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Rogue Cheney is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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Okay, so i enjoyed this chapter, immensely, though i do not know if its because i was particularly bored by the last chapter or things are simply picking up. Or maybe i do not have the patience for set up chapters. Either way i am finally excited about reading fairy tail, not only this week but next week, unless Hiro manages to mess things up again. For a fairy tail fan, i am way to pessimistic with regards to the future of the story. It is up to Hiro to surprise me.


Atlas flame and mother glare are going at it with no particular gaining of ground on either side. Atlas flame unleashes his hell flames upon the dragon, only to realize that its scales are made of something it calls adamant and are as a result immune to the powerful flames. Rogue then quickly orders mother glare to incinerate atlas flame, which she then attempts to do with a powerful roar, which initially seems to tear atlas’ body apart, only for him to return to original form. With a body made of fire, atlas flame cannot be harmed. With the stalemate reached, Natsu jumps into action; having fed on atlas’ hell flames, his attack is more than capable of bringing rogue a few inches closer to the ground. There battle is about to begin.

Meanwhile present rogue is losing to his dragon, which reveals that it was ordered not to kill him by future rogue according to whom, present rogue will be the only survivor of the battle. Rogue is shocked to learnt the truth, that he is responsible for the chaos. He tries to deny the fact that he could cause such destruction, only for the same shadow that gave him his power during the tournament to reappear and confirm the darkness within him and that it was a part of him. AS he denies this accusation, he isn’t aware of Ultear, watching him from a higher point. Following a conversation she had with Natsu moments after saving him from rogue’s shadows underground, she has resolved to kill present rogue which, she surmises, will eliminate future rogue as well and end all the chaos.

For the sake of humanity, she claims that she must go against Natsu’s wishes and end rogue’ life.


The first page of the manga sets some things straight that i thought i knew about the time line but didn’t. So we knew that Lucy travelled back four days from the future during which ten thousand dragons had taken over the world. Rogue on the other had come from seven years in the future, in a time where Achnologia rules the world. More importantly, in rogue’s time line, Lucy closes the door, dooming all of humanity.

Now i thought i understood things, that Lucy got it wrong and it was achnologia not ten thousand dragons that ended up taking over the world. But based on the diagram in the beginning, both events happened, but in different timelines. I was looking at the whole picture as one single timeline, but it looks like Hiro has decided to complicate things a bit further, which means that current events are happening in a third timeline.

We know that in Lucy’s timeline, ten thousand dragons attack and everyone dies. Achnologia plays no part. However in Rogue’s timeline, Lucy closes the gate, sealing the ten thousand dragons away, and then Achnologia attacks, killing everyone. So it makes some sense now, why he had sought to kill Lucy to prevent her from closing the gate; no dragons equals to achnologia. This changes everything that is occurring in this third timeline.

For one thing, we know that the presence of future rogue is what caused Lucy to close the gates, probably because she was curious as to why her future self would do such a thing, which she didn’t. So in each of the two timelines, we had either the dragons or achnologia. But because of future rogue’s interference, we will see both futures collide in this timeline, which will only improve this storyline.

More importantly, Ultear clearly isn’t thinking straight. Sure it was cool that she decided to take rogue out, mainly because it gives me something to look forward to with regards to whether or not her actions spur Rogue towards his evil persona; plus fairy tail seems to be taking a darker turn and involving other non dragon slayer characters in the problem solving, rather than having them simply sitting back and watching the fights. But really, she was down there with Natsu; she saw future Lucy’s dead body, and if future Lucy died but present Lucy didn’t disappear, what makes her think that killing present Rogue will kill future rogue?

Clearly we are dealing with different timelines and as someone whose magic involves manipulating time, i would have expected her to think about that. But if she does decide to kill him, he doesn’t stand a chance, unless the dragon intervenes, which should make things interesting.

Rogue is clearly tied to future events; and we know now that future rogue didn’t send that shadow to mess with present rogue during his fight with Gajeel. I hardly doubt that future rogue has the time to send shadows out to mess with rogue while trying to focus on conducting a seven dragon raid. Clearly there is more to the shadow than meets the eye. Chances are this will all tie into the zeref storyline. I have heard the theory that rogue might be past Zeref, considering the things he said to natsu about knowing him and how only he could save him. It is a crazy theory but a cool one.

RATING:>2.5/5 – this was a pretty decent chapter; things are picking up and i cannot wait to see what happens next. If Hiro can simply make some tough decisions and take fairy tail down a new and unexpected path, instead of following basic shonen type rules that he keeps following, this might grow to become an epic arc.

Highlight: Natsu’s awesome attack against mother glare, mother glare’s monster dragon roar.

On a side note, i have come across quite a lot of comments regarding how fairy tail has become ‘utter crap’ as they say. I do not know why these people say such things, because i for one do not see how fairy tail has changed from how it has always been. And if someone somehow managed to keep up with fairy tail to the present, i do not know how they can all of a sudden say that it is crap. I mean, sure there have been a few mishaps, a couple of chapters that just haven’t been quite right, but five or ten bad chapters do not make the entire arc of seventy or more chapters crap. Maybe it is a matter of over exaggeration or an over reaction, but nothing can go from okay to utter crap over night.

A manga would have to consistently release ‘crap’ material over a period of time, maybe 20 or 30 chapters before it can be said to have gone to the dogs. Many of these comments never qualify the message they portray, merely saying that they do not like what they are reading. Saying that fairy tail has become crap because of one or two irritating events or elements makes absolutely no sense to me.

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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail manga! I'm Takashichea, a Fairy Tail wiki editor and fanatic. Continuing off chapter 333, we are heading deep in the battle between mages and dragons.


Natsu and evil Rogue and their dragons are neck and neck in their battle. While Rogue has brute force, Natsu has Nakama power. Meanwhile, one dragon tells present Rogue that he cannot kill him. Rogue denies it, but his shadow keeps taunting him. Nearby, Ultear is thinking whether to kill Rogue or not. Despite what Natsu said, Ultear is bent on killing Rogue to fix this time period.



  • Some dragon on dragon action is seen as well as the power of friendship is being demonstrated by Natsu.
  • At last, there are some conflicts with Ultear who is planning to kill Rogue. Will she do it, readers?
  • The timeline is a nice addition to the chapter. Clears some things up.


  • For those who hate cliches, Natsu's friendship can be heavy. I'm pretty used to it.


  • Where is Meredy? I want to see her take on killing Rogue.

Overall, the chapter is pretty entertaining. A good read to pass the time. For me, every Fairy Tail chapter is short. I try not to read it under five minutes.

Thank you for reading and please support the franchise by buying the manga or checking it out in the library in your home country. Or you can help out in the Fairy Tail wiki project.

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Something irritating has been happening with fairy tail for the past few weeks. Maybe irritating is too strong a word, maybe not. But somehow somewhere i feel like Hiro is starting to mess a few things up in this story, or maybe my hopes were too high. I normally like writing fairy tail reviews, good or bad. But for a while now i haven’t felt like there was anything worth writing about.


Previously, Natsu had abandoned naked Lucy to execute some mysterious plan to change the tide of battle against Rogue. We learn what that plan was. A little distance off, we see Laxus making no headway against the fire dragon atlas flame as his lightening attacks seem to have little to no effect and even with backup from the rest of fairy tail, he is clearly losing the match. In drops Natsu, from the sky, proclaiming his plan to eat Atlas flame’s flames to rejuvenate his powers. And he goes on to do just that but not before advising laxus to go find Wendy and lend her some assistance against Zirnocis.

Atlas flame tries and fails to shake Natsu off and soon begins to sense a familiar feeling from Natsu’s attempts to eat his flames. He had experienced the situation before, when he went up against his friend Igneel, the fire dragon king. Recognizing Natsu as Igneel’s son either negates Rogue’s manipulation magic or allows Atlas to break free because he immediately changes sides, allowing Natsu to ride him into battle against Rogue, who is clearly flustered at the sudden change in events.


This is the problem i have with what Hiro has been doing for the past few weeks. Minus a few revelations such as Achnologia’s role in the arc, i haven’t really been impressed by what i have seen so far of this dragon human war. I had pretty high expectations for what was to come and i would have been fine with Hiro meeting even a portion of those expectations. So far he hasn’t even been close. And i don’t understand why. We have dragons, we have humans and they are obviously going to fight. How hard can that be to make a few epic chapters? I mean, this war is no where near as intense as i hoped it would be, and i had been looking forward to seeing some dragons ever since i began reading the manga. This isn’t the sort of treatment i was hoping they would get, and i think i know why these events simply haven’t impressed me.

Hiro is making the war a little to light. The tone simply isn’t serious enough, and it almost feels like there is a sense of fun and excitement in the air, rather than an anticipation of fear and destruction.

Some one suggested that Hiro is putting way too many jokes into a situation that should be rather dark and serious and i am inclined to agree. I get that this is fairy tail and that there should be a sense of fun, but there is a limit. I want to feel like there is an actual threat hanging over everyone’s head.This might not be Achnologia but no one seems to be taking the situation seriously. And i don’t get why Natsu is fighting Rogue when he isn’t capable of winning. He can’t be the only mage in the vicinity. Why aren’t more powerful mages trying to take him down; instead they waste their strengths on fighting the dragons, which they can’t beat.

Hiro is writing events in a way that they just don’t seem logical. And there is simply no coordination and team work among the different teams. I will not lie, this chapter wasn’t bad but i was getting bored.

Admittedly i loved that shot of Igneel and Atlas flame and it mostly made this chapter worth the read for me. For that page i can give Hiro some respect. He is clearly talented. But the story needs to move, and the strategies at play need to make some more sense. I am not dismissing this arc just yet as the dragons only arrives a few chapters ago; i am still more than patient with regards to waiting for things to improve because the chapters themselves have not been bad, just boring.

…….i can’t think of anything to say about this.

RATING:> 2/5

Highlight:> Natsu calling Atlas flame uncle…i sniggered at that

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I spent an irritating Tuesday and Wednesday anticipating a new fairy tail chapter because of last week’s late/early release. Sufficing to say it didn’t come, which was disappointing and when it finally came on Friday, it wasn’t as good as i expected, or at least as good as last week’s chapter, which might have had that level of impact because it literally came out of the blue, catching me off guard.


Last week we found out quite a number of things. First Rogue lied just a bit. Ten thousand dragons did not come through the gate and take over the world. It was one dragon that contended with and

eventually subjugated humanity, and that was Achnologia. With his power alone, he brought the world to its knees. Rogue at first comes off as logical and innocent, claiming that he wished to unleash ten thousand dragons to use as tools to combat the achnologia. Then he reveals that his intention isn’t as much to save humanity as it is to rule over them in Achnologia’s place. Natsu quickly puts a stop to his rumblings by nearly taking his dragon, mother glare, down.

Natsu then reveals what we all knew, that only dragon slayers could defeat the dragons and this is qualified when Makarov, even with his giant magic, is incapable of doing anything more than getting burnt when he tries to take on atlas flame. With Laxus, Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Rogue and sting, that makes six dragon slayers against seven dragons. But we quickly learn of the favor that Jellal asked of the two council members, which is to free cobra, the poison dragon slayer from his incarceration, to join the battle.

We also learn that Rogue and sting did indeed lie about killing their dragons, though that was kind of obvious since they would have been way too young to execute such a significant task. it turns out that their dragons were reaching the end of their lives and asked the pair to kill them, apparently because bathing in the blood of a dragon grants one great power. So far that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In this chapter, the fight has finally began. Laxus takes on Atlas flame in Makarov’s place, then sending Gajeel to find himself a dragon to slay. Pegasus blue try and fail at beating the their enemy and it falls to cobra to save them. Rogue and Natsu’s battle is about to commence, but before that, Rogue has the dragon unleash a myriad of eggs each of which hatch into little dragon like monsters.

At the gate, Zirconis makes his move, first ‘incapacitating’ the king’s army and then Lucy, before coming face to face with Wendy. All in all a set up chapter.


I loved chapter 329, mostly because of that huge bomb shell that not only would we be seeing Achnologia again (soon in fact) but that it alone had the power to subjugate the entire human race. That revelation made Rogue’s actions so much more sane and logical, in contrast to the slayers. Well, they do have to stop him, but i wonder if they have thought about what happens after. They will obviously need the seven dragons to achieve victory, especially if you consider that in the original timeline, seven dragon slayers couldn’t stop Achnologia. They should probably focus on trying to free and refocus the fury of the dragons towards their looming enemy.

Either way, things just got better for fairy tail’s future, because we now know why Zeref, in the last arc, spoke of the ending of an age with the coming of Achnologia who, besides annihilating the island, simply flew away. I guess he could foresee the consequences to come, that Achnologia would return to rule the world.

This recent chapter,330, wasn’t the most exciting.It was mostly set up with the dragon slayers pairing with their dragons. Next week will be Wendy Vs. Zirconis.

I don’t see her beating the dragon, she could barely stand against Chelia and her god slaying magic and back then she was coming at her with a whole new set of moves. Now, so soon after the tournament i don’t expect her to win this; but we all know that she will and it is up to Hiro to make this look good. I DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT WANT TO SEE NAKAMA POWER PREVAIL AGAIN. Hiro needs to make this look good and convincing because i don’t see Wendy winning this even if it is merely Zirconis and it will be his job to make me believe that it is possible.

I see what Hiro is trying to do with the little dragon monsters, which is simply trying to give the other mages something to do while the slayers do there thing. It isn’t a bad plot, but i had hoped that they would at least assist the dragon slayers in slaying the dragons. I am curious as to what role the god slayers are going to play in the battle. I have yet to see any gods so Hiro had better elaborate on the whole god slayer business. Besides that however, i am curious as to how their magic affects dragons. I suspect that Jellal is sitting in a prison somewhere having exchanged his freedom for cobra’s.

I am starting to think that the dragons were right about the power gained from bathing in dragon blood, after all sting and rogue can achieve dragon force mode easily while Natsu can’t

Highlights: Rogue revealing that achnologia took over the world. I was afraid that Natsu’s initial attack had put that dragon down. That would have been disappointing. Pegasus blue’s attempts to take down the rock dragon where hilarious. I have always considered Ichiya to be a creepy comic, he managed to force a few chuckles out of me with his so called armpit perfume attack. I am loving Zirconis and his wacky attitude.

Lots of fan service in chapter 330, of course centered around Lucy.

MY RATING:> chapter 329- 3.5/5; chapter 330- 2/5, i get that it as was a set up chapter but that doesn’t change the fact that i was disappointed.

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It has been quite a few chapters since the end of the Daimatou Enbu and i am still far from comfortable with fairy tail. Every time a new chapter of fairy tail is released, i read it with bated breath, mostly because i am expecting Hiro to royally screw up in one way or another regarding the story. I thought i was comfortable after last week’s chapter, but there are still so many ways this can go wrong that i won’t rest easy till this arc is closed.


Lucy tries and fails to seal the gates. She simply isn’t strong enough. Meanwhile the dragons are still pouring out. It is then that Yukino shows up, probably after a lengthy pep talk from MiraJane. Joining hands and powers, the pair celestial mages combine there respective keys to perform zodiac, a magic that allows them to summon all the 12 zodiac spirits and with their combined might they slam the gates shut.

But the situation is far from solved. There are still seven dragons on the loose. Rogue is initially unhappy with Lucy’s interference but soon sees the silver lining. Apparently future rogue is in possession of a dragon manipulation magic that once allowed him to control ten thousand dragons. But it seems that it was too difficult a task for him, because he comments that manipulating seven dragons will prove to be a much easier task.

He sets the dragons loose, impelling them to destroy each and every mage in the city. Team fairy tail, on the standby in the square is accosted by the flaming dragon atlas flame, while saber tooth must contend with a horned beast of their own. The team at the gate is left at the mercy of Zilconis, the very dragon whose ghost they met in the graveyard below. Meanwhile, Rogue mounts one dragon and begins to fly around the city, speaking of how the time of humanity had ended and the era of the dragons had began when he spots Natsu, atop a tower, clearly preparing to launch his counter offensive.


I have to admit, i am having a ball with the recent chapters of fairy tail. This is as action packed as i expect fairy tail to get and i only hope Hiro can keep it up. I have waited 300 chapters to see the dragons and Hiro hasn’t disappointed me. They look like absolute monsters and i can’t see how any of these mages, worn from battle, will survive he fight. The fact that Sting and Rogue are even bothering to involve themselves is laughable. That dragon is clearly going to slaughter.

Now we know that Rogue is evil. I thought it was a shame at first, but it is an improvement to his character, both of their characters since it is technically sting and rogue. With Rogue so easily wiping the floor with Natsu earlier on, i can’t see how the fire mage will come out on top this time. Whatever happens, Hiro better make it look good, because there is no amount of leveling up or power up available to Natsu that will enable him to [fairly] defeat Rogue WITH A BLOODY DRAGON BY HIS SIDE. Either way, i am stoked for next week’s chapter. If Hiro is wise he will focus in on one specific fight per chapter, rather than the unpleasant manner in which he split up 25 pages among multiple combatants and battles on the last day of the tournament.

We need an in depth look at each team and how they go about tackling the challenge that each dragon posses.

Lucy was kind of impressive in this one. When first introduced, Yukino was shown as a bad ass mage; she became excessively wimpy after that. This didn’t redeem her but the whole zodiac magic thing will look good if ever animated. Hopefully we can get to see a little more of her in the coming battle. Lucy can definitely stand to learn something from her as a celestial mage.

My favorite dragon of them all is atlas flame. The whole flaming body look is just…awesome. It is moments like this that i can’t help but acknowledge Hiro’s creativity in designing so many mages, magics and monsters. i can’t wait to see exactly how fairy fairs against the beast, if they survived that spray of flame. This is fairy tail at its best (almost) but no matter how good the story gets, it will be defined and best remembered by how it ends. If Hiro can close this story off satisfactorily, then..i can’t wait for next week’s mayhem.

PREDICTION: I actually don’t see Zeref playing any part in this arc. Rather i am expecting to see Igneel come to Natsu’s rescue. Even if he went dragon force, that would only enable him to contend with Rogue, but that dragon is more than even he can handle. Though there is Gajeel and his new shadow powers. Chances are we will see a team up, probably some kind of dragon slayer fusion type magic like Lucy almost did with her clone during the tournament. Team fairy tail is far from defeated as they have makarov on their side, though it will be interesting to see just what fairy law can do against it. Then their is Mavis. I assume Hiro is finally going to put her into play, though she has said that as a ghost she cannot do anything.

MY RATING:> 5/5. Sure i expect Hiro to screw up in one way or another in each chapter but he has not so far and i can only hope he doesn’t.

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YES, FINALLY SOME DRAGONS. I have been waiting to see dragons since the manga began. Fairy tail is technically about the dragons and whatever happened 14 years ago, but one might almost assume that Hiro forgot what his manga was supposed to be about, considering how much time has passed since he brought up the dragons and actually showed us some. And Achnologia doesn’t count because its appearance was so brief. I can imagine just how much better this story would have been if Hiro has focused on Natsu, his goal to find igneel and what happened to the dragons years ago. We would have had a more adventurous story rather than a more mission oriented one.

Either way, we are finally here, DRAGONS, and it would take a really stupid side of Hiro to mess this awesome turn of events up.


So the dragons are finally here. The Eclipse gate which was imputed to be the only hope of man against a deadly foe turned out to be his doom. Rather than a powerful canon capable of decimating nearly ten thousand dragons, the eclipse gate turns out to be a gateway through time to four hundred years ago, when the dragons ruled, and once it opens they begin to flood through. Arcadios says something about the moon corrupting the gate but i am not really sure what he really knows, after all, everything he thinks he knows he learnt from the princess.

Speaking of which, she reacts rather disappointingly to the whole situation, just standing their, lost in the thought that she might have brought about the end of the world. The first dragon that comes through is enormous, and with a scream, roar, breath, it sends everyone and everything to the ground, before beginning a rampage that tears through the palace and its grounds. The trembles and quakes can be felt for miles, all the way to the city square where all the guilds have assembled.

It becomes clear that the gate has to be closed as more dragons have began to come through. This mission falls to Lucy who has to use her celestial magic to get the job done. But with Dragons roars scattering shockwaves through the palace while the dragons rampage and stamp all over the grounds, it becomes a task simpler said than done. Below, Natsu is rising and preparing to jump into the action. No one knows yet, what awaits them in them palace; the danger that has been unleashed and is about to wash over them.


I can’t tell if we are approaching the climax of his arc or if we are simply striking the half way mark as we prepare to embark on the second portion of this story. With a new arc we will finally move on to a new location, with new characters and a new story and mystery to solve. But i would prefer it if Hiro chose to continue this dragon story on top of the current arc. It would make for a better plot. We have already experienced some descent back-story and character developments, developments that would be incorporated into the coming story, with these new characters playing important roles with regards to the dragons as well as their own individual plots. It would be a waste to only see these characters, the likes of Minerva and Kagura, as mere blurry figures, barely worth a close up, only important as part of the collective of mages gathered to fight the dragons, but making nor individual and personal contributions on whatever side they may choose to fall.

Hiro is most likely to do this. Chances are he has already forgotten about these characters as he has introduced a new set of pawns, the dragons, to play with. But seriously, these characters should continue down whatever paths they were following during the tournament whilst playing a part in this war. They shouldn’t be relegated to the edges of the panel, barely getting a mention.

I could say that it was a little convenient that Lucy happened to have been analyzing the gate at the time that the she chose to stop it from opening. I don’t want to say that she isn’t smart enough to have taken such a step of her own volition; instead i will say that she simply doesn’t seem curious enough to have taken the time to analyze the gate. She simply isn’t that kind of person and i don’t think she would have taken the initiative; so i guess i will say that i don’t think she is smart enough to have taken such an action.

I won’t say that her actions were unrealistically convenient. Because however contrived the result might have been, it isn’t impossible that Lucy could have chosen to have her spirits analyze the gate for any dangers. Either way it saves Hiro from having to write Lucy as a more interesting character. Because if he had chosen to write a more insidious explanation regarding her actions in trying to close the gate, he wouldn’t have had the guts to make some tough decisions regarding Lucy, which would have only degraded her character and the series as a whole. Either way i am happy with the turn out. More importantly, someone lied to someone about the gate, and i think that person is Rogue. Everything the princess did was based on Rogue’s information.

So if he sin;t evil, then he is just as pointless and useless a future being as Lucy was. Speaking of which future Lucy denied trying to close the gate. She should have known where the dragons came from. I could call that a plot hole, but then again maybe the only reason Lucy thought of analyzing the gate was because of what rogue said about her closing the gate. She probably needed to know why she would do so, if indeed she did close the gate in the future. But that again doesn’t solve the problem; future Lucy had to know that the gate released the dragons, otherwise how were they released in her time line. So the question is why didn’t she warn everyone about the gate. Maybe there is more to the Lucy story than i might have thought.

These dragons are clearly no where near as powerful as Achnologia. The mere beating of its wings threatened to tip the island over yet these dragons are rampaging around the palace with minimal damage. Still, i am curious to see just how the team handles this threat. Fairy tail seems to be getting better and better with each passing chapter. We are getting the answers we wanted to the mysteries introduced early in the arc. My faith in Hiro is restored. I have more or less forgotten the horrendous misses of the last days of the Daimatou Enbu. I can now look forward to each Fairy tail chapter optimistically.

This is my prediction with regards to this arc. Hiro is going to wrap it up in the next two chapters, maybe three or four even. Then i am going to hate him for it. Otherwise, i expect that Lucy will have to sacrifice, maybe even her life, to close the gate. Rogue spoke of ten thousand dragons. It would take Lucy just sitting their for quite a while before ten thousand dragons came through. Something hs to happen to speed up the process, unless they have to retreat and the gate stays open. Rogue will probably be revealed to be a dragon, send back to stop the gate form being closed by Lucy and hence allowing his dragon brethren to come through.

There is no Eclipse canon What in the world are they all going to do? I am guessing that Zeref has to show up somehow in this situation.


4/5, this was a pretty good set up chapter. I can’t wait to see what happens next week. The dragons are here, all we can expect now is war, unless Hiro opts for a some easy and cheap resolution. I guess my faith in him isn’t completely restored.



The arc begins with Natsu filling Lucy in on the existence of dark guilds, illegal guilds unrecognized and unsanctioned by the council. At this point, Lucy begins to express trepidations over teaming up with Natsu on another mission, due to his predilection for choosing the most dangerous jobs available. Gray encourages her to journey out on her own and this leads to a fight with Natsu that end when it is announced that the famous S-class mage and the strongest woman in fairy tail, Erza Scarlet had returned from a mission, the giant hone of the demon she had been hunting under her arm. The mere mention of her name strikes fear in Gray and Natsu who immediately start acting like the best of friends the moment she appears. Lucy figures that Erza doesn’t approve of there constant quarrels and fights.

Erza had returned to request Natsu and Gray’s help in executing a mission; during her travels, she had come across a group of mages discussing something called lullaby. It wasn’t until later on that she had realized that the mages belonged to Eisenwald, a dark guild. She could only assume that whatever they were up to with this lullaby would lead to untold pain and suffering. During their investigations to locate Eisenwald and its members, it is revealed that lullaby is a powerful weapon created by Zeref, the most evil and most powerful mage to ever exist, a mage that was vanquished a long time ago but whose inventions and demons still live on.

Lullaby was a flute whose melody would bring death to any that heard it. Erigor, Eisenwald’s leader intended to broadcast it to all that could hear it via a subway’s audio systems. Erza and gang intercept this mission and tangle with Eisenwald, who are soundly defeated by Erza and her heavens wheel armor. Erigor escapes with the flute and traps the subway in powerful walls of wind that even Erza can’t penetrate, but not before Natsu escapes.

Erigor, having failed his mission, intended to make his way to the meeting of guild masters in some remote location and achieve his revenge against recognized guilds by killing all of their masters with the flute. With their master makarov, at the meeting, facing imminent danger, Natsu pulls out all the stops in stopping Erigor. They clash on train tracks, and while it seemed like Natsu had the advantage, Erigor activates a wind armor that negates Natsu’s flames, rendering his usually destructive flaming fists innocuous on contact with the armor. Natsu however overcomes this obstacle with some clever thinking and defeats Erigor.

Erza and company escape when Lucy realizes that she had inherited Virgo when she defeated Everlue. She digs them out and they arrive at Natsu’s location, but after he had wrapped things up. A member of Eisenwald manages to get a hold of the flute and escapes fairy tail, finally arriving at the meeting site. But he runs into makarov who lays some fairy tail words of wisdom upon him and by the time Erza and company arrive, the dark mage has been reduced to tears by their master’s kindness. He hands over the flute, but it activates and begins to speak. It unleashes the true lullaby, a vicious demon sealed within by Zeref.

The fairy tail team gears up and destroys it, whilst also decimating the meeting site; so they are forced to ran away immediately, leaving Makarov to face the consequences.


i enjoyed this arc the first time i read it. It felt like fairy tail was slowly and steadily moving forward, with a new story, new characters and more hints about the fairy tail world to portend what was to come.Natsu finally faced his first true match in Erigor, a mage that completely and utterly outmatched him. This wasn’t a villain Natsu could beat with raw power. He had to think. His flames gave him destructive strength. But they went out on contact with Erigor’s anti magic armor. So he decided to strike at Erigor with his bare fist while firing off flames from his elbow like a jet and giving his strikes there usual destructive force. It was a change, to see Natsu having to think outside the box. It was also nice to see that his flames could have more innovative uses than just burning opponents to a crisp. We saw Natsu use his ‘sticky flames’ which kind of reminded me of Naruto’s chakra arms, with the way Natsu held onto the bridge and pulled himself back up.Erigor also proved to be quite a powerful villain for the time, with the way he sealed an entire building away with just wind

This was also the arc that introduced us to Erza, the best character fairy tail has. I was disappointed that she didn’t fight Erigor, but at least we got to see a taste of her magic, especially the way she could drive a vehicle that was powered by the driver’s magic at full speed but she still had enough juice to destroy the Eisenwald goons.

The stakes in this arc were also darker and more sinister than before as Erigor had the ability to kill an insane amount of people with just one tune. You could feel the tension each time he had the chance to play the flute. The ending was a little bit surprising, with makarov talking the enemy down (in a good way), and Lullaby turning out to be a demon rather than a flute. It allowed Hiro to show us why Erza, Natsu and gray were fairy tail’s strongest team, when they took down a feared demon created by Zeref himself. There were some really funny moments as well. The way the team fled after destroying the meeting site because they didn’t want to foot the bill or face the council’s wrath, and the Eisenwald members who stopped fighting just so they could watch Erza requip because she first transitions into a nude form before donning a news armor. They seemed more than happy to be cut down by her.

I have forgotten most of the important fights in this arc, but i know Gray put up a really good fight against a mage that could control shadows, a chance to finally see his impressive ice make magic. I think this was a the first time we realized that Natsu had vehicle sickness. It was hilarious when Lucy was helping to carry him into the subway and he was still just as sick, at which point Natsu told her that he considered her to be a transportation as well. I laughed at that for several minutes, especially the expressions on both their faces. This was also the arc we found out that Loki disliked celestial wizards.

Overall this was a good arc and it kept up the pace.


5/5 this would still be a pretty good place for a non fairy tail fan to start reading the material, as there is little to catch up on and their is enough story to keep the characters interesting.

FAVORITE MOMENTS: Natsu Vs Erigor. This was still a time when i thoroughly enjoyed Natsu fights, especially that moment when he pulled himself up with a large flaming hand. Every scene with Erza, Natsu and Gray was hilarious mostly because of how careful they would act, pretending to be nice to each other each time her eye fell upon them. The team battle against lullaby was awesome.

Then there was Lucy and Virgo’s exchanges after happy told her she had inherited the key.

| |

it is times like this where i wish fairy tail was a few pages longer so i could get a little more of it each week. Unsurprisingly the battle in this chapter was a little too short for my liking, which is a surprising thing for me to say as an anime fan. Most otaku out there will admit to having wished and hoped on several occasions that a fight in an anime or manga would cut down to at least half of its multi episode excessively long size. Yet here in fairy tail, i am actually wishing for the opposite, that the fights would last just a little bit longer. And it isn’t like we are talking about something Hiro hasn’t done before; there was a time during the S class arc were the fights just wouldn’t end. I guess someone out there complained and Hiro is listening, but at the wrong time.


The long awaited day is here, July 7th, the very day 14years ago that the dragons disappeared. Makarov and other masters are going about organizing the guilds in preparation for the attack. Fairy tail will take center stage defending the central square, while the other guilds wait in the outskirts. Clearly even the tougher mages, the likes of Laxus and Erza, are far from peak fighting condition, but it is fairy tail, so maybe they are hoping to depend on more Nakama power.

Rogue and Natsu are engaged in battle. The have barely began to even taste each other’s strengths when Natsu suddenly decides to take it to the next level by activating his Lightning flame mode and decimating the tunnels with an awe striking attack. But while mildly amused, Rogue is far from impressed as he too decides to bring the battle to an end even before it truly began, by activating his white shadow dragon mode and bringing Natsu to his knees with a multi directional attack that doesn’t allow him to retaliate or defend.

Natsu is down for the count mostly, bleeding all over and barely able to stand. Rogue, clearly superior prepares to take him out when he is assaulted by crystal balls (sort of) that devastate the area he should have been standing in. By the time Ultear arrives at the scene, Rogue is gone.But rather than chase after him, her and Meredy have to deal with a more pressing matter. Natsu is depleted physically and is unable to to fight against a pool of shadows that begins to drag him down.

Elsewhere the great gates of the eclipse have began to open and as they all marvel at the light coming from within, Lucy moves forth to close the gates and stop eclipse…


It is easy to see why i would call this a pretty good chapter.

1. ROGUE KILLED STING?! WHY? This was a pretty shocking revelation for Rogue to make. Last time we saw him, Rogue had lost to Gajeel and was suddenly reciting the fairy tail mantra about friendship and all that. What in the world could happen in seven years to turn him into a murderer? Well, that is obvious i guess. The dragons attacked; the place rogue comes from is probably more hell than anything and living in such an existence can change people. None the less it was a shocking revelation. But i don’t know how much of it should be believed.

We have heard this before, with sting and rogue claiming they killed their dragons, which is silly if you think about it; they couldn’t have been more than infants by the time the dragons disappeared; how in the world could they have acquired the strength to kill their dragons. It is more than possible that Rogue is jesting, or maybe sting willingly gave up his life to empower rogue. Who knows? But clearly not everything that rogue says should be taken as it is.

2. NATSU VS ROGUE. Admittedly i thought it would be appropriate for Natsu to lose, but i didn’t think he would lose so brutally, so quickly and for rogue to be so bad ass. That (fusion) dragon transformation, with one part dark and the other part light, is truly formidable. I have been waiting to see more of Natsu’s lightning flame mode in this arc for a while, but i was surprised by how ineffective it was. I want to complain that this fight was too short, but really, we all know it is far from over. Chances are Natsu will find another opportunity to even the score. But i can’t complain for now; it was satisfying.

3.EVIL LUCY? I doubt anyone is going to believe that Lucy has gone bad. Either that isn’t the real Lucy, or she is being brainwashed. What would make this plot better is if Lucy was actually acting on her own volition, rather than some external force, because then it doesn’t just become a matter of defeating this unseen force and everything returns back to normal. Hiro has a chance right here to make something more of Lucy. Let’s face it, even the future Lucy plot was a waste as Lucy would have been of absolutely no use in saving the future. Another reason her death meant nothing.

If anything, now we know that Rogue was right, and whatever his actions so far, it would be a stretch to call him evil. He came back to save the future and he has the power to do it, unlike Lucy. But that last scene did surprise me, that Rogue was right and Lucy would close the door. I can only imagine the anxiety felt by those watching as the gate opens, knowing that it took seven years to collect the necessary magic to empower it and one small mistake will not only throw away all their efforts but doom humanity; and then Lucy starts speaking of closing the gate. I can see Arcadios killing Lucy instantly, and he wouldn’t be wrong. The dragons have to be stopped at all costs; whether or not Lucy is under nefarious control makes no difference.

MY RATING:> 4/5, this was a good chapter. Now with Hiro being who he is, i can only hope he doesn’t mess things up next week because that would be within his character.

| |

I don’t want to say this fairy tail chapter was bad, because it wasn’t. It was simply boring.


Lucy escapes and joins the princess at the gates. Everyone is caught up on the whole Rogue matter. Lucy quickly denies any intentions of stopping the eclipse. Some distance off, news of the coming dragons has reached all ears. The king of Fiore explains that even with the power of eclipse, there are a few hundred dragons that will definitely survive, at which point he calls upon all the guilds assembled in the square to join hands and help him fight the coming dragons. Everyone pledges their strength, and they all rejoice.Elsewhere, Natsu and Rogue have engaged in battle.

Natsu pledges to stop Rogue and his ways, and since Natsu died in the future in the dragon war, rogue sees no reason not to kill him.


There were some high points in this chapter. Jellal showing up to two magic council members was pretty bold and exciting. But then again even if they wanted to arrest him, what could they do?

We now know that if the gate is closed, it’s game over because it apparently takes seven or so years to accumulate all that magic.

Rogue Vs Natsu just isn’t exciting to me. Natsu is going to decimate Rogue quickly and efficiently using nakama power, which will be an unfortunate ending; but it will be better than natsu talking rogue out of his killing craze.

MY RATING:> 2.5, not bad but still boring.

Erza Scarlet is an S-Class mage of fairy tail, famous for her requip magic; she is a member of team Natsu (actually team Erza) and one of the main female protagonists of the series.

Erza is very strict, and will often criticize other members of her guild for their habits and behaviors. She is also impatient and will get short with people that take too long to reply to her, all of which make her one of the more socially awkward members of the guild, at least at one point. Most guild members will avoid her as such, afraid of incurring her wrath; though their is no doubting Erza’s sense of justice and her immovable loyalty to the guild.

Lucy once described Erza to her mother as Strong, warm, beautiful and full of passion, while her Edolas counterpart, Erza knightstalker, called her cool and strong. Erza has referred to herself before as someone who was always crying because she couldn’t protect and defend her friends. This also stems from the numerous occasions others have had to put their lives on the line to protect her. As such,Erza has always described her armor as a defense, not only against threats to her body, but to her will and spirit, going so far as to say that without it, she feels naked and vulnerable, which is why she is rarely seen outside of her heart kreutz armor.

Erza has been known to be quite liberal with herself, in that she seems to have no problem with men seeing her naked body. This is shown on the occasion that she went to take a shower and asked Natsu and Gray to join her, as the three of them had take baths together often as children. On another occasion, when the team was off at a hot spring and it was realized that the boys were peeping at them, Erza was quick to invite them to join the girls. In both cases, Lucy is shocked at Erza’s casual manner towards such matters,and each time Erza doesn’t see what the big deal is.

Erza’s childhood is a tragic one. Born in the village of Rosemary, Erza’s home was attacked by a zeref cult; Erza managed to save kagura, but she was captured and taken, along with other children to an island where they worked as slaves to build the tower of heaven. There , despite harsh conditions, she met and bonded with Jellal, Simon and the other children working besides her; it is Jellal that adds Scarlet to her one name, Erza, because of her long beautiful red hair. she also befriended Rob, a fairy tail guild mage and a friend of Makarov that was kidnapped to help complete the tower. He tells her about fairy tail whilst also teaching her about magic.

At the height of cruelty in the slave encampment some time later, one of the other slaves, Sho, makes a plan for eleven year old Erza and her friends to escape but the guards foil it. They decide that the mastermind be taken to the disciplinery chamber. Jellal announces himself mastermind to protect erza, but the guards work it out that Erza was responsible, sending her off to be punished.

Erza is tortured to the brink of death, and even loses an eye. Eventually Jellal can’t take it, and launches a rescue attempt; he rescues Erza but he himself is captured. Finally fed up with the way things are ran, Erza leads a revolt, and it is initially successful, with the slaves overpowering the guards. Then the tower mages arrive and begin to drive back the force. Erza watches in horror as her friend Simon’s lower Jaw is blown off by a magical attack; rob also sacrifices himself to save Erza. Finally overwhelmed, Erza access her latent magical power and turns the gurads’ weapons against them, slaughtering them all.

Erza rescues Jellal, but he has changed, having fallen under the power of Zeref. He mercilessly slaughters the guards, and makes clear his belief, that to stop bad things from happening, they must complete the tower of heaven and use it as a weapon against all others. Erza won’t join him, so Jellal throws her out of the tower into the sea. He won’t kill her because took care of the mages for him. But she tells her go on, alone, without the rest of the slaves, or their friends. They would stay on and work on the tower. She was not to say a word to anyone else about the tower and or even attempt to stop him. He held their friends’ lives in his hand and if she did anything to jeopardize his plans in anyway, he would end them.

Erza leaves washes onto the shores of Fiore and finds fairy tail, where she quickly becomes famous for her anti social attitude and strength. Natsu and gray often challenge her to battle, eager to prove themselves her betters, but each time she beat them down. This coupled with Erza’s attitude makes her less than popular with the pair, until the day Gray runs into her by the river and in challenging her, sees the tears rolling down her face. He and Natsu quickly realize that all those times Erza would shun company, she was off on her own, weeping for her lost comrades.

Together, they force her out of her shell and into the warmth of fairy tail. Around that time, Makarov takes her to the guild medic who gives her her new artificial eye. later on, she takes her S class mage test and passes, becoming the youngest ever S class mage in a fairy tail history, at 15 years.


I have always thought that most anime and manga series that try to create strong female characters get it wrong. it usually feels like they are way too self aware of the fact that they have in their hands a female character and they must somehow maker her a strong female person on screen. Usually that plays out in two ways. They will male the female character as egregiously anti ‘normal female character’ as possible by usually making her bigger than normal, maybe meaner looking, with a very violent streak, the kind that breaks heads, pulls off arms and tears guts out of enemies; basically a monster. The other way is to compare and make her superior to the most ideal male counterpart around. Usually you will have male person A that can do act x better than anyone,but the strong female character breaks that record a hundred times over. Or male person B can do very difficult task Y that no one can even begin to accomplish, but the strong female character can do it without even trying.

Basically they define the strength of female characters by how much better they can do something than their male counterparts. So their very definition is determined by how they fair in relation to male characters. This, to me, always seems so forced, like someone out there is out to make a point. It simply doesn’t work; and as far as i am concerned, when they think they have pulled it off, they haven’t created strong female characters. They have created lunatics.

Erza is the masterpiece of Hiro’s mind.She is Hiro at his best. To me, Hiro didn’t look at a blueprint of Erza and ask himself how he was going to make a great strong female character. That is what most idiotic mangaka do. It seems like Hiro looked at a blueprint of Erza and asked himself how he was going to make great fairy tail character; female or not, it didn’t matter. And by focusing on that, by not trying to simply make some point, Hiro succeeds so well with Erza.

I like the fact that Erza is called the strongest female mage in fairy tail, and the strongest female mage in Fiore. The ‘female' in the title adds a little something to her character, in that Hiro isn’t going to define Erza by comparing her to her other male S class mage comrades, otherwise he would have called her the second or third or whatever strongest mage in fairy tail. We might ask who the strongest is. Some think she lies at the bottom of the S class mage list, just above Mira Jane. I think she can go toe to toe and even stands more than a good chance of beating each and everyone of them, minus Gildartz and Makarov who are monsters. But that isn’t mentioned. There is rarely a mention, either by the other guild members or Erza herself of whether or not she is stronger than Laxus, Mystogun and the rest. She doesn’t even make mention of her title as the strongest female mage. it doesn’t matter because she doesn’t have to say anything.

Hiro lets us see Erza in action and shows us her feats, and rather than tell us, he lets her actions speak for themselves, that she is strong. Erza isn’t my favorite or even the strongest female character. That would be Clare and Revy and whoever else i might have forgotten. But erza is way up there. She is an icon in anime. I have come across anime and manga fans on the internet that, for unknown reasons, absolutely hate fairy tail. And most of them have admitted to possessing a grudging respect for Erza, a character they don’t even know.

As far as Erza is concerned, i will just point out some of her highlights. Firstly is her story which is truly tragic. We saw her interact with Jellal so many times in the beginning, but never truly understood why she was so antagonistic towards him. Then we learn of who they were, their friendship during times of hardship. They both suffered and felt great anger for the pain they had been forced to endure. But Erza focused that anger on her friends and developed a passion to protect all that were dear to her. Jellal however focused that anger towards those that had made his dear ones suffer, and that grew into a hate that consumed him. I have always thought that the S class arc was the best arc of fairy tail so far-let’s wait and see how this one ends. But after thinking about it, i realize that the best ever arc of fairy tail was this tower of heaven arc.

It wasn’t merely brilliant (sort of) it was brutal. Here Hiro shorn as a story teller. I won’t lie i was surprised at the kind of carnage involved in what seemed to me to be a kids’ manga. The way Erza cut those guards down, Simon getting his jaw blown off, Jellal’s actions. it is no wonder she fights so hard to protect fairy tail. She knows what it is like to lose friends, and it is indeed a testament to her self control that she met with and tolerated Jellal on several occasions, while knowing that he held her friends at ransom.

I was first blown away by Erza during the phantom Lord arc. The guild’s entire HQ had walked to fairy tail, charged its super canon Jupiter and was ready to decimate fairy tail and everyone and everything around it. Makarov was temporarily dispatched, mystogun, laxus and Gildartz were no were to be seen and the only other S class mage in sight was Mirajane, who is still useless here.

So what does Erza do? Does she run, using her magic to evacuate as many of her people as possible before the attack? No. She changes into her Adamantine armor and takes the Jupiter blast head on, a blast mind you that can level a small town. Sure she was down, but not dead. And when things began to go side ways, with phantom lord’s four strongest unleashed, she stands herself up and saves natsu after he has beaten by the strongest of the four, the telekinetic wielding Aria. Yes she straggles, she just took a canon to the body. But she beats him, then she faces off against Jose, Phantom Lord’s master minutes later, and while she was beaten, she actually gives him a good fight, to the point that he compliments her awesome power. I was convinced that at full power, Erza could have torn Jose apart.

Here we see Erza’s durability and power

Then there was the tower of heaven arc itself, in which i first begin losing faith in Hiro, that Erza lost so easily to some less than impressive enemies after carrying out so many great feats, until we find out that these new enemies are dear friends who think she abandoned them and are now working for Jellal. We then learn why Erza is constantly armored, that she is protecting her heart.

When Simon dies at Jellal’s hands, we finally see adult Erza break into tears at the passing of a great friend. But this allows her to shed her fears when she faces Ikagura, who possess a powerful katana that easily destroys each all her armors. she then sheds it and faces Ikagura, a great swordswoman, head on, with nothing but cloth to protect her. Basically she puts faith in her abilities to protect her body, and in defeating Ikagura she shows us just how skilled she is a swordswoman, and that she isn’t just a powerhouse dependant on magical armor. She proves this strength further by taking on and beating Jellal (granted he wasn’t using his meteor magic, but still).

This was one of the most epic moments in the manga, to see Natsu going dragon force; fairy tail was at its best; and one of saddest, to see Erza sacrificing her self to stop Etherion from exploding, because she could not bear to live while abandoning her new friends to death again. Here Hiro did what he did with Lucy last week, where he killed off a main character without actually doing it. Of course natsu emerges from the smoke and rubble with Erza safe and sound. But for a whole chapter before that, Hiro showed Erza dead, watching her funeral as her friends put her in the ground after she sacrificed herself to save them. It was so well done that if Erza had died there and then, i would have been completely fine with it. Because she had gone out in a perfect manner and she would go down quite well in fairy tail as an amazing character. Actually fairy tail might have taken a different more epic turn if that had happened.

There was that Laxus arc when, after Laxus traps the town in Lacryma that would not only destroy the town but would unleash a powerful bolt of energy into anyone that destroyed just one, Erza summoned more than two hundred swords and destroyed all of them in one go. It was an impressive display of her power in summoning all those swords and taking the resulting blast and surviving it. More than that, it showed her loyally and how far she would go to protect her guild. Actually i would have preferred Erza vs LAxus rather than Gajeel and Natsu Vs Laxus.

On the occasion that she met amnesiac Jellal, it was hard to tell if she had forgiven him, but even with him killing Simon, she didn’t seem to hold a grudge ag

ainst him. Rather the most heartbreaking moment in fairy tail was when the magic council took Jellal away even after he had helped stop Oracion Sais, to serve his life sentence. Erza secluded herself and broke down completely for the first time as she wept and wailed uncontrollably.

And of course there was the Erza Vs Erza fight during the Edolas arc, one of the best fights in fairy tail, far better than Natsu Vs Gajeel, because it was so dynamic. First they matched magic, The Knight Vs the ten commandments, then they turned to sword skills. And when all that had failed, weapons and armor broken, they turned to fists and tumbled and rumbled. No wonder even Natsu was so afraid to be anywhere near them when they were fighting. He turned and ran in the opposite direction as fast as possible.

But her greatest of fight was agains Azuma on tenroujima. He matched her srtength and surpassed it and she had to do more than she had done before to get a win. Sure the Minerva, Kagura business was impressive, but they had lousy endings. Though i won’t deny that the armor of Nakagami and Erza going second origin were awesome moments.

Erza is the best character fairy tail has. She should be the lead (or maybe gray or even Gajeel) instead of Natsu and Lucy. But she isn’t because Hiro doesn’t know what he is doing. She usually carries most arcs because she will either have the very best plots and stories-just look at Erza’s competition, minerva and Kagura; then consider Natsu’s rivals, String and rogue. It is like Hiro saves the best for her. And even when the stories aren’t great, you can expect that something awesome will happen so long as she is involved.

Erza uses requip magic, which allows her to summon a variety of armors with different attributes and weapons, and which endow her with different abilities. Right now all i can remember is the giant armor, which has super strength, the dark stalker armor which is meant for evil and dark forces and the wheel something armor, which has all those swords surrounding her body, ready to cut anyone in their range.

Erza’s particular requip magic is called THE KNIGHT. She has the ability to change armor so fast that she can do this mid battle in an instant, making her very unpredictable and powerful. Erza can also use sword magic and is in possession of telekinetic abilities. She also possess immense magical power, able to requip multiple powerful armor in succession. She has been shown to requip her heaven’s wheel armor which has over 200 swords around it and the mighty lightening empress armor without running out of magic. erza is said to have over a hundred different armors and 200 different weapons. If you still don’t understand why even Natsu is so afraid of her, then i won’t say any more.

As one of the strongest, Erza is also called TITANIA, THE QUEEN OF TEH FAIRIES.


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Anime Vice Transforms

One epic arc concludes, and another begins.

PARASYTE - THE MAXIM #24 -- Watch & Learn

Yep. The non-ending you should've expected.

Welcome to Anime Vice - Level 2!

Vicers of the world -- GIVE ME YOUR POWER!!!

AKIRA - What's the Difference?

Tom teamed up with CineFix to break this classic adaptation down.

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