Dragon Ball #15 - Rivals Standing Their Ground!

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 12/06/1988

Plot Summary

It's the "Strongest Under the Heavens" martial arts tournament, and the world's greatest fighters have gathered! But Kuririn, Goku, Tenshinhan and Yamcha face mighty enemies. Taopaipai the assassin has returned as a cyborg--and Goku and Tenshinhan are on his hit list! A mysterious young woman has a grudge against Goku. The only "mystery" about bumbling salaryman Shen is how he made it to the final rounds. And the last contestant is the new and improved Piccolo, for whom the championship is just a stepping stone to take over the world...

Goku's first opponent was Anonymous. Her identity was ChiChi, the daughter of Gyuumao. Keeping the promise that he had made to her long ago, Goku marries ChiChi after the match. Yamcha fights the mystery man Shen, and unbelievably loses. Goku realizes that Shen's true identity is Kami-sama. Safely passed through the first round, Goku and Tenshinhan clash in the semi-finals. Having trained under Kami-sama, Goku had powered up beyond Tenshinhan's imagination. Goku easily won against Tenshinhan and advanced to the finals. And then the battle of Ma Junior versus Kami-sama began!

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 169 - Tien vs Taopaipai
  • Chapter 170 - The Assassin's Struggle
  • Chapter 171 - Goku Gets Married
  • Chapter 172 - Krillin vs Piccolo
  • Chapter 173 - Krillin vs Piccolo Part 2
  • Chapter 174 - Yamacha vs Tien
  • Chapter 175 - Shen
  • Chapter 176 - Goku vs Tien
  • Chapter 177 - Gou vs Tien Part 2
  • Chapter 178 - Tien's Secret Move
  • Chapter 179 - The Two Weak Points
  • Chapter 180 - Kami-sama vs Piccolo


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Akira Toriyama artist, cover, writer,



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