Ringing Bell

Ringing Bell is an anime movie in the Ringing Bell Franchise
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Chirin the lamb is orphaned when the bad wolf Wor (the "Wolf King" in the U.S. dub) kills his mother. Chirin sets out for revenge but has a change of heart. Despairing of his weak nature, he begs the wolf to teach him how to be tough and learns how to be a predator from his parent's killer. Battered, bruised, and half drowned, the lamb is put through a heartless regime of torment until he is toughened into a vicious ram with a "reputation for ruthless killing." Two years later, Chirin is led by Wor in an attack on the farm where he was born. Seeing a ewe vainly fighting to protect her offspring, Chirin is reminded of his mother and turns on the wolf-killing his surrogate father. However, the rest of the flock is afraid of Chirin, and he remains an outcast, forced now to wander without any companionship at all. Chirin is "never seen again," though it is said that sometimes the sheep hear the distant tinkle of the bell around his neck.

A mind-bogglingly disturbing "children's film" that makes Bambi look like a comedy, Anpanman-creator Takashi Yanase's children's book is an unexpectedly nasty outing for the Hello Kitty studio Sanrio, featuring sing-along lyrics such as "We will travel, wolf and ram, and we'll ravage all the land." V

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General Information Edit
Name: Ringing Bell
Release Date: April 8, 1983
Name: チリンの鈴
Romaji: Chirin no Suzu
Release Date: March 11, 1978
Rating: None
Runtime: 47 (mins)
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Aliases Chirin's Bell
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