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Ayaka Izunokami

Ayaka Izunokami is the Office Director of Women's Professional Wrestling Group Jipang Headquarters.

Beauty Panther

She is Tomoe Sumeragi's mother in Ring X Mama.

Don Miguel

Don Miguel is a major American promoter in the United States.

Isami Kinto

Isami Kinto is a member of the Shinsengumi wrestling team.


Iwafura is the maid of Tomoe Sumeragi.

Kaoru Sanjo

He is Sanae's ex-husband. He remains in contact with Violence Rose and the Sumeragi family to maintain female wrestling.

King Kong Tokugawa

King Kong Tokugawa is one of the lieutenants of Darkness Aoi.

Konata Okida

Konata Okida is a member of the Shinsengumi wrestling team.

Linda Halloween

Linda Halloween (Kurofune Tairo) is a female wrestler of the American team, Mustang. She joins Team Gigamax after having sex with Ryoma and a match with Team Gigamax later on.

Mako Kirino

Mako Kirino is a new wrestler who joins Team Gigamax. She respects Justice Asuka, but she doesn't like Ryoma at first.

Miki Aoi

Darkness Aoi is a female wrestler who is seeking challenges. Her name is infamous as she is scorned by people such as of the Sumeragi family.

Rio Katsura

Katsura Rio is a female wrestler on Team Gigamax. She is known as Tiger Cat for her looks and personality.

Ryoma Hamazaki

A former virgin and a proud lover of female wrestling. After meeting Justice Asuka and sleeping with her, he works to restore team Gigamax with his magic touch.

Saeko Shimazu

She is Violent Rose, a wrestler of Team Gigamax. She is Japanese despite her blonde hair and a married woman.

Sanae Takamori

Sanae Takamori is a female wrestler known as Justice Asuka, the leader of team Gigamax.

Shouhei Cobra

Shouhei Cobra is one of the wrestlers that's part of Darkness Aoi's team.

Tomoe Sumeragi

She is the daughter of Beauty Panther and the head of the Sumeragi family. She asks Ryoma to join Team Gigamax to defeat Darkness Aoi.

Toshie Hijikata

Toshie Hijikata is a member of the Shinsengumi wrestling team.

Yuri Kabayama

A trainee of Team Gigamax who does not have a wrestler debut yet.

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