Robotech is a franchise comprised of 3 movies, 1 anime series
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Robotech is the American adaptation of three entirely separate anime series: SDF Macross, Southern Cross and Mospeada.

Series History

Robotech an anime series adapted from three separate anime series. They are:

Superdimensional Fortress Macross (36 episodes) - The Macross Saga (First Robotech War)

Superdimensional Cavalry Southern Cross (23 episodes) - Southern Cross Saga (Second Robotech War)

Genesis Climber Mospeada (25 episodes) - New Generation Saga (Third Robotech War)

To bridge the first and second series, a clip show episode was created where Dana Sterling (daughter of Max and Miriya from the first generation) tells her friend Bowie the events that lead to her parents meeting and falling in love. The final episodes of Southern Cross were written in such a way that no clip show was needed (also the first episodes of Mospeada does a good job of detailing the invid invasion of Earth).

Due to its popularity, Harmony gold bought the rights to Megazone 23 Part 1 and adapted it to fit into the series as Robotech: The Movie. Originally supposed to take place during the First Generation, the movie was edited with footage from Southern Cross and then set to take place between the first and second series. The movie did not fair well with the test audiences and was pulled. To the day there has never been a US Release of the movie.

Also due to popular demand, Robotech II: The Sentinels would be an original spin-off series detailing the adventures of Admiral Rick Hunter and the Expeditionary Forces (who were absent after the Macross Series but mentioned during the New Generation story arc). The story was in production but due to delays, bad toy sales and money issues, the series never manifested save for the episodes that were produced before it was cancelled.

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles was announced for a 2005 release (to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series) but was not released by Funmation until February 2007. Shadow Chronicles was the first new animation to feature and continue the story of Robotech. Many of the original voice cast returned to the series.

In 2013, Robotech The Shadow Chronicles was re-released with an aditional movie: Love, Live, Alive which is an adaption of Genesis Climber Mospeada's Love, Live, Alive OVA. It features some new animation and serves as a partial sequel to the New Generation.

The sequel to Shadow Chronicles, Robotech: Shadow Rising has been announced but no release date has been given.

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