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Black Lion

The largest of the Voltron lions, the black lion forms the body and head of Voltron. It is piloted by Keith

Black Tiger

Spacecraft piloted by Stride, very similar to the Black Voltron Lion.

Blue Lion

The Blue Lion is a component of Voltron and forms his right leg, it was piloted by Sven, Princess Allura and is currently piloted by Larmina.


A series of Robots built by the Army to fight off invaders and contact survivors in the event of a nuclear war.

Disciplinary Golems

The Disciplinary Golems are special mechanical golems created from the earth by Professor Sagami as part of the Disciplinary Golem Squad.

Final Elphangar

Final Elphangar is a summoned magical robot that was used by Miyabi.

General Franky

The Iron Pirate known as the General Franky is a mech created by combining the Black Rhino FR-U IV and Brachio Tank Unit V. It was created by Franky.

Green Lion

The Green Lion is a component of Voltron, forming his left arm. It is first seen piloted by Keith, but Pidge soon becomes it's mainstay pilot.


M45 is Subaru (Mr. Pleiades)'s robot in the Robotic;Notes franchise.

Mini Eneus

The Mini Eneus are miniature magical copies of Eitaro Sakuma's familiar Eneus.

N.I.G.E.L.'s Spy Robot

A small robot hidden inside N.I.G.E.L. used when ever stealth is required. It is controled by controls.


The Neogolem is a hybrid weapon created by the San Fransisco branch of the Society.

Panzer Beetle

A Panzer Beetle is a robotic insect covered in steel. They are deadly creatures that terrorize the Armored Planet.


Although the term is frequently used in Japan to refer to a PC ("personal computer"), in English it refers primarily to the humanoid computers found in CLAMP's Chobits.

Red Lion

The Red Lion is a component of Voltron, forming his right arm. This lion is piloted by Lance

Robot Junior

Pioted by Shiro Kabuto

Tanegashi Machine

Tanegashi Machine is Akiho and Kaito's hobby robot in the Robotic;Notes franchise.

Yellow Lion

The yellow lion is a component of Voltron and forms his left leg, it is piloted by Hunk

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