Shaman King #6 - Road Trip To Izumo

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 05/03/2005

Plot Summary

As his second Shaman Fight comes to an end, Yoh uses a last-ditch strategy, and his last mana, against Faust's army of skeletons! Recovering from his wounds in the hospital, Manta becomes separated from Yoh and makes a fateful decision to travel to Yoh's faraway home in Izumo, motorcycle...with "Wooden Sword" Ryu for company! As Manta and Ryu travel across Japan, Yoh undergoes his own journey, travelling into a pitch-black cave in search of shamanic inspiration. But before the two easy riders can reach their destination, they'll have to face the terrifying guardians of Izumo, the "land of the gods"!

Bonus Story

Kokkuri Angel Cupid starring Tamao and her sidekicks Ponchi and Conchi. The antagonist is Ryu.


Note: These are Japanese translations and may differ from official dub titles.

Reincarnation 45: Faust Love - "Fausuto rabu" (ファウスト·ラブ)

Reincarnation 46: A Form of Courage - "Sonna yūki" (そんな勇気)

Reincarnation 47: June Goodbyes - "6 Getsu no wakare" (6月の別れ)

Reincarnation 48: Road Trip to Izumo - "Otoko futari Izumo tabi" (男二人出雲旅)

Reincarnation 49: The Happy Place Doctrine - "Besuto pureisu ron" (ベストプレイス論)

Reincarnation 50: Hell's Belly - "Tama jigoku" (たま地獄)

Reincarnation 51: Yo - "Yō" (よう)

Reincarnation 52: Progress - "Shinka" (進化)

Reincarnation 53: Two Tough Ghosts - "Futari no biggu sōru" (2人のビッグソウル)


Character Profiles

#24-27 taken on November of 1999

CharactersBirthday (Age)SignBlood Type
Eliza Faust6-29-163 (Dead at 26)CancerAB
Yohmei Asakura7-2-1919CancerO
Tamao TamamuraJune 17 (11)Gemini A

Sidenote: Manta's family and butler appears in this volume. In the anime, they do not appear.

  • Manta's mother - Keiko Oyamada (37)
  • Manta's father - Mansumi Oyamada (55)
  • Manta's younger sister - Mannoko Oyamada (5)
  • Manta's butler - Tamurazaki


Yoh's evolved oversoul is Amidamaru talking to him. The description is one samurai armor on Yoh's right arm with Amidamaru's head holding the sword (overlapping Yoh's arm)

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the anime, Manta's family and butler does not appear. Instead Silva appears and tells Manta what happen.
  • Unlike the manga, Ponchi and Conchi are weak and childish as Ryu smacks them silly. Still Ponchi and Conchi cut Ryu's pompadour and hit his "bells."
  • In the anime, Ponchi and Conchi's predictions come true due to (anime exclusive?) Elie and Millie who are short and tall.


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