Rick Hunter

Rick Hunter is a anime/manga character in the Robotech franchise
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Rick Hunter is the protagonist for the Macross Saga of Robotech. He begins as a young civilian stunt pilot that later enlists then rises quickly through the Robotech Defense Force Ranks. He is later promoted to Admiral of the Robotech Expeditionary Forces.

Pre Macross Saga

Rick Hunter: Stunt Pilot
Rick Hunter: Stunt Pilot

Rick Hunter is the only son of Pops Hunter. Roy Folker was originally a part of the Hunter Flying Circus but he left to enlist in the military that was currently in a Global War. Rick always considered Roy his big brother (and Pops a second son). Rick is an accomplished stunt pilot prior to the Macross Island incident.

The Macross Saga

Rick is invited to the SDF-1 Macross launch festival to unveil the battle fortress and the new VF-1 Veritechs. Unknown the population of Earth the Zentradei have managed to trace the fortress (containing the Invid Protoculture Matrix) to Earth and the ship's early warning sensors detect the incoming craft and open fire on them (obliterating the two vessels). The Zentradei send fighters and battlepods to the surface and Rick (who was in a VT-1 Trainer with Roy before the scramble alert) is deployed into the fire fight. With Lisa Hayes guidance, Rick transforms the variable fighter to Battleoid showing off the secret to the citizens of Macross City. Roy arrives and gives Rick further tutoring on maneuvering the Veritech.

Voiced by
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Tony Oliver
General Information Edit
Name: Rick Hunter
Name: Hikaru Ichijyo
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Robotech #1
1st anime movie: Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles
Recent Movies
Robotech II The Sentinels

Originally planned as a 65 episode series, only three episodes of Robotech the sentinels were animated and reformatted into this movie.

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles

The end of the Third Robotech War brings about a new mystery as well as a new threat.

Powers & Battle Rankings Edit
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Attractive Male
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Driving/Piloting Skillzz!
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