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Molly and David are driving on their anniversary late at night. As David distracts Molly from her driving, the couple sees a strange man in the road. Molly desperately swerves her car to avoid hitting the man but the couple crash their car down the hill. After Molly wakes up, she wanders around to find David and she finds a house and a strange man appears in the doorway. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are driving and suddenly, Molly stands in the middle of the road. Dean quickly steps on the brakes and Molly asks the two brothers to help look for her husband.
When Molly leads the two brothers down the hill, Molly's car is gone but Sam believes Molly is telling the truth. Sam explains about a man named Greely who died in a highway crash and haunts the highway every February 22. Sam, Molly, and Dean explore Jonah Greely's home. Dean finds the attic and the three discovers a corpse of Greely's wife, Marion.  Dean reads Greely's love letter that is address to Marion, and Sam discovers a portrait of a tree with the date of how long Greely has died. Sam explains to Dean that they should look for a tree that is use as a burial marker based on the portrait's infomation. However, a ghost attacks Molly and Sam saves Molly. The three escapes the house to search for Greely's grave.
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Plot twist 1

Plot twist 2

Sam has a flashback of his mom burning and develops a migraine from it.
Molly hugs Sam
Molly hugs Sam

Memorable quotes

Sam: It's time you say good-bye to him.

Creature's descriptions
 GhostSalt can repels it but does not destroy ghost.
Burning the remains of the ghost to defeat it.
Iron repels ghost.

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