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Ring X Mama is about Ryoma Hamazaki who is a virgin nerd who fantasized about female wrestlers. His life changes when he meets Justice Asuka, the girl of his dreams. He becomes the manager with the magic touch and works to restore Team Gigamax.


Ring X Mama is is an erotic action/comedy series that was created by Joji Manabe with strong themes of harem and wrestling.

After Ryoma's usual fantasies about female wrestlers particularly Justice Asuka, his landlord, Sanae, checks in. When Sanae discovers Ryoma's passion for female wrestling, she has sex with him after one passionate kiss. When Violent Rose calls Sanae, Ryoma discovers that he had sex with the girl of his dream. Sanae asks Ryoma to become their manager and restore Team Gigamax. Ryoma's life is forever change.

Ryoma works hard as a manager to promote female wrestling in Japan and help his female wrestlers by fulfilling their every needs. As his team reach the top, Ryoma uncovers the dark history with the wrestlers, Darkness Aoi and Beauty Panther, and the corrupt managers.


  • Takeshobo (Japan)

Publishing History

Takeshobo is the publisher of Ring X Mama and serialized Ring X Mama in NaMaiki! magazine. Five volumes were created.


Ryoma and Team Gigamax

Ryoma Hamazaki

Ryoma Hamazaki
Ryoma Hamazaki

Ryoma is a devout wrestling fan who often fantasize about his favorite female wrestlers especially Justice Asuka. When his landlord finds out about Ryoma's passion, she sleeps with him. Then, Ryoma finds out he has slept with Justice Asuka when Violent Rose called her Sanae. Now, Ryoma work as a manager to restore Team Gigamax and female wrestling back to its glory days.

As his team grows and Mako, Yuri, and Tomoe make their first wrestling debut, Ryoma works for Jipang under Izunokami. As he gets acquainted with Darkness Aoi and Izunokami, he learns about the Jipang's dark past from Iwakura. He strives to make sure Team Gigamax is safe from harm.

Sanae Takamori

Takamori Sanae - Justice Asuka
Takamori Sanae - Justice Asuka

Takamori is the leader of Team Gigamax and a star female wrestler with a lot of potential. She is Ryoma's first as she is the first one to take away Ryoma's virginity. Takamori loves Ryoma and gets a bit competitive when others girls fawn over Ryoma's body for pleasure. In the end, she is extremely confident that Ryoma will choose her among Ryoma's female wrestlers.

Rio Katsura

Rio Katsura-Tiger Cat
Rio Katsura-Tiger Cat

Rio Katsura is one of the original trio of Team Gigamax, and due to her Tiger Cat name, she is known as for wild wrestling style. She and Takamori are rivals in wrestling and in grabbing Ryoma to fulfilling their lustful urges. She is open to having group sex with Ryoma.

Saeko Shimazu

Saeko Shimazu - Violent Rose
Saeko Shimazu - Violent Rose

Saeko Shimazu is one of the original trio in Team Gigamax. Although Ryoma is working as the manager for the team, Saeko does less wrestling, more time in assisting the new female wrestlers, and giving more advice to Ryoma. Unlike the rest of the girls on the team, Saeko is married, and she does not have sex with Ryoma that often. Though, she is quite unhappy with her sex life with her husband and occasionally, she will pound her sexual frustration with Ryoma.

Mako Kirino

Mako Kirino
Mako Kirino

Mako Kirino is a new wrestler who has not made her wrestling debut. She aspires to be a good wrestler like her idol, Justice Asuka. At first, she looks down on Ryoma for defiling her idol. Like all the girls, she will fall in line when she experiences Ryoma's magic touch. Mako overcomes her tsundere personality a bit after she loses her virginity to Ryoma, and she begins lusting for Ryoma like the rest of her teammates.

Yuri Kabayama

Yuri Kabayama
Yuri Kabayama

Like Mako, Yuri Kabayama is a new wrestler, and her father is a mafia boss. She brings Ryoma to her father who thinks Ryoma is his daughter's future husband. That night, Yuri loses her virginity to Ryoma, and on that following day, she successively makes her wrestling debut.

Linda Halloween

Linda Halloween
Linda Halloween

Linda Halloween is an American wrestler of Team Mustang. She encounters Ryoma in a videogame arcade in Japan. After Ryoma beats her, Linda drags Ryoma out and sleeps with him because Linda's policy is that she sleeps with the strongest. When Team Gigamax wrestles with Linda's team on a warship, Linda joins Ryoma's team after having fun with Ryoma, sex.


General Information Edit
English Name Ring X Mama
Japanese Name: リン×ママ
Romaji: Rin x Mama
Publisher Takeshobo
Start Year 2008
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