Rikky is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Rikky is a Hayanpanther and Mansam's animal partner.


It was said that in the past, Chief Mansam was in danger when a young Rikky came to his rescue. The specifics do not go beyond that. But since that day, Mansam adopted Rikky as his partner Beastand the two are great friends. By extension, Rikky formed a bond with Mansam's close friend Rin.


Rikky is a supportive protagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the anime/manga series Toriko.


Rikky has developed predominantly in the form of it's enormous physical growth.


Rikky's younger appearance
Rikky's younger appearance

Much like Terry Cloth, Rikky has enormous growth spurts but larger ones. Initially, Rikky stood several human heights tall, but in just over a year, Rikky became so large that it was now several times it's former size and humans in comparison looked akin to insects.


Rikky is a tame and intelligent beast capable of understanding simple instructions and forming bonds with humans. Despite it's appearance, Rikky has a sort side. It is particularly close to Mansam and Rin but it does not target humans of any kind.


Mansam - Rikky's owner and human Partner. Mansam treats Rikky very well and gives him special high class ingredient treats for behaving well.

Rin - Rin is one of the people that is around Mansam the most and by extension, Rikky. The two are now quite close to the point that the will share their meals with one another.

Story Arcs

Regal Mammoth Arc

Rikky makes it's first appearance along Mansam's first appearance. The monstrously strong man was using Rikky as a weight on his back while performing push-ups. When their Base was invaded by a Bishokukai GT Robo, Toriko managed to defeat it, but it's core managed to elude the Bishokuya and made a dash for it, but it was caught off guard by Rikky, who crushed it.

Afterwards, Mansam rewarded all his friends with a feast, Toriko and the others eating Mansam's Full Course Menu, and Rikky getting a huge Horohoro Parfait, which Rikky was happy to share with the deceptively gluttonous Rin.

Meteor Garlic Arc

Rikky's immense growth
Rikky's immense growth

Rikky was used as Mansam's and Chef Komatsu's transportation to distribute gifts of food for the Christmas holiday. This was over a year since the GT Robo incident and Rikky had grown astronomically in size.

Powers & Abilities

Rikky is a powerful east adopted and tamed by Mansam. Upon it's introduction, Rikky was already Capture level 35. Later, it achieved capture level 70, comparable to that of the Magma Tortoise. It is quite likely a great deal stronger than that as it has been some time since Rikky was last measured.

Immense Strength

Rikky is physically large and strong enough to crush a GT Robo core with ease even as a child. Rikky's size has increased several fold thus his strength should be considerably higher.

Natural Flight

As Rikky is biologically equipped with wings, it is capable of high speed flight.

General Information Edit
Name: Rikky
Name: リッキー
Romanji: Rikkī
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toriko #8
1st anime movie:
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