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Rosario + Vampire (2008 - 13 Episodes)

After his failed attempts to get into a private academy, Tsukune Aono, a completely normal student, ends up at a high school filled with monsters disguised as humans. While trying to stay alive he gets acquainted with Moka Akayashi… a girl who turns out to be a vampire.

1 - 1
New Life and Vampire 新生活とバンパイア (Shinseikatsu to BANPAIA) 01/03/2008 24m
1 - 2
Succubus and Vampire 夢魔とバンパイア (Muma to BANPAIA) 01/12/2008
1 - 3
Witch Girl and Vampire 魔女っ子とバンパイア (Majoukko to BANPAIA) 01/17/2008
1 - 4
Goodbye and Vampire さよならとバンパイア (Sayonara to BANPAIA) 01/24/2008
1 - 5
School Swimsuit and Vampire スクール水着とバンパイア (Sukuuru mizugi to BANPAIA) 01/31/2008
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