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Welcome everyone! This is an update on the Robotics;Notes wiki project that Acura Max and I worked on.

Around the week of March 29, 2013, my teammate, Acura Max, and I finished the episode summaries. We both took turns on doing plot summaries: Acura Max did the even episodes while I did the odd episodes. The main struggle in the wiki project was time because we're busy with school, work, and family. On top of that, we had taken a task to encourage discussion of Robotics;Notes through the Robotics;Notes Discussion and informing the community any Robotics;Notes news.

For character wiki pages, we manage to fill the recurring characters.

Character Updates

Thank you for reading this and please check out the Robotics;Notes Roundtable.

Episode Works

Episode 1: Because GUNVARREL is Waiting
The Robot Research Club is in dire straits - there are only two members and the future of the club is in jeopardy. Despite this, the club's leader, Akiho, is intent on building a life-sized robot...
Episode 2: Because of Dreams, Hopes, and Passion
Akiho and Kaito attempt to fix an old robot to use for the competition, but they run into financial problems when they need to order new parts.
Episode 3: Tanegashi Accel Impact
At last, the Robot Research Club enters the ROBO-ONE tournament! The revolutionary KILL-BALLAD control scheme makes Kaito a force to be reckoned with, but will it be enough to win the tournament and save the club?
Episode 4: Let's Build a Giant Robot of Justice Together
Subaru seeks Kaito's help for the upcoming ROBO-ONE World Championship in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Akiho struggles to keep the club funded while Kaito reflects on a life-changing incident.
Episode 5: May I Call You "Big Brother?"
Kaito and Junna set out to investigate the strange "ghost" that Kaito caught a glimpse of... but only succeed in discovering more mysteries.
Episode 6: It'd Be Sad to Have a Dream End
Subaru and Kaito start practicing for the upcoming ROBO-ONE world tournament in Las Vegas. During his off-time, Kaito stumbles upon a mysterious room inside the abandoned folk museum.
Episode 7: Thank You Berry Much
While Kaito and friends encounter more mysterious phenomena, another solar storm suddenly hits the Earth. Meanwhile, Akiho gets the GunBuild-1 project funded and rolling full-steam ahead!
Episode 8: I'm Nae Tennouji. Nice to Meet You!
Akiho is elated when a grown-up Nae Tennoji offers to help the Robot Research Club build a giant robot. Meanwhile, Kaito is caught in a typhoon while searching for the elusive Kimijima Report No. 2.
Episode 9: Because It's the Product of Our Blood, Sweat, and Tears
At long last, the Robot Research Club completes its giant GunBuild-1 robot! And, as people from all over the island watch, the robot takes its historic first step!
Episode 10: A Robot Only We Can Build
After the outcome of the GunBuild-1 start-up test, Subaru tries to convince Akiho to build a new robot from scratch. Meanwhile, Kai unexpectedly makes the discovery of the century...
Episode 11: The Flag Has Been Cleared
Kaito and Frau team up to locate Kimijima Report NO. 3, but it won't be any easier than last time. Meanwhile, the final, unaired episode of GUNVARREL is leaked online...
Episode 12: Until You Like At Least One Thing
The Robot Research Club is shokced to hear that not only Doc has been rushed to the hospital, but he's also considering closing his shop. Junna tries to encourage him to keep the shop open, but...
Episode 13: What a Crazy World
Experiments with the magnetic monopole get underway, and more information from the Kimijima Reports comes to light. Details about an impending solar starom are revealed... along with a warning of a ...
Episode 14: Just for a Little Bit...
After a solar storm knocks out power all over Tokyo, robots throughout the city run berserk and attack! Now it's up to Kaito to shut down the robots and save the entire Tokyo metropolitan area somehow...
Episode 15: I'll Show You a Dream
Airi finds her existence threatened when major maintenance is scheduled for the IRUO server. While Airi clings to the hope of a snowy miracle, Kaito learns more about her past.
Episode 16: I Love Giant Robots
The Robot Research Club's newest giant robot, GunBuild-2, is finally complete! Meanwhile, both Exoskeleton Co. and Mizuka catch wind of Kaito's activities surrounding Kou Kimijima.
Episode 17: As of Today, The Robotics Club is Disbanded!
The Robot Research Club's newest giant robot, GunBuild-2, is finally complete! Meanwhile, both Exoskeleton Co. and Mizuka catch wind of Kaito's activities surrounding Kou Kimijima.
Episode 18: The Real GUNVARREL is Standing Right There
At last, the big robot expo in Tokyo gets underway! The diminished Robot Research Club finally gets to show off its robot, and Akiho finally gets the chance to see her sister again.
Episode 19: I Should Never Have Had a Dream
Chaos erupts at the Robot Expo as Misaki starts destroying robots left and right. Meanwhile, slowly, but surely, Kaito begins to learn the truth behind everything.
Episode 20: Does She Still Like Robots?
With five billion lives at stake, Akiho declares that she WILL defeat Kou Kimijima! The question is... how?
Episode 21: Gunvarrel Takeoff!
Working through the night, the Robot Research Club members and the throngs of volunteers finish modifying GunBuild-1 before the Black Hole Bomb can be launched. The club members also devise a number of strategies for the upcoming final battle.
Episode 22: Now It's Time for OUR Game
Kaito and Misaki face off in a final showdown with only minutes left until the BHB rocket is launched.
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That's alot of story arcs to do. I think we're going to have to make our story arc summaries little bit less detailed than the one Akiho has right now if we want to finish anytime soon. I think 2-3 paragraphs should be a good fit for each character. If any user wants a more detailed summary, they can consult the episode summaries.

Anyway, do you feel like doing another wiki project with me after all this is done? With the Robotics;Notes wiki almost done, I'm currently looking for something else to edit. If you do want to work with me once more, I'm up for anything.

Post by Acura_Max (2,433 posts) See mini bio Level 13

I finished off all for all the main characters listed above. Don't forget that the show also gave origin stories for Subaru's father (his origin story was explained a little in episode 6. It turns out that I must have forgotten it) and Fujita. I'll do Fujita's origin story next.

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Yeah, I was going to condense Akiho's story arcs. These past 2 years, I noticed that the information the wiki editors and I write are the same but formatted differently. You probably heard from Aleasha and Buhssuht about how redundant to write both franchise and anime's character sections. It's the same thing with episode summaries and character's story arcs. The reason we do this because readers might prefer character or episode pages.

I'll update the character info. Thanks for the info. I'll finish Akiho's story arc and show what story arcs I have in the section below.

For story arcs, I was looking at what the anime plot look like. So far, I got the following:

  • Robo-One Tournament - covers episode 1-3
  • Building Gunvarrel - covers episodes 4-10 (this part was slow. I had no idea what to called it.)
  • Gunvarrel Controversy - covers episodes 11-14 (I know episode 12 focuses on Junna's story)
  • Airi and Kimijima Reports - covers episodes 15-17. I named it because episode 15 focuses on Airi's past while episode 16 somewhat focuses on Mizuka. Despite that Kaito already had some of the Kimijima reports from earlier episodes. He finds the last one in this arc.
  • Dreams and Robots - A bit corny, but that what I got from the last episodes. It focuses on Airi and Kaito who fight against the real enemy and put Gunvarrel's honor back.

What do you think ? I like to hear from some of the Robotics;Notes fans in the community. I only know you and Acura Max.

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@takashichea: Since you've already started on Akiho's story arcs, I'll take care of Kaito's.

Post by takashichea (15,889 posts) See mini bio Level 25


Are you watching either Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet or The Severing Crime Edge? If you don't like any of those two, I can work on another anime series of your choice for this season. Robotics;Notes was a good call last semester.

I haven't made much progress on Akiho except trimming out the first paragraph. I realized the big paragraph was on episode 1. I'm aiming to spotlight Frau and your work on Kaito Yashio for this week's community spotlight. I can finish Frau and Akiho's story arcs. They're pretty similar since the anime mostly focuses on Kaito.

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