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Rotom is a anime/manga concept
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Electric type (Pokémon)

Strong against Water and Flying types, weak against Ground and Grass types.

Fire type (Pokémon)

Effective against Bug, Steel, Ice and Grass types, weak against Ground, Rock and Water types.

Ghost type (Pokémon)

One of the seventeen elemental Pokémon types


A ghost is a dead persons spirit that roams the earth usually attached to where they died or refusing to go to the after life until there are finished on earth.

Grass Type (Pokémon)

Are plant pokemon

Ice type (Pokémon)

Strong against Dragon, Grass, Ground and Flying types, weak against Fire, Fighting, Rock and Steel types.


A group of creatures that inhabit the Pokémon world. They have fantastic powers not demonstrated by normal animals.

Water type (Pokémon)

Strong against Fire, Rock and Ground types. Weak against Electric and Grass types.

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