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Rin Nonaka is a anime/manga character
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A shy, mostly timid female who rents a room from Yoshino Murakami, Rin takes a secret intrest in the exiled Karou Satou after she witnesses him having sex with fellow housemate Yako Takeshita. She secretly longs to be with him no matter what anyone else says (or forbids her).


An eighteen year old freshman student at the local Beauty Academy and one of the female tenants who rents a room from Yoshino Murakami, Rin Nonaka tends to keep to herself and is quite shy, especially around men. Being the youngest tenant who lives at the house, Rin feels out of place next to the strict Yoshino and carefree Yako Takeshita. She also has a klutzy side, constantly forgetting to do important things or messing up whatever she was supposed to do. After witnessing the wild sexual romp that both Korou Satou and Yako have inside of his tent, Rin becomes secretly obsessed with trying to find a way to have sex with Korou. She sets her scheme into motion the following day and when she finally does manage to capture his attention, Rin will give him all that he can handle!


Rin Nonaka was originally created by Miyano Kintarou for use within the Ikenai Roomshare manga. It is not known as to what inspired her creation.


Outside of gaining more confidence in herself and discovering her sexual talents, Rin does not evolve as a character in the duration of the series.

Major Story Arcs

Ikenai Roomshare Volume One

Chapter One

It is nearing the newest semester for all of the major colleges, universities, and academies in Tokyo, and the influx of new students moving into the area searching for a proper room to rent has nineteen year old Yoshino Murakami looking for potential tenants who can rent one of the rooms that she has open for rental. Burdened by the various chores around the house that she is the landlord for and tending to her two tenants, it is Rin Nonaka, one of the two tenants living at the house who is tasked by Yoshino to create an advertisement in regards to the free room being open for rent for a female tenant. Putting together the advertisement, Rin's klutzy and forgetful nature causes her to publish the advertisement for the room without putting "Girl's Only" onto it, the most important part of the advertisement that Yoshino wanted her to put on there so no men would approach them in regards to taking the room for rent.

Enter one Korou Satou, a nineteen year old freshman who has just moved to Tokyo in order to attend classes at the prestigious K University and is currently making his way towards the Murakami residence, the blundered ad that Rin had created grasped in hand. Without the ad mentioning that it was a "Girl's Only" rental, Korou is under the false impression of being accepted to live with a bunch of potentially awesome male roommates, because his name has been confused for the name of a girl by Yoshino and she has approved his application to rent the room without taking much notice. He arrives at the proper address and proceeds into the front yard, where he encounters the neighborhood panty thief stealing the undergarments off of the outdoor laundry rack. Freaking out that he has been seen by someone, the thief hops the fence and runs away, several pairs of the panties that he had stolen scattering to the ground as one of them lands on Korou's head.

Taking notice of someone standing next to their laundry rack outside, the furious Yoshino (convinced that she has finally caught the panty thief who has been stealing all of their undergarments red-handed) grabs her baseball bat and heads outside, with the nervous Rin following close behind. Seeing the stranger outside holding one of her striped pairs of panties in his hands, Yoshino loses control of her rage as she exits the house and confronts the stunned Korou, proceeding to smash him on the head with her baseball bat and knocking him out. A short while later, Korou comes to inside of Yoshino's house and is promptly questioned by the irritated Yoshino as to what was he doing. After explaining to her why he was there, Yoshino freaks out when she learns that he is in fact the very person that she had approved to move in several days earlier after he had responded to her ad. As she freaks out, Rin proceeds to admit that she had must have forgotten to add the "Girls Only" part to the advertisement, further adding to Yoshino's anger. After Korou suffers a terrible blunder (falling forward, accidentally pulling Yoshino's skirt down) that gets him beaten up by the enraged Yoshino, Rin offers the battered Korou a tent to use outside in the small garden that he will be allowed to stay in for a week while he looks for a new place to stay, for Yoshino refuses to allow such a "perverted" man to live with them.

Later that night, after socializing with the hammered Yako when she comes back from drinking and doing her chores around the house Rin decides to treat Korou with a special rice dish for dinner since he is stuck outside in the cold, shivering inside of the thin tent. Making her way outside to the tent, Rin stops dead in her tracks and her eyes open wide in stunned horror as she accidentally witnesses the wild sexual romp that both the intoxicated Yako and suddenly bold Korou are having inside of the tent. The plate with the meal upon it slips forward from her hands, causing one of the rice treats to fall down to the grassy ground as she realizes what has just happened before her eyes.

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Name: Rin Nonaka
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Ikenai Roomshare #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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