A misunderstood murderer seeks redemption for her crimes.

Detailed Summary

The central character of this episode is Asuna Ayase, who previously murdered her father and Shota Machiya.

Shota's body is discovered by the police and Asuna leaves town. While traveling she has a flashback which reveals that Asuna's father was forcing her into the sex industry and that she murdered him when he tried to force her elementary age sister, Miku Ayase, into the business as well. Fumika confronts Asuna and presents her with a Shigofumi from Shota, who has only positive things to say about Asuna and regrets that he didn't get to know her better.

This touches Asuna and she returns to town in order to launch a rocket that Shota was building in honor of both of them. A police officer,Tatsumi Nojima, closes in on Asuna as the rocket is about to launch. A plastic tarp blows over the rocket and Asuna rushes to remove it so that she can see the rocket take off before being arrested. His partner takes this as a sign of attack and fatally shoots her, but she is able to witness the rocket launching with her last breath.

The episode ends with Fumika delivering a Shigofumi from Asuna to her sister.

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