Robotics;Notes Characters

Robotics;Notes is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 6 manga series
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Airi is the mysterious girl in the Robotic;Notes series.

Akiho Senomiya

Akiho is the main heroine of the series "Robotics;Notes." She is the chairman of the robotics club at her school. Her dream is to compete the giant robot called Gunvarrel.

Fujita Tetsuharu

Known as "Doc," Fujita is the grandfather of Junna and is the owner of a machine parts store.

Furugoori Kona

Furau is a hikikomori or "shut-in" otaku. She is in charge of the "GUNVARREL KILL-BALLAD On-Line" program.

Hiromu Hidaka

Hiromu is Subaru's father.

Junna Daitoku

Junna Daitoku is a character in the Robotic;Notes franchise.

Kaito Yashio

Kaitio is the main hero of the series "Robotics;Notes." He is a third year student at Central Tanegashima High School and a member of its Robotics club.

Kaoruko Usui

Kaoruko Usui is the vice principal of the Central Tanegashi High school in the Robotics;Notes franchise.

Ken'ichiro Senomiya

Ken'ichirĊ Senomiya is Akiho and Misaki's father who is the head of JAXA in the Robotic;Notes franchise.

Kou Kimijima

Kou Kimijima is the author of the Kimijima reports.

Minami Kogori

Minami Kogori is Frau's mother in the Robotics;Notes franchise.

Misaki Senomiya

Misaki Senomiya is a character in Robotic;Notes.

Mitsuhiko Nagafukada

Mitsuhiko Nagafukada is a teacher and club advisor for the Robotics club in the Robotic;Notes franchise.

Mizuka Irei

Mizuka Irei is Misaki's friend.

Nae Tennouji

Nae Tennouji is originally a Steins;Gate character who makes another appearance in the Robotics;Notes series.

Subaru Hidaka

Subaru is a second year student at Tanegashima High School.

Sumio Nagafukada

Sumio Nagafukada is Mitchi's uncle who is the president of a very successful company.

Toshiyuki Sawada

Toshiyuki Sawada is a character originally from the Stein'sGates franchise, but he makes another appearance in Robotics;Notes.

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