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In 12th-century England, the evil Baron Alwine and Abbot Hereford are in league with the devil in their quest for power. Alwine burns the entire Huntingdon family in their castle; only 14-year-old Robin and his three cousins Will, Winifred, and Barbara escape into the forest where they meet Friar Tuck, an old friend of Robin's father. He guides and protects the young orphans as best he can, and when they meet Little John and his band of teenage outlaws, they determine to fight for justice. The beautiful Marian Lancaster, daughter of a noble family, is kidnapped by the abbot, supposedly for marriage but really because he needs the crucifix she wears around her neck to unlock the magical secrets of Sherwood. Robin, Will, and Little John rescue Marian; then the refugees stay in the forest and fight the baron's agents, chiefly Gilbert, the Knight of the Black Rose, who is Robin's rival for Marian's love. A character of contradictions, Gilbert is a good man bound to serve Alwine because the baron saved his sister's life.

Originally broadcast in a 39-episode run, extra episodes were made for the overseas market, particularly Italy and Germany, where the series was a great success. Though written by Tatsunoko producer Ippei Kuri, RH claimed to rely on the legend as retold by Ivanhoe-creator Walter Scott. It was the first of Tatsunoko's 1990s "fairy tale" series and was soon followed by the same studio's Snow White. Part of the story was also released as a feature-length movie edit.

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Name Robin Hood
Romaji: Robin Hood no Daiboken
Publisher ?
Start Year 1990
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Aliases Great Adventures of Robin Hood Robin Hood Junior
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