Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire is an manga series in the Rosario to Vampire franchise
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The story of Tsukune Aono a normal high school freshman who is unable to get into any private school due to his poor grades. However, with help from his parents, he gets enrolled to a private school called Yokai Academy.


Rosario+Vampire (pronounced Rosario to Vampire) is about the Adventures of Tsukune Aono at Yokai Academy. Tsukune is the only human student at a school full of monsters and if anyone finds out that he is human he will be killed. He soon meets and falls in love with a beautiful girl Named Moka Akishiya who turns out to be a vampire. Even though he likes her she just loves the taste of his blood. He soon meets other girls who develop a romantic attraction to him.


  • Shueisha - Japan
  • Viz Media - North America and U.K.
  • Madman Entertainment - New Zealand and Australia
  • JBC - Portugal
  • Ever Glory Publishing Co., LTD. - China
  • Tokyopop Germany - Germany
  • Editions Tonkam - France

Publishing History

The series was written and illustrated by Akihisa Ikeda and was followed up by a continuation called Rosario+Vampire Season II. Rosario+Vampire was published by Monthly Shonen Jump from August 2004 to June 2007 ten volumes were published.

Viz licensed Rosario+Vampire for release in the United States and the United Kingdom.



There are many characters in this series, but this article will only cover the Newspaper Club.

Tsukune Aono

The male protagonist ordinary human boy who is somehow accepted into a school of monsters, despite the danger, he remains on campus, his motivation for staying is Moka Akashiya. Though powerless, he has the tendency of throwing himself into danger to ensure the safety of his friends, he frequently comes close to dying. As the series goes on, he gains popularity through his kind and quiet personality and his victories over strong enemies.

Moka Akashiya

The female protagonist a kind-hearted vampire Tsukune first friend.

Outer Moka

Initially distrustful of humans, having spent almost her entire life in the human world until middle school where she was being made fun of by her fellow students, she has feelings for the only human on campus. Moka states she rather drop out and go with him because she cannot bear the thought of them being separated. She is best friends with Kurumu.

Inner Moka

When the rosario around her neck is removed (only Tsukune can remove the rosario safely) Moka transforms into her true self a "super-vampire". Cold and reserved, "Inner Moka" aristocratic and arrogant looks down on everyone and only protects Tsukune because of his blood.

Inner and Outer are completely different people with their own views and opinions Inner Moka even tells Tsukune to "be kind to the other Moka".

Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu is a Succubus and the second most beautiful girl at Yōkai Academy Moka's best friend. She yearns for Tsukune's love.

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Book #10
Nov. 3, 2009
Book #9
Oct. 6, 2009
Aug. 4, 2009
June 2, 2009
Rosario Vampire
April 7, 2009
Rosario Vampire
Feb. 3, 2009
Rosario Vampire
Dec. 2, 2008
Oct. 5, 2008
Aug. 3, 2008
June 3, 2008
General Information Edit
English Name Rosario + Vampire
Japanese Name: ロザリオとバンパイア
Publisher Shueisha
Start Year 2004
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Aliases Rosario to Vampire
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