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The Hearts of all Juraian Spaceships

In Tenchi Muyo, members of the Juraian royal family possess a royal tree, which is spiritually bonded to its owner. Royal trees are typically found aboard Juraian spaceships, and act as control units, communication devices and a source of power for the ship. Like Juraian royals, these trees possess Jurai energy, which is used to generate Light Hawk Wings. Energy can also be channelled to its owner, allowing them to do the same. Their sap is particularly powerful, as it not only possesses curative qualities (it can heal a sick Juraian), but when crystallized can be carved into a key, which is required to control its functions. All Juraian royal trees are descended from Tsunami, the origin tree of Jurai. A tree's power is affected by how far descended it is from Tsunami as a first generation tree would be much more powerful than a third generation tree. Trees of the first and second generation can produce three Light Hawk Wings unassisted, but more distant generations need to combine their power. Only Tsunami possesses sufficient Jurai energy to generate ten Light Hawk Wings at once. Royal trees reproduce by producing seeds which, when planted in a suitable environment, grow into a new tree. The owner of a new tree is usually selected in a ceremony on Jurai.

General Information Edit
Thing Name Royal Trees
Japanese Name: 王立樹
Romaji Name: Ouritsuju
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki #2
1st anime movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love!
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