi

The 3rd Hokage's grandson and Asuma's nephew.

Kouga Kuchiki

Kōga Kuchiki is the son-in-law of Ginrei Kuchiki. Centuries ago he was framed by other members of the Kuchiki Clan and was imprisoned for a crime he never committed.


A humanoid female from an alien race of crow tengu. She is destined to mate with the man that awakens her from her slumber with a kiss, unfortunately that person turns out to be Ataru.

Kurobara no Ouji

Lafiel Abriel


Son of the late King Krichevskoy. He is the true heir to the throne, and he intends to prove it.


The niece of Princess Allura, she was in training to become the future pilot of the Blue Lion, and recently became the first cadet to be inducted into the Voltron Force as a full member after Allura became Queen of Arus and had to step down from


Leina is the main character of the Queen's Blade anime. She is the second daughter of the Vance Family and is the successor to her father's throne.

Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge is a cast-away prince of the Britannian Empire. Once given the power of Geass, he created the persona of Zero and led his army, the Black Knight, to destroy Britannia, create a peaceful world for his sister, Nunnally; and discover the truth of his mother's murder.

Lilia Eberwein

A princess that is forced to become a sex slave by her own brother.

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