Rinku is a anime/manga character in the Yu Yu Hakusho franchise
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Rinku's origins are largely unknown. He has been a member of team Chu.


Rinku is a secondary antagonist created by Yoshihiro Togashi for the series Yu Yu Hakusho. He later however ceases holding an antagonistic role and is more of a secondary support character.



Rinku full Profile
Rinku full Profile

Rinku appears as a young boy. He is short in stature with with an average build, light skin and spiky brown hair. He has large eyes and 3 star marks underneath his left eye. It isn't clear if they are face paint or tattoos. Rinku's attire consists of blue pants a red sweater with yellow sleeves and a matching over sized cap with a blue rim.


Rinku has a nice personality and attitude normally but can become irritated against troublesome foes. Also, likely due to his youth, he is very easily enchanted by attractive females as seen during the Demon World tournament.


Chu - His team leader and ally.

Zeru - Rinku's comrade who he seemed to get along well with.

Story Arcs

Dark Tournament Arc

Rinku vs Kuwabara
Rinku vs Kuwabara

Rinku appeared before team Urameshi inside of their own hotel Room where they were to stay for the duration of the Tournament. He was followed by fellow team member Zeru. The two spoke about the coming rounds, Zeru attempting to intimidate his would be opponents to little avail. Rinku and Zeru left to await team Urameshi in the ring. Rinku went fist and faced off against Kazuma Kuwabara. The boy held an advantage over Kuwabara with his greater speed as well as his yo-yos having better range than Kuwabawa's Spirit Sword, albeit the latter could extend it and managed to strike Rinku in the stomach, knocking the wind out of the boy but not securing a win. Kuwabara was knocked out of the ring and lost to Rinku for being outside of the ring for more than 10 seconds. Rinku secured the first round, however his teammates Roto and Zeru not only lost but died in the second and 3rd rounds respectively to Kurama and Hiei. Finally, Rinku's team leader and strongest member Chu entered the ring and to face him was Yusuke Urameshi. Depite being the closest fight by far of the match, Chu lost and with 3 wins out of 5, Urameshi won the round. Chu and Yusuke gained a great deal of respect for one another afterwards.

Several days later after tam Urameshi had made it to the Semi finals, Yusuke Urameshi was resting in his girlfriend Keiko's lap from the extreme fatigue of absorbing his teacher Genkai's Spirit Wave power. The unconscious fighter and ordinary girl were soon ambushed by some no-good demons but were themselves ambushed and killed by Rinku, Chu and other friends as a favor to Yusuke. Chu told Keiko to get back to her "nasty" with Yusuke which offended her since it was innocent time they were spending together.

Three Kings Arc

Rinku's grater power as an S Class Demon
Rinku's grater power as an S Class Demon

Rinku along with Suzuki, Shishi Wakamaru, Chu, Jin and Touya were all trained by Yusuke's former mentor Genkai. Their true potential was unlocked and they became S Class Demons, an incredibly massive surge in power. Kurama introduced them to one of the 3 Kings names Yomi as prospective subordinates, which Yomi was pleased to accept. They all participated in the Demon world Tournament for the goal of winning and thus becoming King of the entire Makai. Some of them did well but they were in over their heads even as S class Demons to take on upper s class Demons who were yet a tier above them. Rinku perhaps lost before he even fought as his female opponent enchanted the demon, despite having just mocked Chu for doing the same. Rinku's battle was not seen but he did not win. An old friend of Demon King Raizen named Enki won and he declared that Demons could no longer eat humans.

Powers & Abilities

Upon his introduction, Rinku is a formidable warrior, but much weaker than the likes or mid-upper B Class Demons like members team Toguro. However, by the final arc Rinku achieved S Class levels of power. According to Koenma, a single S Class Demon is capable of wrecking havoc to the entire world and the Spirit World is incapable of stopping even one being of such a level. Hence, Rinku became immensely strong. Yomi one of the Demon Kings confirmed Rinku's worth when the latter emitted his aura with his friends.

Serpent Yo-Yos


Rinku's weapons of choice. They appear to be ordinary toys of an ordinary boy but they are lethal weapons in Rinku's hands. He channels his demonic energy into them and can move them about with precision to his will a and bring about certain effects, particularly an electric surge-like current that afflicts whatever opponent struck by them. As a lower power Demon Rinku wielded 8 Yo-yos between his fingers. As an S Class Demon, he wields sixteen 8 on his hand and 8 from his feet.

Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog
Walking the Dog

Rinku glides the yo-yos across the ground much like wheels. Their impact force is enhanced with this technique.

Around the World

Rinku lifts the opponent into the air with the Yo-yos and slams them to the ground.

Around the World
Around the World
General Information Edit
Name: Rinku
Name: 鈴駒
Romanji: Rinku
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files #27
1st anime movie:
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