Roman Saotome

Roman Saotome is a anime/manga character in the Sket Dance franchise
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Roman was one of Sket Dan's client. She asked for help to find her prince. Although it was Bossun after all.


Roman is a young girl who also was a SKET Dan's client. She appeared as a girl from Manga Club and was looking for a charming boy she saw at raining day and refer him as "Prince". As Bossun and the gang helping her, she later mention that the boy was picking a purple colored puppy. Hearing this, Bossun mention that he was holding Himeko's towel with purple colors on it. Later when she saved by Bossun from a truck she then realize that it was Bossun all along and later fell for him.


Roman was created by Kenta Shinohara. She appeared on Sket Dance Manga on chapter 7. Later then, she appeared on the Anime on episode 4 and voiced by Ai Kayano.



Roman appeared as a young and cute looking girl who came from Manga-Club. She usually wear a pink hat , brown hair, and brown eyes. She usually wearing Kaimei High School uniform with a long black socks. She also appear as a Shōjo Manga-like protagonist.


Roman is a cheerful and kindhearted girl. She even breaks the fourth wall to narrate her life. She may also be awkward at certain times and may also be hasty.


  • Bossun

Roman first met Bossun when she was in rush to Sket Dan. She told Bossun and the gang to help her find a prince he saw. Although the prince she saw was actually Bossun. When a truck came and almost hit her, Bossun quickly save her and she realize it was him. After Bossun save her, she began to fall in love with Bossun. She refers Bossun as "My Prince".

  • Himeko

Himeko and the gang help Roman to find the prince. She was agreed to Roman to help her find the boy she was looking for, and finally revealed that it was Bossun.

  • Switch

Switch and the gang decided to help Roman to find a boy she was looking for. Switch analyzed a few details about Roman and revealed that she is a girl from Manga-Club.

Major Story Arc

  • The Prince of The Hill

Roman fell for Bossun
Roman fell for Bossun

When Roman walking on a rainy day, she saw a boy who's holding a purple colored puppy with brown spot where he was actually Bossun holding Himeko's towel with a purple colors and brown spots. She later asked the Sket Dan to help her find the boy she saw last few days. Although she's a member of Manga Club, she's not a really good artist at drawing unlike Bossun who's more talented.

Later when she showed the Sket Dan some clues, she and Sket Dan off to the street where she saw the boy she called Prince. Bossun mentioned that he passed the street too. As Roman told them about the puppy, Sket Dan shocked by hearing she her clues about a purple colored puppy with brown spots.

Bossun realize something that he also came there with Himeko's towel with a purple colors and brown spots. He shocked after realized that it was him all along. Bossun then saw a truck heading towards Roman and later save her from being hit. Roman then realize too that it was Bossun that she was looking for and had a crush on him.

  • Drama Performance

Roman as Snow White
Roman as Snow White

When Sket Dan was challenged by Tsubaki to play a drama, Roman was assigned by Bossun to play as Snow White because she was perfect to play as Snow White with her beautiful looks. She was flattered and imagined for Bossun become the prince, although he was switched by Kazuyoshi (Switch).

When all the tools are destroyed, the Sket Dan decided to canceled the drama play and decided to make a puppet show. Roman, Reiko, and Shinzou leaves and entrust the Sket Dan and Momoka's Gang to continue the show.

Powers and Ability

Otome Filter

Roman Saotome may not have actual powers, but she views the world through her otome filter. She can act like she is in a shoujo manga and makes others fall into her world such as Tadokoro in the love confession.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Ai Kayano
General Information Edit
Name: Roman Saotome
Name: 早乙女 浪漫
Romanji: Saotome Roman
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Sket Dance #1
1st anime episode: Sket Dance #4
1st anime movie:
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Attractive Female
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