Rin is a anime/manga character in the Togainu no Chi franchise
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The androgynous and cheerful, yet deadly young boy who assist Akira through out Togainu No Chi.


 Despite Rin's cute appearance and wimpy stature (standing at 154 centimetres tall), he is very dangerous. Thanks to his small frame and skills, Rin is fast and agile. Rin has short blonde hair and large blue eyes. because of his cute face and feminine appearance, Rin is often mistaken as a girl. But as directly stated in the anime Rin is 'packing'. Rin wields dual daggers. Rin is very cheerful and enjoys taking pictures of his friends and experiences. 

In The Anime

 Rin's First Appearance
 Rin's First Appearance
Rin first meet Akira and Keisuke as enemies, but quickly the tides turn and Rin, Akira, and Keisuke team up together. Rin introduces Akira and Keisuke to the city of Toshima and to an information broker by the name of Motomi. Rin is often seen as a scavenger or collector of tags, he then trades his tags for other things such as weapons or equipment.  Rin is also seen with a camera and constantly takes pictures in order to preserve memories, and to gather information and sell it. Rin is also very kind hearted, despite his dangerous side. Rin is highly against the use of the dangerous and powerful drug called Line. He often seeks it out in order to prevent others from using it. Furthermore, Rin goes out of his way to cheer up and help Akira through out Toshima and Igra.


 Like most Togainu No Chi characters, Rin's past is for the most part, unknown. Like Akira, Keisuke and many other Togainu No Chi characters, Rin was a former player of the street fighting game called 'Bl@ster'. It is also later revealed that Rin and Shiki are half brothers, when Rin get a Full House of tags and challenged Il Re, aka Shiki.

PC Game

 Rin's PC game story line is essentially the same as Keisuke's, that is up until the point where Keisuke snaps. Rin meets Akira and Keisuke in Toshima, and begins by showing the two around. His role in the anime and in the manga are essentially the same as in the PC game, until Rin snaps himself. Rin screams claiming he will kill everyone, including Akira. One day, Rin actually does try to kill Akira, but overall fails in his attempt. Rin runs off and is captured by Arbitro. 
 Rin, a changed man.
 Rin, a changed man.
Akira leaves to save Rin, but is told that in order to save Rin, he needs to defeat Shiki in under 20 seconds. Rin knows that this is blatantly suicide, and screams that he doesn't know Akira. In the end, Rin and Akira are able to fight their way out, and Akira takes Rin to a safe room. Rin falls asleep, and while he is, Rin mumbles a name. When Rin wakes up, Akira asks him who he was taling about. Rin explains that the man was an old comrade, and that Akira is his replacement. Akira explains that he's nobody's replacement, but still loves Rin. The two have sex before RIn leaves to fight Shiki. Rin explains that he will return, and does a few years later, as a much more mature man.
Voiced by
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Jun Fukuyama
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Name: Rin
Name: リン
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Togainu no Chi #1
1st anime episode: Togainu no Chi #2
1st anime movie:
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