Romeo x Juliet: Tybalt is a Ninja?

Topic started by John_Martone on Oct. 6, 2009. Last post by rocketbomber 5 years, 5 months ago.
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Its not "that" much of a stretch, honestly. Tybalt, the prince of cats, the deft bladesman, is a fairly logical choice to become a ninja. While we can giggle about him looking similar to Sasuke from Naruto, he's much more... sensible than, say... turning Juliet into girl, hiding underground as a boy, defending the city as a caped crusader.
Tybalt, beyond the spoilers of what actually happens to him, is a pretty good translation.
He's a badass with a blade = Check
He really, really hates Montagues = Check
He's protective of Juliet = Check
So, basically, what I'm trying to say is that I am more than okay with Tybalt being a ninja.
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@gia:  I thought the same thing when I saw him I LOLd for like a good five minutes; the fact that he's a total badass quelled my giggles though. 
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Yes! Now the way is paved for my all ninja version of The Merry Wives of Windsor!
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@rocketbomber: That would almost work. I mean, Falstaff wouldn't see it coming. Not that he did in the actual play... but you know what I mean.
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Sir John would be revealed as a mystic warrior of the Sidhe, his substantial human-appearing exterior a necessary front to disguise the fact  that he is in fact a robot built by the faerie, and while they lost the wars a millennium ago to Artur and his sworn companions, some relics of that conflict managed to survive even into the elizabethan age. 
Oddly enough, the Falstaff-class robots were ethanol powered, much like the later robots imagined by Groening. 
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