Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise

Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise is an anime movie in the Royal Space Force Franchise
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The first feature-length movie from Gainax, Wings of the Honneamise tells the story of "average Joe" Shirotsugh Lhadatt stuck in the space program. A chance meeting with a young girl inspires him to become the first man in space, while many obstacles try to sabotage his attempt.

Shirotsugh Lhadatt wanted to fly planes when he was young. He wanted to join the Air Force but his grades weren't good enough. He joined the Space Force instead. Lhadatt's comrade is killed while preparing to launch a man into outer space. He is late to the funeral and scalded by the general.

After a night on the town with his friend Matti, Shiro wakes up in his dead roommate's bed. Shiro goes to see a woman who was preaching about the end times while he was out the previous night. He goes to her house and quickly realizes how religious she is. Riqunni thinks it's amazing that Shiro is in the space program, he can be "free of the troubles of this world and go to the unspoiled world of the stars." Riqunni helps Shiro understand that space will provide a new place for the people of the world who are tired of war and fighting. People can start over.

Shiro returns to work the next day with a newfound respect for his job in the Space Force. Shiro realizes that he has been pummeled by the negativity surrounding the program, even from its own members. He is recharged by the general’s speech and he offers to be the next pilot to try to launch into space.

Shiro is put through the ringer during his training. He actually does better than expected. He is sent to borrow a plane from the Air Force, so he and his fellowofficers go the base. Shiro then takes his first jump into the skies. He handles his first flight pretty well, but is shaken when he finally lands. A bar fight breaks out in the officers tent because of the penis measuring contest between the AF and SF.

Shiro and the lads go to the secret test facility. One of the SF members finds a flaw in the plans. But, the near death engineers believe that the problem, a hydrogen engine, which hasn't even been imagined yet, shouldn't pose a problem.

Shiro returns to Riqunni to tell her about the stars. He shows her a picture of a satellite picture of the world, but it is just black and white. Riqunni talks about being only able to see the light of the wars on the plant. She begins to talk about the damned of this world and Shiro feels out of place. Later they have an argument about their relationship, or lack thereof. Riqunni gives Shiro a holy book. Shiro tries to hold her hand. He wants her to read it to him, so they can become more intimate. Riqunni doesn't want the same thing from him.
Shiro receives a distress call from Riqunni while he is using a simulator. Her house has been demolished to make way for a power plant. The house was owned by her aunt but her aunt had many debts so that is why the house was demolished. Riqunni is tired of all of the fighting, so she doesn't want to pursue the way her house was demolished.
Doc dies from a blown engine. As the leader, the Space Force starts to spiral down. But to combat the melaisse the King has a gala to announce its new endeavour into space and to unveil the new pilot who will be going there; Shiro.
The rebels begin to protest outside of the SF's offices. As the date starts to approach, things start to get more heated between the rebels and the government. Shiro has to read in the paper that the launch site has been moved close to the militarized zone.
The leader of the SF meets with members of the government who "let him in." They tell him of their intentions to start a war by using the rocket as bait, so the Republic with violate border treaties.
After reading the holy book that Riqunni gave him, Shiro starts to rethink his decision to go headfirst into the next mission. He meets Riqunni downtown and helps her distribute information about the holy book.
Shiro stays with Riqunni for a few days. She takes care of him and he takes care of Manna for a day. On his final day with them he tries to rape Riqunni, she bashes him on the head with a blunt object. The next day Shiro appologizes, but Riqunni takes all of the blame for hitting him on the head.
After seeing some of the guys off, Shiro is shot at in a market. The old woman who shot at him chases him through the city. Shiro and Matti think they got away, but she finds them time and again. In the end, they do finally get away. Matti tells Shiro to go hide out with Riqunni, but on his way there he is attacked by a street cleaner driven by the old woman. He ends up stabbing her, but after being shot. He finds out that the old woman is actually a man.
Shiro has a talk with the general. The general tells Shiro that as a child he wanted to be a historian, but war broke out and he went to war. The general has a talk with Shiro about the good points and bad points to fighting.
After getting to the launch location, the intelligence agency is found crawling around the launch site. The general believes that they are feeding information to the Republic. He decides to movie the launch schedule up.
The general is told that the Republic is near. The launch is to be canceled. Shiro gives a stirring speech showing his readiness to continue. The general then makes the final call to lauch. As the armies duke it out on the battlefield the launch continues with many people dying on both sides.
Shiro lauches into space without any trouble. It seems like the whole world is watching. He gives a speech or prayer on the state of affairs in the world. He believes that his accomplishment should help others realize the errors in the way the behave towards one another. Which is followed by shocking images of the world around them; good and bad things juxtaposed. Most of these images are a commentary on our our history as the viewer.
The movie ends with Riqunni looking towards the sky for Shiro, god, hope, or any number of things.  

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Hiroyuki Yamaga Director
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Character Artist/Designer
Hideaki Anno Director Best known for directing the Gainax series Neon Genesis Evangelion, Anno is an award-winning animator and director.
Shoichi Masuo Associate Director
Shinji Higuchi Associate Director An experienced special effects artist before he started work with the Daicon group that became Gainax, he was also a driving force behind proto-Gainax's giant monster parodies.
Takami Akai Associate Director A Japanese animator and co-founder of studio Gainax.
Masaaki Endo Animator
Ichiro Itano Animator A Japanese anime artist, director and producer, he's most known for his work in mecha anime, especially Macross, and his signature flourish, the Itano Circus.
Tomokazu Tokoro Animator
Katsuya Kondo Animator
Toshiyuki Kubooka Animator
Mahiro Maeda Animator
Masayuki Animator A character artist and sometimes a director. Known for his work with Hideaki Anno on Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Shinji Otsuka Animator
Nobuyuki Kitajima Animator
Kinji Yoshimoto Animator
Tatsuya Egawa Animator Former Math Teacher who quit after five months to start in career in the field of Manga.
Hiromasa Ogura Artist Art director for various anime: FLCL, Strike Witches, Dead Leaves
Koji Ueno Music
Yuji Nomi Music
Ryu Sakamoto Music
Ryuichi Sakamoto Music
Toshio Okada Executive Producer

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General Information Edit
Name: Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise
Release Date: March 10, 1995
Name: 王立宇宙軍 オネアミスの翼
Romaji: Ōritsu Uchūgun: Oneamisu no Tsubasa
Release Date: March 14, 1987
Rating: unrated
Runtime: 121 (mins)
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