Rikio Kamamoto

Rikio Kamamoto is a anime/manga character in the K franchise
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Rikio Kamamoto is a character in the K anime series.


A memebr of the Homura Clan. He is always at Yata's side everytime they go out on a mission


Rikio Kamamoto is created by Go Hands and has no information regarding any inspirations used to create him. He is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura.



He's a 20 year old man who is 185 cm tall. He wears the official Homura Jacket and always has a sunglasses on his face.



Story Arcs

In the first episode. Rikio traveled with the other Homura members to Shizume City. When Suoh Mikoto splits up with the group. They infiltrated a room in the hotel suite then Izumo Kusanagi questioned the gang leader in English. Suoh went in the room with Anna Kushina. Anna used her marbles the read the mind of the gang leader but found out that the gang leader was innocent. Rikio and the other went out of the room then saw the SCEPTER4 enter the building. Suoh gave the order to attack. Suoh first fought the SCEPTER4 alone. In the mean time. Rikio and the other joined the fight. When the fight stopped. Suoh let himself be locked up in Jail.

Rikio going after Isana with a bike
Rikio going after Isana with a bike

When Shohei Akagi saw Isana Yashiro. he sent the picture to the other Homura members. Rikio and the others Rushed out and went after the murderer. Yata Misaki is the first one who Attacked Isana. When Isana escaped Yata's attacks. Rikio went after Isana with a Motorcycle. When Isana went through a tight area. Rikio went off the Bike then went after Isana by foot.

When Isana is cornered between Rikio, Yata and Izumo. Kuroh Yatogami came out of nowhere then saved Isana. All of them were no match against him. When Izumo told Rikio and the others to stop. Kuroh left carrying Isana. Izumo told them not to mess with Kuroh. Knowing that they are no match. Izumo and the others went to the Plan B.

Rikio being beaten by Yata
Rikio being beaten by Yata

Rikio was beaten up by Yata on their way to the HOMRA Bar. Their fight is all about Rikio telling something that Suoh just let himself be locked up in Jail with ni fight. Rikio was thrown then broke one of Izumo's Precious Glasses. Izumo grabbed the two of them then asked why were they fighting. After Rikio and Yata explained. Izumo made a condition that if they appoligize properly, he might tell the truth about Suoh being locked up. Rikio and Yata appologized. Izumo said that Suoh Mikoto let himself be locked up so that the SCEPTER4 will be busy guarding him while the other Homura members will gather information about the murderer. After hearing it. Rikio and Yata Rushed out and continued to find the murderer.

Rikio and Yata entering Ashinaka Highschool
Rikio and Yata entering Ashinaka Highschool

Anna pinpoints Yata and Rikio to Ashinaka Highschool. When they arrived. Rikio and Yata stole some PDA from the students then used it to get passed from the school's security system. They started to ask the students inside. When Rikio asked the Girls. Instead of asking he got the girls scared. Yata smacked him on the head then appolgized to the girls. The girls was also scared at Yata then he smacked Rikio's head again.

While walking. Someone Mocked them from behind. They saw Saruhiko Fushimi, the traitor of Homura. Rikio stayed quiet. Fushimi started to tease Yata by calling him by his First name which pisses him so much. Rikio was try to calm Yata. Fushimi never stopped calling Yata by his first name which made Yata angry. Yata attacked Fushimi while Rikio was watching. Fushimi threw a knife at Yata. Rikio was trying to help but Fushimi stopped him and told him that Weakling aren't allowed to join in that fight.

The fight was stopped by Seri Awashima. She told Yata to postpone his fight with Saruhiko. When Yata heard that Suoh was just doing fine. He told Rikio to leave the area. Rikio patched up Yata's wounds. Hes telling Yata to do the Search in the other days. But Yata tried to ask last one person.

Powers and Abilities

Fire Aura - As a member of the Homura. Rikio posses a Red Aura which is a very destructive power.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Yuuichi Nakamura
Grant George
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Name: Rikio Kamamoto
Name: 鎌本力夫
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: K #1
1st anime movie:
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Fire Control
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