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Rokushiki (Six Powers) is a martial arts technique mastered by the CP-9 and some of the Marines in the World Government. A skill that allows humans to battle with incredible strength, durability, evasion, and speed.


The Rokushiki (Six Powers) is a marital arts technique found in the One Piece series, created by Eiichiro Oda. It was first shown during the Water 7 Arc and used by the secret force of the corrupt World Government called the Cipher Pol No. 9 (CP-9). The Rokushiki was later shown to be practiced among high ranking Marines. It's the first technique to be shown as a force that could counter the incredible powers of the Devil Fruit.

Several of these moves would become inspiration for Monkey D. Luffy to create the Gear Second technique.

Inconsistencies can be found throughout the translation for the One Piece series when it comes to the Rokushiki abilities. The FUNimation company that handles the translation for the anime varies between using translations for moves and the literal Japanese names. The VIZ Media who handles the manga uses a literal translation for all the moves.

Doriki Levels

The scale of gauging a fighter's physical strength in One Piece is made in a scale of Doriki (道力, Dōriki). Fukuro has the ability to gauge the Doriki of a fighter from being struck. He calls it the "Teawase" (手合わ te-awase). In relation, an average human soldier with training is registered at 10 Doriki. It's said that anything over 500 Doriki is considered super human. The VIZ Media publication simplified this by callnig it simply Power Level.

CP-9 MemberDoriki Level
Rob Lucci4000


Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci
Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci is one of the most well known members of the little known CP-9 for this sheer ruthlessness and power. Even had a young age he was a killer for the World Government. He's a master of the Six Powers, and has the highest Doriki rating. This doesn't take into acount the boost in power that comes with his use of the Cat-Cat Fruit: Model Leopard abilities he has.

Rokushiki Techniques

Kami-e (紙絵)

Literal: Paper Drawing

FUNimation: Sketch

Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin (生命帰還 紙絵武身)

Literal: Life Return: Paper Drawing Fighting Form

FUNimation: Rebirth: Sketch Form

Seimei Kikan: Kaijo (生命帰還 解除)

Literal: Life Return: Cancel

Kami-e "Slime" (紙絵「軟泥」)

Literal: Paper Drawing "Slime"

Geppou (月歩)

Literal: Moon Step

FUNimation: Moon Walk

Rankyaku (嵐脚)

Literal: Storm Leg

Rankyaku "Hyoubi" 嵐脚 「豹尾」

Literal: Storm Leg "Leopard-Tail"

FUNimation: Shigan Leopard Tail

Rankyaku "Gaichou" (嵐脚 「凱鳥」)

Literal: Storm Leg "Victorious Bird"

FUNimation: Rankyaku Gaichou

Rankyaku "Sen" (嵐脚 「線」)

Literal: Storm Leg "Line"

Rankyaku "Hakurai" (嵐脚 「白雷」)

Literal: Storm Leg "White Lightening"

Rankyaku "Ran" (嵐脚「乱」)

Literal: Storm Leg "Confusion"

Rankyaku "Amane Dachi" (嵐脚 「周断」)

Literal: Storm Leg "Severing Cut"

Rankyaku "Kiri Shigure" (嵐脚 「麒麟時雨」)

Literal: Storm Leg "Giraffe Autumn Rain"

Rankyaku "Neji Hakujin" (嵐脚 「ネジ白刃」)

Literal: Storm Leg "Spiraling Naked Blade"

Rankyaku "Roudan" (嵐脚 「龍断」)

Literal: Storm Leg "Dragon Cut"

Rankyaku "Shuriken" (嵐脚 「手裏剣」)

Literal: Storm Leg "Shuriken"

FUNimation: Rankyaku "Shuriken"

Rankyaku "Korou" (嵐脚 「孤狼」)

Literal: Storm Leg "Lone Wolf"

Rankyaku "Lupus Four" (嵐脚 「群狼連星」)

Literal: Storm Leg "Four Wolves"

Rankyaku "Renge" (嵐脚 「蓮華」)

Literal: Storm Leg "Lotus Blossom"

Shigan (指銃)

Literal: Finger Gun

FUNimation: Shigan

Shigan "Ouren" (指銃「黄蓮」)

Literal: Finger Gun "Yellow Lotus"

Tobu Shigan "Bachi" (飛ぶ指銃 「撥」)

Literal: Flying Finger Gun: "Plectrum"

Tobu Shigan "Mitsubachi" (飛ぶ指銃 「三撥」)

Literal: Flying Finger Gun: "Three Plectrum"

Tobu Shigan "Hibachi" (飛ぶ指銃 「火撥」)

Literal: Flying Finger Gun: "Fire Plectrum"

Shigan "Madara" (指銃 「斑」)

Literal: Finger Gun "Spots"

Bigan (鼻銃)

Literal: Nose Gun

Kyoku Bigan "Kirimanjaro" (極 ・鼻銃 「麒麟マン射櫓)

Literal: Extreme Nose Gun: "Giraffe-Man Fire Oar"

Jūshigan (十指銃)

Literal: Ten Finger Guns

Gekkō Jūshigan (月光十指銃)

Literal: Moonlight Ten Finger Gun

Shigan Cue (指銃 Q)

Literal: Finger Gun: Cue

Shishi Shigan (獅子指銃)

Literal: Lion Finger Gun

Jugon (獣厳)

Literal: Stern Beast

Jugon Ōgi: "Fukuro Dataki" (獣厳「奥義」"梟叩き")

Literal: Stern Beast Secret Attack: "Owl Strike"

Shinaru Shigan "Whip" (しなる指銃「鞭」)

Literal: Bending Finger Gun "Whip"

Soru (剃)

Literal: Shave

FUNimation: Shave

Kamisori (剃刀)

Literal: Razor

Soru "Tekkai Dama" (剃「鉄塊玉」)

Literal: Shave "Iron Mass Ball"

Chō Sokuten Tekkai Dama (超側転 鉄塊玉)

Literal: Super Rapid-Spinning: Iron Mass Ball

Tekkai (鉄塊)

Literal: Iron Mass

FUNimation: Iron Body

Tekkai "Utsugi" (鉄塊「空木」)

Literal: Iron Mass: "Deutzia"

Tekkai "Mushikaku" (鉄塊「無死角」)

Literal: Iron Mass: "No Weak Spots"

Tekkai Kenpō (鉄塊拳法)

Literal: Iron Mass Style

Tekkai Kenpō "Ookami Hajiki" (鉄塊拳法「狼弾」)

Literal: Iron Mass Style "Wolf Bullet"

Tekkai Kenpō "Rōga no Kamae" (鉄塊拳法「狼牙の構え」)

Literal: Iron Mass Style "Wolf-Fang Stance"

Tekkai Kenpō "Rouba no Kamae" (鉄塊拳法「狼芭の構え」)

Literal: Iron Mass Style "Wold-Banana Stance"

Roukaru Area Network (狼狩エリア・ネットワーク)

Literal: Wolf-Hunt Area Network

Tekkai Kenpō "Don Pōrou" (鉄塊拳法「重歩狼」)

Literal: Iron Mass Style "Important Wolf Step"

Tekkai Kenpō "Matenrou" (鉄塊拳法「摩天狼」)

Literal: Iron Mass Style "Devil-Heaven Wolf

General Information Edit
Concept Name Rokushiki
Japanese Name: 六式
Romaji Name: rokushiki
Aliases Six Powers
The Six Forms
1st manga book: One Piece #36
1st anime episode: One Piece #242
1st anime movie: One Piece Film Z
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