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Fifteen-year-old Tomonori Iwaki comes home from school one day to find that the Japanese Government has married him to an insufferably perky twelve-year-old girl. Rizel is the result of a government experiment in artificial humans, a prototype with the unfortunate design flaw of unleashing incredible destructive power by crying explosive tears when she feels sadness at being unloved. Merely adopting such replicants into a loving family with suitable role models doesn't seem to be an option, so they decide to make her happy by marrying her to a boy who doesn't want her-compare to Final Approach. The result is the search for love common to all Pinocchio clones from Astro Boy onward, combined with the pathological neediness of Key the Metal Idol and the many, many "romantic" anime aimed at teenage couch potato boys who think if they sit in their room long enough, FedEx will deliver them a girlfriend, and one who actively seems to enjoy being treated like a doormat. Based on a manga by DNAngel creator Yukiru Sugisaki and part of the Anime Complex Night slot on WOWOW and Kid's Station, with 12 episodes shown between April and June and 12 between October and December, alongside Hanaukyo Maid Team and the live-action Steel Angel Kurumi Pure (*DE). In the latter part of the run, Rizel gained the ability to transform into a well-endowed, older version of herself, in the style of Marvelous Melmo, thereby completing the box-ticking references to old magical-girl shows. N

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Name Rizelmine
Publisher ?
Start Year 2002
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