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An elderly man who is unable to take care of himself is selected to be a test subject for an experimental robot bed that ends up running amuck.

Old Mr. Takizawa, unable to care for himself, is selected as the guinea pig for an experimental robot bed designed to administer to his every need. Despite the protests of his nurse Haruko, the project gets underway, but the patient proves to be more trouble than he's worth when he decides to take a trip to the seaside. The bed's true purpose becomes apparent; it's not for the care of the elderly at all, it's the prototype for a military model designed to revolutionize modern warfare. But with Mr. Takizawa at the controls, even the defanged civilian version manages to wreak considerable havoc, with the help of an ornery gang of geriatric hackers and despite the army's efforts to stop it. The ending, an Akira pastiche in which an ambulance is riddled with cybernetic tentacles, is followed by a surprise, which, on repeat viewing, you will see was planned all along.

There aren't many anime that begin with an old man wetting himself, but that's part of Roujin Z's originality. Akira-creator Otomo took a back seat for this satire on the developed world's aging population, limiting himself to script and design duties. Ridiculing the health service as Hummingbirds lampooned the privatization of the military, Roujin Z is entertaining and thought-provoking, with a witty script in the English-language version from George Roubicek. Arguably a superior story, it's fated to remain in Akira's shadow owing to a drastically smaller animation budget. Watch for some clever touches, such as an underground battle lit in old-fashioned sepia tones and artificial scan lines on a TV screen, showing real attention to detail. Satoshi Kon worked on the backgrounds and later put this experience of designing lived-in environments to good use as the director of Perfect Blue.

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Masatsugu Arakawa Key Animator
Kouichi Hashimoto Key Animator Key Animator on Neon Genesis Evangelion, Akira, and other films and series
Manabu Oohashi Key Animator Key Animator on various films and OVAs, including Bobby's Girl and Metropolis
Mariko Aoki Key Animator Key Animator on Macross Plus, Ninja Scroll TV and other major projects
Masahiro Kimura Key Animator Animation Director for the Black Lagoon TV series and OVAs, among other projects
Masahiro Tanaka Key Animator
Masatomo Sudô Key Animator Character Design and Chief Animation Director on most of the Case Closed/Detective Conan franchise
Hiroyuki Kitakubo Director
Michio Mihara Key Animator
Motoki Yagi Key Animator Key Animation on Silent Mobius TV, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and other major series.
Norio Matsumoto Key Animator Key Animation on multiple series, including Bacanno! Gunsmith Cats, Gurren Lagann, and Naruto
Tadashi Hiramatsu Key Animator
Takeshi Honda Key Animator
Toshiyuki Inoue Key Animator
Yoshihiro Kitano Key Animator Did Key Animation for Perfect Blue and Roujin Z, among other films
Hisashi Eguchi Character Artist/Designer
Atsuko Ishida Key Animator
Akio Uchino Key Animator Key Animator for various anime TV series, films and OVAs, including Full Metal Alchemist, Brotherhood.
Atsushi Okuda Key Animator
Hiroto Tanaka Key Animator
Hiroyuki Morita Key Animator
Hiroyuki Okiura Key Animator
Hiroyuki Okuno Key Animator
Katsumi Matsuda Key Animator
Kazuto Nakazawa Key Animator Animator, illustrator and director.
Kazuya Kise Key Animator
Kenichi Shimizu Key Animator
Kinji Yoshimoto Key Animator
Koichi Usami Key Animator
Koji Morimoto Key Animator Koji Morimoto was born December 26, 1959 in Japan, and is one of that nation's premier anime directors.
Kooichi Ishihara Key Animator Key Animator for Magic Knight Rayearth, Roujin Z, and other series.
Kouichi Arai Key Animator Key Animator for a boatload of series and films, most recently Trigun: Badass Rumble
Hiroshi Sasaki Art Director
Bun Itakura Music
Katsuhiro Otomo Mech Designer
Mitsuo Iso Mech Designer
Satoshi Kon Artist Famous Anime Director Notable for his Realistic Character Designs and Psychological Storytelling
Tatsuyuki Tanaka Storyboard Animator and Illustrator
Carl Macek Sound Engineer
Fumio Iida Animation Director
Yasuhisa Kazama Producer Producer for various anime films, including some of the Gall Force series.
Kazufumi Nomura Producer Producer for various anime series.
Yutaka Takahashi Executive Producer
Shugo Matsuo Executive Producer Creator of the Heroic Legend of Arslan and other series.
Tsuguhiko Kadokawa Executive Producer Chairman and CEO of Kadokawa Shoten and producer of various anime series.
Masayoshi Yoshida Executive Producer for Roujin Z.

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Name: Roujin Z
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1991
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 80 (mins)
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Aliases Old Man Z
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