Ronin Warriors Characters

Ronin Warriors is an anime series in the Ronin Warriors franchise
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The Evil warlord that is the primary antagonist to Ronin Warriors / Samurai Troopers.

Lady Kayura

Arago's most powerful and only female minion. She was the last member of Kaos' clan.

Mia Koji

Mia Koji, or Nasuti Yagyu in Japanese, serves as a mentor and adviser to the Troopers and is highly knowledgeable about the mystical armors.

Ryo Sanada

Seiji Date

Shin Mouri

Shiten Douji

Originally one of Arago's dark warlords but then is awakened by Kaos and takes on his role.

Shu Rei Fuan

Touma Hashiba

White Blaze

Ryo's tiger companion that sometimes helps the Samurai Troopers in battle. At times he usually stays on the sidelines to protect Mia and Ully.

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