One Piece #38 - Rocketman!!

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 07/04/2005

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 38

Rocketman!! - ロケットマン!! (Rokettoman!!)

After finding out the real reason for Robin's betrayal, the Straw Hats are in a madcap race to rescue her from CP9, the Navy's elite assassin group. But first they'll have to find a way to sail through the tidal wave known as Aqua Laguna. Will the Rocketman be seaworthy for the task at hand, or will it be a runaway train to catastrophe?!


Chapter 358. Revival.....Pg.

復活 (Fukkatsu)

Chapter 359. Bingo.....Pg.

ビンゴ (Bingo)

Chapter 360. Departing Soon.....Pg.

まもなく出航 (Mamonaku Shukkō)

Chapter 361. P.S. .....Pg.

追伸 (Tsuishin)

Chapter 362. Ebb Tide.....Pg.

引き潮 (Hiki Shio)

Chapter 363. Aqua Laguna.....Pg.

アクア・ラグナ (Akua Raguna)

Chapter 364. Kokoro.....Pg.

ココロ (Kokoro)

Chapter 365. Rocketman!!.....Pg.

ロケットマン!! (Rokettoman!!)

Chapter 366. Sortie!!.....Pg.

出撃!! (Shutsugeki!!)

Chapter 367. Sogeking.....Pg.

そげキング (Sogekingu)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
KalifaThorn Whip
Tony Tony ChopperWalking Point
Strong Point
Rumble Ball
Jumping Point
SanjiCollier Shoot
Collier Frite
JerryJerry Aurora Flicker Bat
Yoga Style
Screw Drive Kick
Miss GoldenweekColors Trap - Yellow-Green
Roronoa ZoroIttoryu - 36-Caliber Phoenix
PaulieRope Action
TilestoneDemi Cannon
Franky FamilySuper Scrap Cannon
Luffy/ZoroGum-Gum / Santoryu 300 Caliber Siege Cannon
UsoppMetallic Star

Points of Interest

  • The story of the former Baroque Works members is continued in this volume's splash pages.
  • This volume has one of the first glimpses into the World Government prison, Impel Down.


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