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Three articles into our cycle, I leave you to your own devices. That is to say, form your own opinions. If you already know the series, click a few pictures and have fun. If you aren't familiar, browse around and expand your anime knowledge. See if you can't match up a few characters or read into some inferred plot lines. 

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As long is this is better then the 1996 movie, I might check this out.
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I am digging the inversion of symbols in the two large images. Romeo's white iris a  traditionally feminine symbol of purity and Juliet's sword the masculine symbol of strength. I am getting more interested in checking this series out! Which is weird since Romeo and Juliet has long been one of my least favourite of Shakespeare's plays.
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The only thing i ever learned from the play Romeo and Juliet is that love makes you stupid. Here's hoping pretty animation will make me hate it less!
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@AmandaBee: The iris is the family flower of the Capulets, the Montagues are roses. While yes, a symbol of femininity, the show is incredibly Juliet centric. I inteneded to covery that later, but it is. In that regard I think romeo is holding onto the image of femininity as a manifestation of her desires as a woman. The sword represents her duty and responsibility as the last Capulet.
@CorAutMors: I too am pretty much against the modern perception of Romeo and Juliet, the play. The kids are dumb, their love is mostly based on immature excitement, and Romeo starts the play madly in love with someone else.
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