Roger and Rayleigh - The Pirate King and His Right Hand

Roger and Rayleigh - The Pirate King and His Right Hand is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 05/10/2009

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Roger and Rayleigh - The Pirate King and His Right Hand - ロジャーとレイリー 海賊王とその右腕 (Rojā to Reirī - Kaizoku Ō to sono Migiude)

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Luffy and the crew meet one of the greatest men of the previous pirate age. The Dark King, Silvers Rayleigh. The man who was the first mate of the Pirate King Gold Roger. From him, they will learn the true story of the last days of the Roger Pirates.
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Episode Synopsis

In Grove #8 of Sabaody Archipelago, the kidnapper, Peterman, who tried to sell Camie the mermaid is unconscious and bleeding. Appears his attacker was Duval. He had gone there to return her backpack to her. With that, The Rosy Life Riders leave.

Later at Grove #13 and inside Shakky's Rip-Off Bar, Rayleigh leads the crew into the bar. Everyonein the Straw Hat crew, except Robin, is shocked to finally hear who Rayleigh is. Hatchan never said anything, because the crew needed him as a coating craftsman.

Gold Roger was after Brook's time. He only vaguely remembers the name as a rookie.

It's Zoro that asks how Hatchan and Rayleigh know each other. Twenty years ago, Hatchan rescued Rayleigh when he was adrift at sea. They stayed close until Hatchan joined the Sun Pirates.

Sanji had heard the Gold Roger crew had all be captured and executed along with the captain.

Rayleigh announced that they weren't caught. Gold Roger had turned himself in. the World Government lied about capturing him. he had seen the end of his journey. It was four years before his execution that he contracted a fatal illness that had no cure. Roger suffered greatly from this illness. The had one man join the crew that was able to lessen the pain. A doctor from the Twin Capes named Crocus. It was on this last journey they conquered the Grand Line.

Nami remembers Crocus saying he was a member of a crew once. Crocus joined Roger crew to find a certain pirate crew. That crew was the former crew of Brook.

It was on Rogers orders that his crew secretly be disbanded. One by one, everyone left on their own. One year after they disbanded. Roger turned himself in.

Roger was brought to his home town for his execution, but Rayleigh didn't attend. He tells the crew the last words he heard from Roger. It was in the Shakky's Rip-Off Bar. He said, "I'm not going to die, Partner."

Rayleigh goes on to tell how Roger's execution only started the Great Pirate Era. Rayleigh says he has never laughed harder, cried harder, or drank harder then he did that night.

The crew is awestruck at hearing this story from Rayleigh. Usopp asks if Roger started the Great Pirate Era on purpose, but Roger is unsure. Rayleigh mentions that Shanks was at the execution. Rayleigh mentions that both Shanks and Buggy were served on Gold Roger's crew.

Rayleigh says he met Shanks in Sabaody Archipelago ten years ago. he told Rayleigh about Luffy and how he had said something that Roger had said in the past. It was after that is when Rayleigh had wanted to meet Luffy.

Now, Rayleigh is ready to start working on the coating for the crew's ship, and will do the work for free.

Robin remembers what she saw on the Belfry Bell in Skypiea. Her home island, Ohara; Professor Clover, and her mother, Olivia. She stands and asks Rayleigh the "Will of D", and about the Poneglyph in Skypiea and the writing that Roger left behind. If they found the truth behind the Blank Century of 900 years ago.

Rayleigh knows the truth, but cuts Robin off from asking anything else. he says that he and the people of Ohara might of rushed. He says even if he told her everything he knew. She couldn't do anything about it now, and might actually come up with a different answer. He offers to still tell her everything, but Robin now cares far too much for her crew to abandon them. She passes to continue the journey.

Rayleigh says that Roger didn't decipher the poneglyph writings. Seems he had some ability to hear the voice of the universe.

Usopp bursts in to make sure Robin is sure, then he tries to ask Rayleigh if One Piece is real. Luffy bursts in screaming at Usopp. Angered he announces that he doesn't want to know if One Piece is real. If he knew now that he would give up being a pirate. It would be a boring adventure.

Usopp apologizes and now says he doesn't want to know either.

Rayleigh asks Luffy is he thinks he can conquer the sea. Luffy says he doesn't want to rule anything. he says the Pirate King is the freest person in the world. Rayleigh sees Roger in Luffy with these words.

Rayleigh plans to head out to Grove #41 where the ship is docked and asks what the crew will do. Nami suggests they go shopping. Franky suggests splitting up in groups and trying to lay low in town.

Rayleigh asks Shakky about a piece of Vivre Card paper. Outside, he gives them a piece of the paper that leads back to him.

Rayleigh says he plans to move the ship. The coating will take three days and to use the paper to find him then.

Camie, Pappagu, and Hatchan thank Luffy and say goodbye. Luffy promptly tells everyone to split up, and then says they should go to the amusement park.

Elsewhere, a Marine Warship is arriving and Admiral Kizaru lands.

Points of Interest

  • In the scene where Robin is thinking her crew. She is seeing Nami and Sanji in an outfits that she never saw them wear.

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