One Piece #52 - Roger and Rayleigh

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 12/04/2008

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 52

In his effort to save Camie the mermaid from being sold to the highest bidder, Luffy's attack on an exalted Celestial Dragon has given the Navy the green light to send the Admirals in after him. But the Straw Hats get help from an unexpected source--a mysterious outlaw who knows all about Gold Roger, the original King of the Pirates!


Chapter 503. An Island in Chaos.....Pg.

荒立つ島 (Aradatsu Shima)

Chapter 504. Pirate Frontline On The Move!!.....Pg.

海賊前線移動中!! (Kaizoku Zensen Idōchū!!)

Chapter 505. Kuma.....Pg.

クマ (Kuma)

Chapter 506. Roger and Rayleigh.....Pg.

ロジャーとレイリー (Rojā to Reirii)

Chapter 507. Kizaru Arrives.....Pg.

黄猿上陸 (Kizaru Jōriku)

Chapter 508. Island of Carnage.....Pg.

修羅の島 (Shura no Shima)

Chapter 509. Kizaru VS the 4 Captains.....Pg.

黄猿VS 4人の船長 (Kizaru vs Yonin no Senchō)

Chapter 510. Straw Hat Crew VS Combat Weapon.....Pg.

麦わらの一味vs戦闘兵器 (Mugiwara no Ichimi vs Sentō Heiki)

Chapter 511. Axe-Wielding Sentoumaru.....Pg.

鉞かついだ戦桃丸 (Masakari katsuida Sentōmaru)

Chapter 512. Zoro Lost.....Pg.

ゾロ、音沙汰なし (Zoro, Otosata nashi)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
Tony Tony ChopperStrong Point
Colonnade Rose (unnamed)
Hoofprint Blizzard Rose
Walking Point
Monster Point
Roronoa ZoroNitoryu - 36-Caliber Phoenix
Santoryu - 600-Caliber Phoenix
Demon Aura Kyutoryu - Asura
Nine-Lightening Strikes
Nico RobinCien Fluers - Wings
Nueve Fluer - Twist
Spider Net
Ochents Fluers - Cuatro Mano Shock
Veinte Fluer
Silvers RayleighConqueror's Haki
Armament Haki
Monkey D. LuffyGun-Gum Balloon
Gear Third
Gum-Gum Giant Pistol
Gear Second
Gum-Gum Jet Gatling
Gum-Gum Giant Rifle
Gum-Gum Gatling
Eustass KidRepel
(unnamed technique)
Trafalgar LawRoom
(unnamed technique)
BrookLullaby Flanc
Swallow Bon en Avant
NamiThunderbolt Tempo
Thunder Lance Tempo
PX-SeriesEnergy Blast
KizaruLight Speed Kick
finger beam
Yatta Mirror
Jewelry Bonney(unnamed technique)
Capone Bege(unnamed technique)
FrankyCoup de Vent
Strong Hammer
Franky Boxing
SanjiDiable Mouton Shoot
Diable Jambe Flambe Shoot
UrougeKarma Exposure
X DrakeDino Transformation
Basil HawkinsDemon-Conquering Form
Scratchman Apoo(unnamed technique)
UsoppSpecial Attack - Atlas Comet
Special Attack - Super Smoke Star
Armament Haki
Ashigara Dokkoi Shove
Bartholomew Kuma(unnamed technique)

Points of Interest

  • The side story of CP-9 after Enies Lobby is continued on splash page of this volume. It tells the story of how the survived the Buster Call, and what they do with their lives after leaving the World Government.
  • Kizaru makes his first appearance in this volume.
  • The captain who bit off his tongue to try and commit suicide is seen to of survived.
  • It's revealed that Rayleigh is the first-mate of Gold Roger, and the truth of how Gold Roger turns himself in.


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