Romeo x Juliet: Exploring Allusions

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 "Lol, wut?"
 "Lol, wut?"
You know, I set about with this idea for an amazing, all inclusive look set on pointing out how wacky the use of some characters were in Romeo x Juliet, but I have failed you. Characters like the lover boy Francisco, the somber warrior Curio, the fiancee Hermione... all of these characters use names from other plays, but are not obvious allusions. Regan, Titus, Lady Portia, Camillo... fun little Easter eggs to the ears, but not very meaty. We got the eccentric/ambiguous "Willie" as the playwright, but that's a little too obvious, just like the posters for "Otello" and "Ricardo the 3rd." Though I will note that the English dub was ripe with a few more direct lines (at least that I noticed) from Midsummer's Night Dream, As you Like it, and Twelfth Night.

Though, there are two fun "wtf" translations of Romeo and Juliet Characters I can think of...
1) Mercutio: How did we do this? How did we take the passionate sword fighting friend of Romeo and turn him into sniveling opportunist number #5? While I won't spoil how it goes, lets just say his character never improves, and in fact, becomes more and more deluded, crazy, and well,... nowhere near as huggable.

2) Escalus, Prince of Verona: This one is my favorite. While the name isn't as well known, The Prince who forbades fighting between the Capulets and the Montagues is named Escalus. Within the framework of Neo Verona, Escalus is the name of the magic flying tree that holds up the continent. While it sounds silly, the tree operates under a similar dictim. The tree has companded that the Montagues and the Capulets not murder each other, because their bloodlines are connected to the tree... or something. Then again, Escalus also demands the death of Juliet to feed it... so it's not too literal.
Oh, and Ophelia, Hamlet's girlfriend, is the tree's creepy caretaker. While just a fun name in general, I did like that the girl who drowned to death is a spirit beyond death tied to a lake/area where the tree blooms.
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Yeah, Mercutio was really wacky. But Ophelia was kinda wacky in an awesome way. XD
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Interesting info...they almost combined most of Shakespeare's work.

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